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Sponsor Spotlight: Buisjes & Beugels+++


{1. Bubble Rug 2. Ambulance 3. Komplet Lounge Chair 4. Jane Rag Doll 5. Headband Bow 6. Pepe Pillow Pink}

Oh it is such a treat to visit Buisjes & Beugels+++, they always have such an awesome selection of items to choose from. Not to mention the playfulness of their website just makes me smile. Though Buisjes & Beugels+++ has a lovely section just for Parents - I have to admit that I am usually found adoring all their awesome children's finds.

Buisjes & Beugels +++, which means 'tubulars and braces', was founded in 2005 by dutch product designer and mother Kellie Smits. Her muses are her sons Elvis and Djek, who are her dress models and sometime help select the boys clothes while buying for the new season. - Sponsor Spotlight

..Buisjes & Beugels+++

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a Papergoods Market


Last day today to visit Poppytalks Handmade market  for Papergoods and Affordable Art  ...

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On Pinterest: soot to pitch by Emma Lamb


{Image credit: 1. ylva skarp 2. Caroline swift 3. ineednicethings 4. via beehive 5. janine joles 6. marian bijlenga }

Emma Lamb  is an English textile designer, crocheter and online shop owner with an amzing eye for detail, usually known for her world of different colors, perhaps that is why I find this pinterst board from her so interesting...

.. Soot to pitch collected by Emma Lamb from Emma Lamb blog

Bloesem's Pinterest Boards.


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In the Picture: Enzo Mari's 'La Mela e La Pera'


They say ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a pear can be so much sweeter’, now you can enjoy them both at the same time with "La Mela e La Pera" or as we say in English "The Apple and Pear". This screenprint is designed by Enzo Mari in 1963 for Danese Milano, Italy.

Enzo Mari is an icon in product, furniture & puzzle designer, a true artist, writer and teacher and was born in Italy in 1932. "La Mela e La Pera" is from Enzo Mari’s nature series.You can say that this “healty” graphic styled mod Apple and Pear is a classic piece of Modern Design...I love the simplicity and the boldness of this artwork, it makes it just that more beautiful and special. A real eye catcher that will make any room spark......................... MORE IMAGES





..'La Mela e La Pera' print is available here at Danese Milano

.. or here at Nova68

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Sponsor Spotlight: Mikkili


You can always find a great selection over at Mikkili. The founder Moniek Kerkhofs has created a sleek mix of designer products for home accessories, jewelery, paper goods, gadgets and more. The HAY bed linen can be found here, and the ORA wall clock can be found here.


I really like the choices in the kitchen textile section over at Mikkili. I can never resist a large checker pattern - especially in the array of colors they have. And how about the gray felt pins or the simplistic design of this notebook set. See what I mean about finding a great selection over at Mikkili? - Sponsor Spotlight


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Quick Start: Ceramics by B. Fiess


I have fallen deeply for these Utilitarian ceramic Vessels by B.Fiess... a little bit more about this American native on his about page ... 

some places online where you can pre-oreder the vessels; Leif ; iko iko ; ship&shape ; .. I still haven't decided which color combination I like best. But just looking at the page gives me so much color inspiration. Would love to hear what you think about them? 



Thanks Nina for the link!


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