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Paper Laser Lights by Buro Jet and Meshmatics by Rick Tegelaar

Tuesday, 3 April 2012 by Irene Hoofs


It was Danielle who reminded me of these beautiful Paper laser lights by Egbert-Jan Lam from buro jet. I believe he was one of the first (2009) who actually thought of using 250 grams paper and laser cut it for a lamp shade ... well at least he made in my opinion the most beautiful one.


I believe the neon colored ones are only recently added to the collection. To order them it is best to send Egbert-Jan an email. 

I'm a huge 'paper' lamp fan... several akari rice-paper lamps by isama noguchi in our home  and I wouldn't mind if some of these new paper lamp designs by Dutch designer  Rick Tegelaar, called Meshmatics, were added to our private collection. 



The lamps in the four images above by Rick Tegelaar are covered with a layer of bamboo paper. This paper expands when moistened because of it’s long fibers. When the paper dries over the mesh shapes, it wraps them tightly and contributes to the structure of the lamp. In this way two very simple materials work together very well. ~ and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them ! ~ irene

You can buy them at Strand West in Utrecht, perhaps best to contact them about the lamps. 

..Rick Tegelaar


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