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Inspired :: The Analogia Project


Photo by Dietlind Wolf

I was on Dietlind Wolf's blog yesterday, and saw that she had posted her pictures of The Analogia Project. I admit that The Analogia Project was new to me, but I really enjoyed learning more about it. 


The Analogia Project is the long-term collaboration between Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra. Andrea Mancuso is a designer who has a lot of experience with furniture, and lighting - while Emilia Serra is an Italian architect with experience in exhibitions, installations, and interior design. Together with their different backgrounds but similar visions, they've been able to experiment and create an exhibition space, that shows the complex relationship existing in a room between space and objects.


Photo by Dietlind Wolf

In Andrea and Emilia's own words, "Analogia explores the materialisation of the imaginary, in its transient state of flux. A drawing in the air that traces the fine line between abstract thought and concrete reality." - Tiffany King

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Category: Furniture

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Giveaway: a custom package from Puur Anders


Welcome Puur Anders, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a custom package that contains a silver necklace with a leaf pendant, and a custom made notebook printed with your own photograph from Puur Anders.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, where do you think the Puur Anders collection should be featured (this could be an online magazine, blog...ect)?


Miranda van Dijk is the creator behind Puur Anders. Everything is handmade by her on fabric that has been printed with an old photograph. Miranda loves to make up short stories, especially about the relationship between nature and humankind. You can read her short stories and what inspires her - on her blog.

..Puur Anders

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Mimi K, congratulations! If you didn't win this giveaway - do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012



The Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012 in Milan starts today April 17 ... more design, more furniture, more accesoiries ... do we need all this ?

The perfect question with the perfect answer comes from designers Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira "Do we still have an appetite for all this furniture?" ... their answer, Sapore dei Mobili , these amazing cake makers.

In their own words:  "Sapore dei Mobili was born a reflection about the velocity of the contemporary furniture industry and how the consumers are unable to digest the huge amount of new products companies are launching in the market every year.  … we propose an alternative way of experiencing furniture."

And what is your answer?

My Answer, no perhaps no need, but I am curious and I believe in the NEW so I will share some finds and things from during this week with the help of Lisette Scheers founder and creative director of La Scheers & Co... Malaysia's best design/advertising agency... who is in Milan as we speak ... she will capture interesting things for us during this week... so please stay tuned and come back for more...

..Sapore dei Mobili 

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Monday's quick start: Avifauna for Rubelli by studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters


I always enjoy seeing the work by studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters and the new collection called Avifauna they designed for Italian textile producer Rubelli is simply stunning!

Maarten and Guus made a special series of Avifauna birds, which will be shown at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, during the 2012 Salone del Mobile in Milan. The series contains 13 different birds varying from a swan and stork to a woodcock and a quail, all covered in Reticolo Ardesia fabric form Rubelli’s collection.


in their own words... “After having observed, analyzed and documented nature, we’ve stared with Avifauna to materialize nature as we see it. In every new project we learn more about the change of land, water and the flora and fauna that go with it. Being designers we see blossoming timber, bleeding textiles, moving garlands and a limitless offer of techniques in the ways nature constantly changes and adapts. We try to materialize our observations and bring it closer to the industry we work in. In Avifauna we molded on the conserved parts of the species to materialize their characteristics in textiles."

..studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters

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some things I liked last week...


These things in our apartment in Singapore... spending a couple of days here makes me really happy, relaxed and calm. Perhaps it it the white floor, the items i have collected throughout the years or just the fact that we are in this great city.

Shall I tell you what you can see in the pictures... well the little carpet above is a find from a thrift-shop in the Netherlands... i believe 5 euros ... the stool next to it was a 'bit' more expensive. It is from the Established&Sons collection, called the Heidi stool designed by Sebastian Wrong and we bought it at Pomelo here in Singapore, actually we also bought a higher size one in shiny red that you can see in the fourth image... I LOVE them, do you like them? 


In the image above some ceramics from my personal collection, the green pot is made by inkypots a ceramic artist living in Kuala Lumpur and the three oval bowls next to it are a vintage find but I don't know who made them, i bought 6 in total already 12 years ago and still believe they are gorgeous. The bottom image shows my latest tableware collection, also from a thrift-shop in NL. It is Figgjo from Norway, Market - turi design. (more about vintage ceramics right here)

I hope you enjoyed the posts from last week here on Bloesem, perhaps you haven't visited BKids yet but I can assure there were some really nice things to see and discover, like a vacation in Positano, a DIY project for kids and some super cute cuddles ... and you can win a gift card to Hello Bubble.

~ Happy Weekend from me for you, xoxo irene ~

Sg_apt_pomelo   Sg_apt_carpet







All images by me, Irene from Bloesem


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Category: Irene | Our home | Some things

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Shop Crush


I have such a crush on Dunlin, a fantastic shop that calls Sydney, Australia home. Dunlin has been curated by New York and Sydney based architectural interior designers Nicholas Barber and Alexandra Bond. The products are sourced from all over, and provide new essential classics for the contemporary home that were previously unavailable to the Australian market. It really is a lovely collection of goodies. My favorites are the six tasting spoons, the glass and steal drink dispenser, and the chatham bone china berry baskets.


I have had a crush on the shop Objects of Use for quite a while now - I just love the concept. Everything about this shop is something I would seriously devour - from the cooking utensils to the cleaning brushes. I understand that loving a shop that is focused on gorgeously designed tools for use, or as some would see it...work - doesn't exactly say "exciting individual" but I can't hear you anyways, because I am too busy drooling over these garden shears. - Tiffany King

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