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Milan 2012: Royal college of fine art at Ventura Lambrate


At Ventura Lambrate The  Royal college of fine Art Presents - Paradise - 

 In Lissette her words who made all these pictures for us: 

"Great concepts - 

Beautiful books - 

Great solutions to relevant problems

x Lisette."


The  Royal college of fine Art Presents - Paradise - at Ventura Lambrate

Organised by the RCA's Design Products programme, over 90 students and recent graduates will be exhibiting work from across the College's art and design disciplines, including Animation, Architecture, Ceramics and Glass, Design Interactions, Design Products, Fine Art, Innovation Design Engineering, Textiles and Visual Communication. The exhibition content has been selected by Professor Tord Boontje, Head of Design Products at the RCA with designer and RCA Tutor Onkar Kular.

Art Vases Mixedtable  Lamp







----------------------------------- All images above are by Lisette Scheers

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Milan 2012: The French in Milan Ich & Kar


Friday at Zona Tortona or Spazio France ... according to Lisette ( who visited the Milan 2012 furniture fair for us) the graphic presentation by Ich et Kar was fabulous and probably the best thing at the French design street.

We love Graphic design here at Bloesem, so this is a welcome contribution to our Milan 2012 report. 





Phosphowall is 'glowing' wallpaper more info right here

..Ich et Kar 

----------------------------------- All images above are by Lisette Scheers

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Milan 2012: Ventura Lambrate with studio Wendy Maarten and dmoch



At Ventura Lambrata Lisette spotted these beautiful Porcelain lamps by Dutch designers Studio Wendy Maarten for us. The lamps are - inspired by the harbour of Rotterdam and shipbuilding, this handmade lamp is adjustable in height with a pulley system. The use of black porcelain gives this old mechanism a sturdy new look - .


Beautiful lamps by dmoch called the Teresa lights.  dmoch are David Ericsson, Ania Pauser and Marcus Berg. dmoch's studio is situated in Stockholm and their work is a reflection of them. - One of the key elements for DMOCH is to find the balance between life and honest objects from a holistic point of view. To combine poetic ideas in the future, contemporary and historical ways

Dmoch.se   Gradientlamp  Diner_lambrate

to find unexplored areas of design. Humour is an important ingredient that permeates the work of DMOCH, both to develop in the profession as designers but also and to keep their insanity. -


About Ventura Lambrata - Organisation in Design is a studio dedicated to managing a broad spectrum of tasks for designers, design studios and other design related companies. Organisation in Design is also the initiator of the Ventura Projects: Ventura Lambrate 2010, Ventura Lambrate 2011, Ventura Berlin 2011, Ventura Lambrate 2012 and a new Ventura project that will be launched in Belgium for the first time in the autumn of 2012.

The founders of Organisation in Design Margriet Vollenberg, Margo Konings and their team have over 10 years of experience in scouting and organising locations for exhibitions in Milan. In 2009, Organisation in Design started working on the project Ventura Lambrate, after being introduced to the Italian collector of contemporary art, cultural entrepreneur and architect, Mariano Pichler. Since 2000 he had been working on a major project to redevelop Milano’s Lambrate industrial area. The first Ventura Lambrate, the new design district in the city of Milano during the Fuori Salone, was created by Organisation in Design and launched in April 2010.


 ----------------------------------- All images above are by Lisette Scheers


I just had to add the website images from these other pendant lamps by Studio Wendy Maarten called the Gradient lamps ... I LOVE them, you too?


 ----------------------------------- Studio Wendy Maarten


dmoch's Teresa's lights and mobiles:

"The idea of the lamps is to add new values through interaction with different levels in the room. Allow the lights to become a part of the interior and the architecture. To elaborate how the shapes interact with their environment. The wall can be connected to the ceiling, the floor or other elements in the room. It’s not just light, but an object that connects other things. The user can take control over the lamp by changing its position each day, and at the same time change the environment it’s in.
Two counterweights in fabric with two different shades, two pulleys included. You can move the lamps as you please just fix the pulley where you want to have the light, together or apart, high or low."


 ----------------------------------- dmoch


Lisette Scheers from La Scheers & Co visited the Milan Fair and shared her impressions with BloesemLiving. 

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Lisette reporting from Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012


This whole week I will be sharing many many images from the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012 in Milan. No I didn't visit it my self (unfortunately, next year I will ...) but a friend of mine who lives here in Kuala Lumpur did. Her name is Lisette Scheers and she is sort of a local celebrity due to all her creativeness she brings at the shopping and dining scene in KL via her own company La Scheers & Co.  

La Scheers & Co... is Malaysia's best design/advertising agency. And Lisette has her own stationaery label called nala collections and she recently launched her first collection of pillows. I will be showing them too later this week. But first let's have a look at the images she emailed me from Milan. 

Starting with some general impressions. According to Lisette still lot's of FLUO in the windows and accessories, which we bought thought was a bit disappointing. Luckily Vitra showed a lot of copper and brass in their accessories, which I believe is the new trend in interior design for the years to come. 

The chairs below are by Martino Gamper for Nilufar Unlimited, called Post Mundus.





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some things I liked this week...


these tea towels by Rie Elise Larsen at HappyHome...


the A stool by Alex ...

Mengsel DoughjohnstonSkinnylaminx    


The new Harbour print from Mengsel... 


the collection by Dough Johnston...


and this Zafu pouf from skinnylaminx...

Thank you for stopping by this week, i hope you enjoyed our posts? What are your plans for the weekend? If you are in Milan and would like some images with Bloesem next week then just shoot me an email... xoxo irene

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Art in Your Home :: Caroline Gomez


Portrait by Julie Rey

A: Art means to me… To me art is translated by design: a functional art. But also lifestyle, the daily little gifts, our rites...

R: Reading books, blogs or magazines... I like to read books on the history of photography, about cooking, or reflections on design. I like magazines about decoration...


T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are… I like to find art that is graphic, subtle, colorful, balanced, and discreet. I like the brief and effective graphics of the 50s with their beautiful harmonies. I also like the forms of Scandinavian graphics, especially Danish.


A: Artists I admire are... Stephen Shore, Martin Paar, Erwin Olaf, Dieter Rams, Jean Prouvé...

N: Never will I... be pessimistic!


D: Dreams for my own work are... To keep creating art, and learn from what I have created. 

P: Projects I am currently working on are... My future summer collection which has some surprises in store! I also work on photos for my magazine SL Ø issue 02, and am collaborating with other brands, but it is still a secret! 


R: Relaxing I do at/when/if... I like taking a trip to the countryside, or going for a walk on the beach!

I: Interesting art focused websites I like are... I like websites which value beautiful small hand crafts, which makes it elegant, for example: GARDE and websites of photos that show beautiful places, for example: THE YARD


N: New in my home is... A new attractive chair for a child. I am going to repaint it in emerald green, or blue of china... I am still not sure which one..


T: Tomorrow I would like to go to... Florence (Italy) to eat pasta, or go shopping in New York!

S: Studio, my studio is… Bright, spacious, clear and I like working here - I feel really good there! It is my house, my studio, and my showroom. That makes it very practical, and always ready for me to create, and at the same time be with my family.


Thank you Caroline for this gorgeous tour of the Art in Your Home! Want to learn more about Caroline Gomez and her lovely life, then be sure to check out her website, shop, and blog.

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