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Inspired :: Kontor Kontur


Kontor Kontur is a lovely design office created by three pretty awesome ladies, where they work on graphic design, product design, and interior design. You can purchase some of their work at their shop as well - the color chart is my favorite. You can see more of Emilia, My and Eva's work here. - Tiffany King


..Kontor Kontur

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Giveaway: a screen print from Yoke


Welcome Yoke, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: an awesome Bish Bash Bosh screen print from Yoke!

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, Mr. and Mrs. Yoke love a good Bish Bash Bosh around the kitchen and personally they enjoy nothing more than a glass of pink lemonade and a good pork pie! What's your guilty food pleasure? The more weird and wonderful the better!


Mark and Zoe, affectionately known as Mr and Mrs YOKE, illustrate and hand print on the bonnie banks of the River Tay in Scotland. You can find out more about this fantastic pair here.


GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Jessa Wiles, congratulations!! If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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Small Budget Library


It is not easy for me to post about the humble beginnings of my husband's and my first home on the gorgeousness that is Bloesem Living, but Irene has mentioned to me before, that she would like me to post about what I am restoring, and refreshing over at my first place. 


I write about my first place and more here (we're currently working on a blog redesign) and the latest project my husband and I took on was creating a library in our entryway. We had a very small budget to work with, and knew that even though we couldn't afford to do everything we'd love to - we'd make the best of what we could do. You can read about our process, and see the before pictures here, and the after here. - Tiffany King



Tiffany's personal blog can be found here...

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Let's Get Personal in Malaysia with Irene Hoofs from Bloesem...


Let's Get Personal with me, Irene, in my old house in Kuala Lumpur

D:: Dutch is ... not easy to de-scribe, many things are going through my mind ... but most important: reliable. Learning in school to think outside the box and allowed to ask questions!

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice... you have to take of your shoes. A typical thing from warm countries. I still have a love-hate affair with this tradition especially when wearing my party shoes and being asked at other people's houses to take off my shoes too ... but other then that I think it is a very smart thing to do. 


S:: style, means... be yourself and dare to share your own taste albeit in the clothes you wear, the way you decorate your home or the way you approach life...

I:: interesting places in my city, ... are KL Pac, ACME restaurant, Sundays, Wondermilk and the homes from Building Bloc.                                                                                          << Read More >>


G:: gardening is something ... I would love to learn. One day I will live in a house at the sea with a beautiful garden.

N:: new, in my home is... this little Pollo vase by Tapio Wirkkala.


H:: hobby, I always make time for...

M:: magazines I love to read are... Elle decoration UK, Anthology, MilK, Inside Out, Frankie, Monocle and soooo many more, but to be honest buying mags have become a lot less with all the beautiful things I can find online. 


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... probably my handbags.. i am a handbag addict. 

E:: enjoy, I can't live without... of course my family and Sun light.



Exactly one year ago Marjon Hoogervorst, a Dutch interior design photographer came to visit me here in Kuala Lumpur to shoot 5 amazing homes. And the home I was living in myself at that time. Right now Marjon is here with me again and yes we are working together on some new series for magazines worldwide, but today an impression of what we did last year.

I am proud to say that this home was featured in Anthology magazine last year! 


All images by Marjon Hoogervorst .

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some things I liked this week...


these Pantone tarts by Emilie ... via Anthology...


these candles in the Tas-ka shop...


the work of this photographer over at B:Studio ... Domestic Landscapes ny Una Hunderi...



these handbags by ila ... via Tiffany...


the new collection by Jonna Saarinen...

And please let me wish you a Happy Sunday! Marjon and I got back home late Friday evening from our trip to Singapore together. We believe the photo shoot went very well :) ... and just when we arrived in KL we saw another assignment in our mailbox... shooting a City Tour Guide of Kuala Lumpur for one the best in-flight magazines  ... so more work for us to do this week, but we are enjoying it!

In the meantime I try to keep you updated with some snapshots and of course we will be posting as normal on B:Living, B:Kids and B:Studio during next week!

Hope you will join us. Irene xoxo  

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a moment we liked today ... taking pictures

Singaporians... did you see us today... the two Blonds running around with a BIG camera? It was super intense, we saw so many things, but we also had a lot of fun and as you can see we were not the only ones :) ... xx irene and marjon xx ...Nationalmuseum

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