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Let's Talk Wood

Thursday, 16 February 2012 by Irene Hoofs


I've been on the hunt (again) for some new items for my house, and was happily wasting time at Haus Interior when I noticed all the lovely wooden items they had added to their shop. They most likely added them a bit ago, but I rarely find the time to shop - so they were new to me and so well designed. I got a kick out of the wooden cake, drink, and cupcake.


I was having such a nice time looking through all the lovely wooden items created by David Stark, that I thought I would look into it a bit more and see what else I could find out. The series is called Wood Shop and appears to be exclusively at Haus Interior. I also saw that Design Sponge had posted about the Wood Shop here and included some nice details about David Stark, that I thought you might apprecaite. You can find those lovely wooden vases here and here.


I couldn't help but love the sweetheart carving kit because it reminded me of this time my husband tried to carve our names into a tree stump but the stump was frozen and he broke his knife. It was pretty hilarious, and I think this kit might boost his carving esteem after that tragic try. I also like the wooden block place card holders because they wouldn't compete with your name cards.

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