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Photisserie ... Food Photography in the best way possible


Via B:Studio I met Kathrin Koschitzki and ever since we had email contact I am following everything this German lady does. She is so inspiring ... her pictures, her thoughts about food and her styling are just totally up my alley ... wow I 'm jealous wishing i could make things like this.

PHOTISSERIE is the name of Kathrin's blog and here she shows the  culinary adventures and discoveries of the photographer and Patissière 'Kathreinerle' ... i loved this "Peas' series but you must have a look at the Caramel and foret-noire series too...                                  Read More >>>



After her study in Germany in France Kathrin now works as a freelance photographer in Munich and specializes in foodphotography. I am seriously considering ordering some of her Fine Art prints here at Editions. Do you love her work too?


..Kathrin Koschitzki

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BloesemStudio is ALive!


Very delighted to invite you to the launch of another Bloesem blog...

B:Studio goes live today!

The Studio is all about photography. We aspire to showcase the highest quality work of international photographers, carefully screened. "We" refers to Mrs. Robinson and me, Irene Hoofs. Mrs. Robinson is the photography agency my good friend Monique Grondijs started in Amsterdam. In a former life Monique and I worked together at this somewhat famous Dutch photography agency. Super excited our paths have crossed again at the right time. So I am proud to say that the team is back together to work on something that has been close to our hearts for many years. Combining Monique's expertise in photography with my online presence in one platform, we believe B:Studio will bring photographers and readers the best of both worlds.



Back in 2006 when I started B:Living it was my passion for images that triggered me to start a blog. And still they play a crucial role in deciding what to share with you on Bloesem blogs. B:Studio is different: rather than focusing on the object of the image, B:Studio will focus on the images themselves and the talented artists who make them. We will learn about their work, passions and professional lives.

By bringing photo series closer to you, we believe we can give photographers more international exposure which will help them to more successfully promote their work. Our experience is that photography, although an exciting industry, can be a tough business for both new and established artists. We believe blogs can be a powerful platform to create more awareness and publicity.

Elephant{Elephant by Karin Nussbaumer}

B:Studio is meant to put a big spotlight on the photographer. Why? I spoke about this often with friends who make their living as photographers and asked them what they would like to see happening for them online. We came up with the idea of creating a new blog B:Studio where photographers can show their work. With the aim to be noticed by potential clients, so photographers can continue doing what they do best: making inspiring images for all of us.

B:Studio is not an agency. We simply bring the right people together. Our vision is to be a platform for photographers to connect with a global audience and potential clients.

We invite you to visit B:Studio everyday so you can find that special image, new talent or inspiration.


 ~ Irene

Vorstin{Building Bloc by Vorstin}


A very special Thank You to Ben Lambers from Studio Aandacht.

Ben designed logo number 3 for the Bloesem family. A bottle of Parfume, a little Elephant and a catchy camera all with Studio Aandacht's distinct signature.... pure honest clean and eye-catching.

Studio Aandacht : What do they do

Essentially they are 'look-and-feel' makers with a pragmatic approach towards marketing and PR.
They work with brands, magazines, museums, photographers, designers and teach at art academy's.
Helping them, not only to look good, but also to make smart, strategic business choices.

Ben Lambers is a super talent and wonderful to work with. 

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Category: Photography

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Garden State of Mind


You can find these beauties here and here.

I just finished ordering my spring planting for the year, and it put me in such a garden state of mind. I can't wait to get started, and nothing quite says spring like vegetables, fruit, flowers, and plants. Do you love to garden?


You can find these here and here.


You can find these here and here.


You can find these here and here.

Post by Tiffany

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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Natascha from Flavourites


Let's Get Personal with Natascha Klootsema from Flavourites

D:: Dutch is…  Dozens of houseboats in cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht. To take a fresh dive from in summer and to do some iceskating around in winter (if it’s cold enough)

U:: Upstairs ... we’ve got a living room, kitchen and a bright and happy working office – the Flavourites-office. Downstairs (under water level) you’ll find three bedrooms, the bathroom and an extra office.


T::   Today ... the sun was shining in the house which gave me the feeling of the upcoming spring. I can’t wait!

C::   Colourfull ... accessories are important to me, especially in my room where I work everyday. It’s a big contrast with the clothes I usually wear: I’m addicted to black dresses.


Bedroom  Flavorites5  Flavorites3 Flavorites7

 Flavorites2  Living


H::  Houseboats ... do give a very special feeling. I’ll never move to a normal house! Hearing the geese in the morning, the feeling of freedom… we’re addicted to this houseboat and stunning views.

H::  Handmade ... stuff is something I collect throughout my house. From breakfast plates till postcards and small accessories 



O::  On the walls... you’ll find wall stickers throughout the whole house. I love this way of decorating. It’s fast, easy and so stylish.

M::  Marije... is my partner in crime regarding Flavourites. We’re two totally types of persons, but with the same taste for nice and inspiring things you can buy online.

E::  E-commerce ... is such a fascinating world. We really love all these unique and inspiring webshops.


.............................Thank You Natascha.............................

Natascha is the founder of famous webshop curator FLAVOURITES. It is the best 'one-stop' place online to find the best mainly Dutch webshops. Together with her business partner, Marije Mulder, Nattascha is celebrating Flavourites 5th Birthday party this month. Congratulations!!

Especially for this occeasion they created a special website, Flavourites is Jarig, where you can win your own wish list and you can win a shopping trip to Iceland!

**Images by Anneke Gambon and Natatscha herself. 






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Monday's quick start: candlestick series by Siba Sahabi


Siba Sahabi presents her candlestick series Istanbul Twilight at Gallery Sofie Lachaert. The exhibition is called Candles and Mirrors and you until  8 April 2012 to visit .... that is if you are in the neighboorhood Tielrode in Belgium :)



Siba Sahabi is a graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, 2006 and thinks of herself as a  poetic designer. Drawing from her German/Iranian roots, the work of Siba aims to show how one culture can influence another, leading to renewal and cultural richness. Her designs are inspired by the European and Middle Eastern history of ceramics and architecture. A passion for crafts and imperfection drives the process of Siba's work.


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Category: Quick Start

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some things I liked this week...


this new to me Blog...


this DIY decoration idee...


Karenbarbe ArbresJaune Thepaintedhive.blogspot.com.au


the new collection by Celine Saby...


the new zig zag bags by Karen Barbe...


this transfer tutorial with free printables...


ps. new media kits for Bloesem and BloesemKids available.

Very affordable sponsor rates.

Email me if you are interested to receive one. 

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Category: Some things

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