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Vis & Veg ... a cool cookbook from NL



What do you think, you like these pictures? I made them :) ... with my new nikon camera. Last week it was my Birthday and this was my birthday gift... took me a long time to figure out which camera I wanted to buy, but decided for the Nikon D7000, because it has film function too. Of course I am not a proffesional and not aiming to be one, but I do like the fact that i can bring you some images of my own more often. STarting with this new cookbook from the wonderful ladies of Uitgeverij Snor, a previous post about them right here

The book is called Vis&Veg ... meaning Fish&Vegetables. The graphic design of this book is just excellent... a real eye-catcher. The recipes look very nice, but to be honest i can't give you a good oopinion about them as I am not the cook in this home and probably never will be... I just like looking at cookbooks. 

Visveg1 Visveg2 Visveg4 Kitchen

..Snor Publishers bookshop





..Snor Publishers bookshop

And here you can find the book in my own house, on the new kitchen shelves from IKEA....

(All images by me: Irene Hoofs)


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Sponsor Spotlight: The Clay Studio


I was never very good at pottery and yet, I still took classes in high school and courses in it in college. I still remember my pottery professor exclaiming over and over to me, "put your weight into it!" I was too delicate with the clay. I decided I was over it after college, but seeing The Clay Studio makes me feel like giving it a try again. You can find my picks (above) here and here.


I thought I had seen a video on The Clay Studio on PBS a while back, so I looked for it and here it is. You can find my picks here and here.

..The Clay Studio..

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Category: Ceramics

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Let's Get Personal in Malaysia with Vivien Fayet...


{All the images were taken by  Marjon Hoogervorst}

Let's Get Personal with my dear friend Vivien and her family here in Kuala Lumpur

M:: Malaysian is...truly a melting pot of cultures, foods, languages.  No where else in the world can you have the same experience you find in Malaysia: the gastronomic options are extremely varied, most people speak three languages, everyone shares in the festivities of Ramadhan, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali...

A:: art in my home is from...mainly two very young, contemporary, talented and amazing artists: my 8 year old and soon-to-be 6 year old daughters!



L:: living in Malaysia means to me...being really laidback, living with extended family or having your elderly parents live with you, having to drive everywhere, learning to decipher acronyms, being able to eat out anytime with a huge variety to choose from, spending a weekend at a beautiful island with powdery white sands and not having to share the beach with a million other people

A:: addiction...mine is...watermelons

BathroommFamilyroom  Entrance Pooloutside

 Couch Kitchen Ricecracjers



Y:: yummiest food from Malaysia...too many to name. Satay which is marinated chicken and beef skewers served with a peanut sauce.  Fried flat rice nooddles with fresh prawns, cockles, bean sprouts and chives.  Curry laksa (now exported and almost the national dish of Australia!)

S:: style means...being true to yourself.  Its also a very modest attribute.  Funny how one never describes oneself has having style.  Its always someone else who thinks you have style, you never claim to have it yourself...



I:: interesting places in my city are...FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia), MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra), KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre), Thean Hou Temple, Carcosa Seri Negara, Islamic Arts Museum, Merdeka Square, Little India, Chinatown

A:: another country I would like to live is...Italy, or Portugal, or New Zealand or my husband hopes, China



N:: new in my home is...another iPad

H:: hobby, I always make time for...craft and baking with my girls 

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is...linen pants.  In this tropical weather they are perfect!  I had five pairs  tailor made at a market in Vietnam on my last trip.




M:: magazines I love to read are...  I am more a book than a magazine person (books I read recently: 'Crimson Petal and the White', 'Room', 'The Paris Wife') than magazines but these are some I like: Elle Decoration UK, Vanity Fair, Donna Hay

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...at the moment, watermelons! 



Vivien and her nice husband have welcomed me and my family here in Kuala Lumpur in the best way possible... their door is always open and their amazing house is just perfect for hosting parties... and yes it does help that Vivien is an excellent cook :)

Unfortunately for us they are moving house real soon... all the way to Paris. Vivien will surely miss her home country Malaysia but is looking forward spending a couple of years in the romantic city of Paris. Guess that is the risk if you marry a French man :)

... More important if you are interested in renting or perhaps even buying this amazing home in Kuala Lumpr then please send Vivien an email ...

All the images were taken by my other friend Marjon Hoogervorst who visited us last year. 





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Monday's quick start: Tea towels by Tara Muelu


Hello NEW week, hope your weekend was fun? Just a nice little start to get you in the mood for this week... only two items available in this etsy shop, but I like them both very much.... linen napkins and tea towels by Tara Muelu from Melbourne. She screenprinted pictures on linen...



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Some things I liked this week...


these new Love Letters from Binth...


this lamp and wallpaper by dottirandsonur...

Elsita Kate  Naturelle


these miniatures books by Elsita...


This bird print and Nail Transfers by Kate Broughton...


and the latestes free online issue of Naturelle Magazine...

Any Special Plans for this weekend? Or are going to relax, have fun and enjoy some days off just like me? Anyhows I wish you a very nice weekend and hope to see you back on Monday with another week of inspiration! xoxo Irene

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Category: Some things

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Let's Talk Maps


How much do you love these gorgeous map dresses by Annex? I think I have been watching too much House Hunters International because I am craving travel. When I think of picking up and moving my life to another country, that is the only time I sigh disappointingly about owning a house. I lived in England for a year while I was in college, but now that I am married - I think about how romantic it would be for us to live somewhere overseas for the heck of it.

Since that isn't possible for me (right now), I have found myself compensating in other ways...particularly with maps. There is just something so inspiring about them. They are a reminder of what you have done, and a promise of what you will do.


Love these My Roots Lie Here maps.


Keep it simple by hanging up your dream location with their famous landmarks as the focus.


Though I am sure most of you have seen these gorgeous maps here and here, I just couldn't resist including them.

Post by Tiffany

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