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Giveaway: a gift card to NoeKs


Welcome NoeKs, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a gift card for 50 usd to NoeKs online shop!

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, which designer do you like the most or is missing from the NoeKs collection?


NoeKs is a wonderful fabric shop but with the added bonus of carrying books and more!


GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Linda Maas  - congratulations!!

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We are Home!


Living in two worlds... that is how I often feel, getting the best of both worlds truly applies to the life-style my husband and I are living. We love living in Asia and getting to know this interesting culture, but we also love being Dutch! When I arrived at Schiphol airport yesterday and stepped outside at 7 o'clock in the morning the crispy fresh air felt as, how crazy it may sound, as a warm welcome... Perhaps I love wintertime even more in the Netherlands than the summer time. Our country is so authentic at this time of year and during the December month I believe the Dutch are at their best.


Part of my excitement of my one month visit here is being able to finally go to the many designs furniture shops and be able to see with my own eyes the things that I have written about during the last year. The beautful images at WoonTrends bring me in the right mood!


More info about the products in all the images right here at WoonTrends. All images by Paul Bakker. Styling : Monique van der Reijden , Joyce de Haas, Menno Gijsbers van Wijk.

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Category: Dutch design

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Sponsor Spotlight: Human Empire


I decided after spending sometime over at Human Empire it would only be fair to think of what I would like for my husband to wear. I love sweaters on men, no not Mr. Rogers or Bill Cosby sweaters (sorry guys) but boat captain type sweaters or jackets. And please let it be fitted...no thanks square shapeless coats of doom...I like to see what my husband is workin' with. So here and here are my picks for my husband this winter.


And no, I did not forget myself - that would be ridiculous. Here and here are my picks for me and I am also loving this and this as well. Okay so I might have spent a tad bit more time shopping for me. I am weak.

..Human Empire..

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Monday's Quick Start...


New home accessories by La Casita de Wendy that I really like... there are blankets, pillows, scarves and mittens. Everything is done with cashmere and ultrasoft wool. Hope you like them too?



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Category: Quick Start

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Living in Kuala Lumpur... a new friend



Last week I started a small series of posts about Living in Kuala Lumpur... the Goodthe Badthe Beautiful... and today I would like to end this week with 'Kuala Lumpur and a Friend'

We are approaching the end of another blogging year, time to get a bit sentimental and do somereminisces... perhaps even more this year than other years as Bloesem will be celebrating it's 5th anniversary real soon. 


{images: home of Ena, one of the founding partners of Wondermilk here in Kuala Lumpur}

Last year was a very special blogging year for me due to to the visit of a friend from the Netherlands. I'm talking about Marjon Hoogervorst, the Dutch photographer I have talked about a lot lately... she and I met each other via Bloesem and we decided of organising a blind-date here in KL with a mission to photograph as much as possible in one week...

Marjon has captured my way of living here in KL very well and she taught me so much about photography that I dare to show you more of my own images next year. I have asked Marjon to answer some questions for me and I am sharing my favorites pics with you from our shoots during that week. Hope you enjoy them!


     Let's Get Personal with Marjon Hoogervorst

C: contact... with Irene, that's where it all starts! The beginning of a great cooperation and lovely friendship!

A: always... looking for challenge, don't be afraid for taking risks. Just taking a plane to KL without knowing Irene (and stay with her and her lovely family), was just one of them...

P: people... love people in every way, I prefer real contact... I want to feel the energy! I felt a lot in KL...


T: time... I stayed there for one week, we shot over 1000 images, met a lot nice people, eat in great restaurants, got a lot inspiration, talked one our in a minute......... and didn't sleep much...

U: unique... This experience was unique, I'll never forget this!

R: ritual... the Chinese tempel Irene wrote about is full of rituals in one place! Another ritual: maybe doing this every year! ;)


I: interesting.... the language. Some words they literally translate from the sound of english words. Like "Teksi" (Taxi)

N: No way...  bring me (and irene) some damage and steal my camera! We stood in an alley where we were shooting. In a few seconds a car blocked our exit and three men in suit with a little bag(in a pour neighbourhood) came by. They wanted to drug us and take my camera. Luckily Irene saved me here. She mentioned it immediately and showed me that I have to look to these men, pont out "one-two-three") and walk away... That was frightening...Goal: stay connected in loving the things I (want to) do. This year I worked a lot with more and more international clients! I love this dynamic!

K: Kuala Lumpur: I'll be back!

Love, Marjon 



Above you see only some of the images of the beautiful home from Building bloc Architects thatMarjon and I took during our week together. Thanks Marjon it was wonderful and hope we can do it again!! Irene xoxo

..building bloc architects




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Sponsor Spotlight: Blue Hour Designs


Blue Hour Designs is a handmade modern silver jewelry shop, the creation of Alysia Sánchez Melnikov. I think jewelry making is fascinating and you can see glimpses of how Alysia does it on her blog. Did you know that she uses recycled and reclaimed sterling silver and gold for all of her jewelry? My picks (pictured above) can be found here and here.


You can find more of my picks here and here. You can also purchase Blue Hour Design's jewelry via etsy or her website.

..Blue Hour Design..

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