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Sponsor Spotlight: Wall Paint by Number

Thursday, 24 November 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Let me get this straight - I can submit a picture to Wall Paint by Number and they'll convert it into a color by number pattern on wallpaper, to which I then get to paint it whatever color I want to? Can you say AWESOME! I love stuff like this and honestly - what a unique idea. Since you all already know my total obsession with my bulldog's - an idea like this to me is like one more glass figurine to an elderly lady - I MUST HAVE ONE!


Above is a picture of my two bullie dogs - I could use this one, but I might try for a new shot of them since the possibilities are endless. Also if the idea of painting all those numbers feels daunting, Wall Paint by Number offers a "pre-printed" option in which your masterpiece arrives already finished.

..Wall Paint by Number..

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