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Sponsor Spotlight: Wall Paint by Number


Let me get this straight - I can submit a picture to Wall Paint by Number and they'll convert it into a color by number pattern on wallpaper, to which I then get to paint it whatever color I want to? Can you say AWESOME! I love stuff like this and honestly - what a unique idea. Since you all already know my total obsession with my bulldog's - an idea like this to me is like one more glass figurine to an elderly lady - I MUST HAVE ONE!


Above is a picture of my two bullie dogs - I could use this one, but I might try for a new shot of them since the possibilities are endless. Also if the idea of painting all those numbers feels daunting, Wall Paint by Number offers a "pre-printed" option in which your masterpiece arrives already finished.

..Wall Paint by Number..

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Color palete: Birch


Hello... it's Marie of Etincelle Creative Studio!  A sudden craving for birch color furniture and decorative objects (such as the cute elephant or the unique painted piece of birch). I can picture the shelf in any reading corners of my dream home, and the cork stool is both practical and fun. And what about the chair? Available in other colors, it allows you to create a bi-color chair or even a bench. Now the house is a playground and birch is the new white. {From top to bottom, left to right: Cork stool by Jasper Morrison via The Conran Shop, Penguin Donkey shelf by Egon Riss via The Conran Shop, Areaware Hattie The Elephant by All Modern, Chair "Half C" by Johan Berhin via Sentou, Snowflake pendant light by David Trubridge via Lumens, Heartbeat Painted birch by Amy Komar on Etsy}

..Etincelle Creative Studio

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Sponsor Spotlight: Moop


I am not sure what is more adorable about Moop, their bags or their awesome studio. Either way I am a fan, and I am currently crushing on their Very Useful Tote (now in brown or sage) and their Market Bag (provincial blue is my favorite).


Though I typically gravitate towards larger bags, like the Porter - I find that a smaller clutch would be a lot more useful in certain situations and think the Letter Clutch would fit that need perfectly. I see that Moop is offering flat rate holiday shipping right now and a 10% off code (tinymoop).


..Moop Blog..

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Monday's quick start: Pleased to Meet


Marcel and his wifde Denni run a small design studio based out of Berlin and decided about two years ago that they wanted to pursue their passion... designing their own line of paper products.

Pleased to Meet.

And I really like the things they design... you do to?



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Category: Quick Start

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some things I liked LAST week...


the Wooden Rugs by elisa Strozyk... wowowoowo.... what else can I say!


this Lucky Feather pillow pattern...


This pink couch and image... sorry I forgot where I found this image, if it came via you, please let me know...


These printed laminated bags by Varpunen...

Hope you have had a very nice weekend and are ready for a new week with me and Tiffany on Bloesem and BloesemKids


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Living in Kuala Lumpur... the Beautiful


Last week I started a small series of posts about Living in Kuala Lumpur...the Good, the Bad and today we do the Beautiful...

Living in Kuala Lumpur is truly a color feast. Not only the colors you see everywhere but also the 'colors' of the many cultures living here... three groups op people make this country, Malaysia so very interesting... the Orang Asli or the Malay, the Chinese and the Indians. Although they live very peaceful and happy together they keep to their own culture, food, habits, religion and festivities. Malaysia probably has the most National Holidays in the world :):) ... no complaints here!


 CHINATOWN Indianstall Eggsgreen


One of my favorites part in town is China town. I love buying supplies here for my small ventures, but also for it's Asian feel. I live in an expat part of town which is nice, but has lost some of its authentic colors already...  when Marjon was here we spend a whole afternoon cruising the little streets of China Town and Marjon captured so beautifully. SImple things are inspiring and when you know how to look you see a lot!

I will not bother you with more words, I hope you will just enjoy these images... come and visit me and this special country one day too :) 





All images by Marjon Hoogervorst

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Category: Our home

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