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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Kim Welling

Tuesday, 25 October 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Let's get Personal with Kim Welling 

D:: Dutch is... Being straightforward (I've been told that we can be a bit blunt, but it's just honesty, no harm intended, I promise!;-) owning more than one bike, I do feel a bit detached when not being able to ride my bike everywhere. My dotted raincoat and making the most of small houses!


E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice... Me ignoring autumn is coming and trying to grow all sorts of plants in pots and containers (even though my plant space is a bit shady, I'm just being very persistent).

TeaEntrance  Bedroom OutsideKitchen  Kimwelling


S:: style, means... refinement and adding a personal note to what's common.

I:: interesting places in my city, Utrecht, are... the canals, especially down at the water, there are sort of little docks  where you can stroll or have a coffee or even lunch or dinner, it's quite unique and very nice in summer. Utrecht is also a very green city, we've got lot's of nice parks, my fave is the Griftpark. Oh and one more spot, the Miffy museum!


G:: gardening is something I... LOVE, especially growing edibles! I only wish I had a garden... but for now I'm doing well on my little balcony since I bought the book 'Grow great grub' by Gayla Trail, my new garden bible. 


N:: new, in my home is... My Home! I just moved to a new place in a lovely green area (it's on a tiny canal with an apple tree in front of my house). I love decorating a new place and had so much fun doing this one. I used most of my existing furniture and only bought new vintage wallpaper and a vintage kitchen cabinet (I use in the livingroom). Most of the furniture I own is stuff I found 9on the street), bought vintage or inherited. I love that 'history' feeling old things have, and giving it a new life. 


H:: hobby, I always make time for... Cooking, gardening, my friends and my rabbit Seb. He's like a dog, waiting till you get home, following you everywhere around the house, jumping on your lap to be petted. I named him after Seb Jarnot, a french illustrator...


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... everything from Humanoid, my favorite clothes brand. It's stylish but sort of basic in a not so basic way and lasts forever.


M:: magazines I love to read are... Uppercase, ReadyMade and Jan (a dutch magazine)

E:: enjoy, I can't live without... my creativity. I just can't imagine what I'd be doing if I couldn't draw, design and create every day.



............................Thank you Kim Welling.....................

Kim's passion is with illustrations but she is a designer and arts teacher as well. Utrecht, I always call it Amsterdam's little sister, is the city where Kim lives and works.I find her portfolio quite impressive and ad some of her ceramic pieces to my Christmas wishlist. If you like to read more about her then click here for her blog or go directly to her etsy shop called Kim's Little Monsters.



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