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'Here' I want to live when I grow up... Naturelle magazine


Already in July I was planning on writing about a new Dutch online free magazine... 'Naturelle' founded by Annemique de Kroon. But moving house and being too much behind with work caused me to wait until now and to be honest  it probably is a good thing, because seeing issue number 2 this morning made me so happy and even more convinced that when we are ready to move away from Asia I want to live here... and here is in the Northern part of Spain, the Costa Brava or Catalunya. Beautifully captured by Annemique in her free online magazine Naturelle


Funny thing is my parents are in LLagostera at the moment and when I spoke to my father on the phone yesterday he told me how he still believes that this part of Spain is still as beautiful as when we came there the first time when I was only 3 years old. 

I can only say Annemique has done an excellent job in writing exactly the right words about the most beautiful beach strip in the world that I have ever seen. It is rough, authentic, raw, but also friendly, warm, artistic and very special! Not surprising that the best restaurant in the world El Bulli and amazing artist Salvador Dali are from this region.


Naturelle magazine does not only write about travelling, stories about living and finding balance in your life are important topics for Annemique. I really love this  online magazine and can only hope many more issues will follow.  

The story starts about Catalunya starts on page 75 ... enjoy Naturell it's for free and very beautiful.

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I call it the 'Golden Book' ... interview with Grace Bonney


Good morning do you already have a copy of Grace her first book? I haven't but I can't wait to hold it in my hands and see what this very inspirationallady has created for us. All of you know that Grace was a big inspiration for me to start Bloesem and I so understand the succes of her blog and now her book. Her passion for interior design, arts and crafts is unstoppable and her energy is contageous for many of us. I'm very happy she took the time to answer some questions I had for her about 'Design*Sponge at Home'


What was the main reason for going from 'online' to 'offline'... why a book?
I've always been someone who loved print (I actually started the blog in hopes of one day getting a job at a magazine) so I knew I wanted to try my hand at it down the road, but I waited a long time to tackle a book project because I wanted it to the perfect situation- one in which the publisher understood our goals and supported them. When we met with Artisan they immediately got what I wanted to do and embraced my desire to work with the web design team and illustrator (ALSO and Julia Rothman) that we always work with, so it felt like it was meant to be. 


  125Living-Room_Credit-Linco  Design-Sponge-3 128_Credit-Joy-Thigpen


Because the book contains so much more than a rehash of what's already on the site (it contains 40+ new homes, 25 new DIY projects, 25 new before and afters and brand new primer sections for upholstery, DIY basics and floral design) I wanted to focus on making those parts as timeless as possible so the book would serve as a practical workbook for someone who wanted to take the inspiration they got from the website and turn it into a real change at home.


 What are your favorite memories of making this book?

For me the best part of this book was getting to spend more time with my own editors and contributors. I traveled a lot to work on stories and do photoshoots so it was such a treat to spend more time with the people I typically online speak with online.

One of my favorite "what did I get myself into" moments thought was driving about 15 flower arrangements from Saipua flower studio in Brooklyn over to the photo shoot in Brooklyn. I was running late, had no idea how to transport flowers, and was booking it up the west side highway. I had to slam on my breaks and didn't have time to look back and then I felt water at my feet. All the arrangements had spilled over and TONS of water were pooling on the car floor. Luckily I saved the flowers and re-filled them at the studio, but everything in the car was soaked. 


Can we find any European/Asian design ideas in the book?
I really wanted the book's style to be about more than an American look, so we have several European and Asian homes in the book. One of my favorites is a home in Singapore that embraces the color red in such a big way. We were so in love with the red she used that we created a flower arrangement inspired by it!

There are several Australian, British and French homes in the book as well- they all have a slightly more "put together" feel than some of the American homes. I love the regal architecture that you get in so many of beautiful older European homes- those details are a given in American homes so I love that several of the homes we got to feature had amazing molding, curving staircases and beautiful entryways. 


What are the future plans?
Right now I'm just trying to make it through each week of the book tour, but I'd love to eventually branch out into more specialized print projects (though not a magazine, more along the lines of limited edition 'zines, newspapers and books). I've always loved television, but right now I think the TV industry makes funding and branding such a big deal that it's hard to find a situation where you don't feel like you have to compromise what you believe it.

So for right now I think I'm happy to work in print and web formats where I have more control over the sponsors and how big of a role they have in what I do. After the book tour I'm probably going to be most excited to just sit back and tackle my normal day-to-day work for D*S. After all this travel what USED to feel like a ton of work is going to feel like a breeze. ;)


 Thank you Grace Bonney!

Much more information about the book here and the list of places to buy the book

Images by Kaleidoscope blog, Jamie Beck and Terri Glangler and Lincoln Barbour.

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Color palete: Orange


Hello... it's Marie of Etincelle Creative Studio! I am back this week with a gorgeous color palette in tune with the approaching fall season for some of us... Not to mention Halloween which is only a couple of weeks away...  from top to bottom clockwise: wire weaved lampshades by Yoola; pillow covers by ChloeAndOliveDotCom; Orange sofa by Jonathan Adler;  Furla leather handbag via Zappos Couture; illustration by silverridgestudio; silk flower by Yeojin Bae;  jersey dress by Old Navy


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Category: Colors

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Bugs and Flowers from the low-lands by Anne Ten Donkelaar


What is there to add... sheer beauty ... hoping that butterfly will soon fly to Kuala Lumpur ...

Anne Ten Donkelaar your work is amazing ... please bring us more and more...



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Category: Dutch design

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Carly and I like...


Carly and I share the same love for 'illustrations on ceramics' ... enjoyed seeing these posts from her on her blog and hope one day soon I can try and do this too... have you ever tried ? And did it work out?


and via Carly likes I also discovered the wonderful illustrations on ceramics by Esther Coombes, aren't the Seed Markers not just great?

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Category: Ceramics | DIY

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Let's Get Personal in the USA with Stacey from Pancake and Friends


Let's Get Personal with Stacy Pancake from Pancake and Friends

A:: American is... Frank Lloyd Wright, Silicon Valley, Levi Strauss, Marilyn Monroe, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, cowboys, Coca-Cola, Polaroid, Sesame Street, Big Foot, jazz, baseball, and of course the Corvette.


M:: make, I start making when... I wake up in the morning all the way to when I go to sleep. I am a maker and a dreamer; most often the two compliment each other.


E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice... a steep staircase and a friendly twenty pound cat.                                                                                                          read more>>>

06_pancakeandfranks 07_pancakeandfranks 10_pancakeandfranks 11_pancakeandfranks


R:: room in my home that needs restyling is...the second bedroom. It has become an expensive storage unit <frown> and needs a complete re-haul.


I:: if I could live in a different place or home, it would be... Joshua Tree, California. I love the warmth of the desert and the mystery of the endless Yucca brevifolias. 


C:: craft projects that I love best are... Does gardening come under crafts? I have a very green thumb and love my urban garden.


A:: art in my homes comes from... galleries, auctions and friends. I am always on the hunt for new work. 


N:: new in my home is... a fresh coat of paint throughout.


H:: hobby, I always make time for... nature and art; both are equally important to me. 


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... stripes, layers upon layers of stripes and mostly denim; plus moccasins, some jewelry and always a scarf. I also have a fetish for Ellen Verbeek and Costume National shoes. 


M:: magazines I love to read are... Wallpaper for the traveler, Saveur for the cook, Vanity Fair for the gossip, Dwell for refurbishing ideas, Art Forum for pleasure and research, I.D. for inspiration.


E:: enjoy, I can't live without... sleep, strong coffee, my cat, nature, travel, art, design, sunshine, brown rice and seaweed.

........................Thank you Stacy Pancake.................... 

I (irene) really love the prints from Pancake and Friends and believe Stacey truly brings new and unique designs, different with a sense of humor ... if you click here you can see what I mean.


Pancake and Franks works to reduce the use of energy and resources and promotes sustainability: we use only 100% post-consumer recycled paper and non-toxic soy-based inks for printing. Below you see some of the beautiful limited edition prints.


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