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'Here' I want to live when I grow up... Naturelle magazine

Thursday, 22 September 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Already in July I was planning on writing about a new Dutch online free magazine... 'Naturelle' founded by Annemique de Kroon. But moving house and being too much behind with work caused me to wait until now and to be honest  it probably is a good thing, because seeing issue number 2 this morning made me so happy and even more convinced that when we are ready to move away from Asia I want to live here... and here is in the Northern part of Spain, the Costa Brava or Catalunya. Beautifully captured by Annemique in her free online magazine Naturelle


Funny thing is my parents are in LLagostera at the moment and when I spoke to my father on the phone yesterday he told me how he still believes that this part of Spain is still as beautiful as when we came there the first time when I was only 3 years old. 

I can only say Annemique has done an excellent job in writing exactly the right words about the most beautiful beach strip in the world that I have ever seen. It is rough, authentic, raw, but also friendly, warm, artistic and very special! Not surprising that the best restaurant in the world El Bulli and amazing artist Salvador Dali are from this region.


Naturelle magazine does not only write about travelling, stories about living and finding balance in your life are important topics for Annemique. I really love this  online magazine and can only hope many more issues will follow.  

The story starts about Catalunya starts on page 75 ... enjoy Naturell it's for free and very beautiful.

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