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Sponsor Spotlight : Dolan Geiman

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Known for his impeccable work of craft using scrap metal and pieces of woods. It has always been a thrill for mixed media artist Dolan Geiman to come up with something extraordinary using ordinary things that many will just think of disposing instead of reusing it.

Dolan’s favorite three concepts, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has always been the key to finding his inspiration within the surrounding.

This summer the Market Stroll from the 'His and Hers' collection has been added to the online shop. Which fatures a male and female couple complementary in materials and colors with vintage watches and white star pattern....beautiful! Each set is one-of-a-kind, created from a unique set of found materials by Dolan himself................... read more >>>

Dolangeiman2  Market-Stroll-His-and-Hers_



Other customized pieces are the liquor boxes, ideal for papa's and husbands.... and these great Wooden pennants.... new parents will love them I'm sure and it makes such a unique wedding gift... Happily Hitched...Market-Stroll-His-and-Hers_

What i really like about Dolan Geiman is of course his work :) but also that he makes such a good team with his wife and business partener Ali Geiman. It shows how two people can really make each other stronger and encourage each others talents... 

..Dolan Geiman

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