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Sponsor Spotlight : Black Sheep

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Is your house ready for winter or do you not need an excuse to treat yourself on one of these beautiful sheep skins? I don't, that's for sure... I can wait until I am old and grey becasue winter will never arrive here in Malaysia and I still LOVE these small natural rugs im my home. They are so soft and comfortabel and although you can argue it is from an animal... I eat meat too and I wear leather as long as I can remember on my feat and I love leather handbags... so no reason for me to stay away from these... well at least I need to know the skins are stamped as ‘Eco-Friendly’.          >>Read More>>


black sheep (white light) from Canada was founded by Bryce, who discovered these beautiful Icelandic sheepskins while attempting to source a sheepskin for an interior design project, the IKEA pelts just didn’t do it for him... :) 

Recently Bryce added some reindeer hides to his collection too. You can click here to visit Black Sheep (white light). 




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