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Sponsor Spotlight : Dolan Geiman


Known for his impeccable work of craft using scrap metal and pieces of woods. It has always been a thrill for mixed media artist Dolan Geiman to come up with something extraordinary using ordinary things that many will just think of disposing instead of reusing it.

Dolan’s favorite three concepts, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has always been the key to finding his inspiration within the surrounding.

This summer the Market Stroll from the 'His and Hers' collection has been added to the online shop. Which fatures a male and female couple complementary in materials and colors with vintage watches and white star pattern....beautiful! Each set is one-of-a-kind, created from a unique set of found materials by Dolan himself................... read more >>>

Dolangeiman2  Market-Stroll-His-and-Hers_



Other customized pieces are the liquor boxes, ideal for papa's and husbands.... and these great Wooden pennants.... new parents will love them I'm sure and it makes such a unique wedding gift... Happily Hitched...Market-Stroll-His-and-Hers_

What i really like about Dolan Geiman is of course his work :) but also that he makes such a good team with his wife and business partener Ali Geiman. It shows how two people can really make each other stronger and encourage each others talents... 

..Dolan Geiman

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Let's Get Personal with Carola Zee


Let's Get Personal with Carola Zee 

D:: Dutch is ... Being free and being able to follow your dreams, to follow your passion and be the creator of your own life.

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice... My magazine rack. It used to be a mail gathering rack for an office. I found it abandoned at an old office building. It's a great system to display all my magazines. 


S:: style, means...  Creating your own style, your own way of doing things. To be unique and true to yourself.

I:: interesting places in my city, Rotterdam are... the place I love to go for inspiration is Depot Rotterdam. This lovely store has great ideas on interior design.  I am very honored  that they also sell my work. From my very first products till now. They are very supportive of young designers. 

Another place where you can find me frequently is the Urban Espresso Bar. For their great coffee and for being a place near my home where I can always meet friends. Planned or unplanned.


Carolazee_work  Studio1119 Work

G:: gardening is something I...  rarely do, I don't have a garden, but on my balcony I have pot's filled with herbs cause I love using them in my cooking.

But I do love flowers, I always have flowers in one of my vases to brighten up my home.

N:: new, in my home is... Moving back into it. This last year I have been traveling to Canada and also been to China twice.  I have been away a total of 9 months out of the 12.  Not leaving my apartment empty I had good friends taking care of it. Now, I will be moving back and it feels as if I am moving into a new place but with very familiar things. After living out of my suitcase for so long, I cannot wait to relax and enjoy being home again. 


H:: hobby, I always make time for... 

Making my ceramics, I love creating and therefore I always look forward to travel to my studio in China. Weeks filled with nothing else than creating and making. As soon as I finish all my work in the Netherlands and I have enough money for a plane ticket to China....I am off. I also have a lovely studio in the Netherlands. This is where I spend most of my time when I am home.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... My Havaianas flip-flops, as soon as the weather in Holland let's me I will be wearing them.  I have them in many colors.  


M:: magazines I love to read are... Elle decoration, Frame, Items, VT wonen, Elle wonen, 101 woonideeen, so mostly all the home decor magazines.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without... The sun. I am very happy that I spend most springs and autumns in my studio in China. During that time the weather there is like our summers in The Netherlands. That way I create on long summer covering three seasons. 


...................Thank you Carola van Zee.............

Dutch native Carola Zee is a former graphic designer but followed her real passin... making ceramics. Of course the graphic background is very noticable in all her creations in either the form or decorations. Since 2007 Carola has been working together with craftsmen in Jingdezhen China. Famouse for it’s porcelain production for centuries. This is one of the reasons why she opened her own studio in China.

Next week on Monday I will give you a Tour of her amazing studio in China, see how Carola works here on her beautiful ceramic designs. 


Carola would love to sell her products in different parts of the world. If you are a wholesaler and interested in carrying some of her unique and special bowls, cups, vases or spoons than...

please drop her an email! 


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some things I liked this week...


seeing where Anh-Minh lives... beautiful home, beautiful lady!


this home via 2modern...

Ellengiggenbach  Erin  Prestige


Ellen Giggenbach's print and her line to go with it: "...what a challenge! no birds, or flowers just shapes and colours!"...


Erin's modern art shelf...

some flowers and branches in my home...

Wish you a very nice weekend and hope to see you back on Monday with an amazing Let's Get Personal Tour! Irene xoxo 

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Pärlans Konfektyr in Stockholm


The above image caught my eye when visiting Elle interior sweden's blog. This is what shops in the fifties must have looked like and it is fun seeing this Mad-Men style coming back to us. The image is of a Confectionery in Stockholm named Pärlans

At Pärlans it's all about toffees in the classic way, more than seven kinds, lemon, vanilla, cream...The store was founded by Lisa J. Ericson and everyone who works here got to know each other through interest in the thirties and forties - School's golden age - and the dancing lindy hop. 


Graphic designer Clara von Zweigbergk made the beautiful handwritten logo. And when visiting her website I couldn't help noticing the Themis Trio mobile which I had seen before... yes from Artecnica... you like them too?





..Clara von Zweigbergk

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Beautiful prints by Sasha Prood


Just discovered the work by Sasha Prood yesterday in my inbox and I like it very much. The flower-font print below is not only available as a print you can actually buy it as a font too!

I hope soon I can show you more about Sarah here on Bloesem :)?... 


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Sponsor Spotlight : bee things


I already bought some of their amazing prints, particularly this one is a favorite of mine, but now husband and wife team Shay and Jeff also added marvellous tea towels to their collection. Yes I'm talking about Bee-things. The print and graphic design studio from Dallas who are known for their design and beautiful bird illustrations. Shay and Jeff are passionate about their work and always wanting to make people around the world happy, they work together giving birth to amazing pieces of artwork. A perfect marriage of colors I would say :)


The tea towles are available here in the etsy shop and from what I understand theyr are big, soft and made of 100% cotton. I'm picking the Swan, what about you? More info about bee thing at their website or blog... shopping you can do right here.


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