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Stop Shop: Woonwinkel in Portland


Although you probably never have visited Portland you probably know by now that this is one of the hot design spots in the USA. Many talented designers and crafts people live here and recently a wonderful shop has been added to this design district. The shop is called Woonwinkel, which means Home Shop in Dutch, yes funny enough there is a Dutch link...

Joyce de Lange visited Woonwinkel and asked owners a couple of questions. Jocyce also took these images for us. You can find Joyce right here on twitter


What's your name and of your business partner?

Erica Essink and Kristin Van Buskirk are the owners

Are you both from Portland?

Yes (although I grew up in the midwest I’ve lived in Portland for 17 years) ..............READ MORE>>>

Iacoli  Ateliernl Studiogorm

Why did you choose a Dutch name for your shop? 

I was living in The Netherlands, working as a designer at Nike’s European Headquarters when we cooked up the idea of this shop. Since I was learning Dutch at the time, and for lack of an official name for the shop, we used the word “woonwinkel”. But somehow it stuck. It’s both a nod to the Dutch design that insipres us, and a word that, in english, sounds pleasant and light. Because although we’re serious about excellent design, we also want our shop to reflect the levity that makes a house a home. 


{image above: hanging lights by iacoli&Mcallister...}

When exactly did you open the shop? May 12, 2011 

Did you travel to Europe to meet de designers of the products?

Although we haven’t personally met most of the European designers that created our products, it was while living and traveling in Europe that we discovered most of the products and became familiar with the designers. We were incredibly inspired by such design shows as the Milan Furniture Fair and Dutch Design Week, and also some really fantastic retailers of excellent design like Frozen Fountain (Amsterdam), Mint (London), and Spazio Rosanna Orlandi (Milan). 


{image above: Ceramics by  AtelierNL...}

Can you name some of the brands/designers you sell?

Hella Jongerius, Atelier NL; Dick van Hoff for Royal Tichelaar Makkum (NL); Scholten&Bajings (NL); Esther Derkx (NL);  Jens Fager and ? Wagell for Muuto (DN); Best Before (FR); Donna Wilson for SCP (UK); Vontundra (US);  Esque (US); Studio Gorm (US), but they are also a due who studied at Design Academy Eindhoven); Iacoli & McAllister (US); Pigeon Toe (US).


{image above: Lamps by Studio Gorm...}


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Travel report : Marie visited Hong Kong


When asked if I would be interested in a nice write-up about her visit to Hong Kong recently  I was of course delighted, I have been to Hong Kong a couple of times, but always on business never had time to actually visit the place, I do hear many wonderful stories about this cosmopolitan city above us ... so Marie's report will come in very handy. Would you like to read it too than click here...


Today I will be meeting Marie  in person for the first time, she lives here in Singapore and hopefully she will bring one of her super nice handmade Morrocon style mesh bags with her so I can see and feel it :) ... love them!   Etincelle Creative Studio

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Sponsor Spotlight: A White Room


I must admit until now I have not been a big online shopper when it comes to furniture but visiting shops like A White Room makes me re-think this. There are plenty of things that I can easily buy here. I'm a big sucker for beautiful lamps... someone asked me recently what I collect ...I came to the conclusion... designer lights new and vintage ones. I believe they are so important for any room and once you start focussing a bit more on lighting you will soon find yourself buying more ... my picks from A white room would be: this normann hang lamp; the camping stool; the alma stacking chairs for kids by magis; the arper leaf chair for our balcony and I always have place anywhere in my home for the componibili square modulars from kartell.... there is a sale going on right now at A White Room... so go on, treat yourself albeit it just for a smal accesoiries.... a bit more about A White Room right here...






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ps. I'm in Singapore so let's start with some coffee


{beautiful cafe inspiration, Market Lane Cafe in Melbourne, via sprk ... the tiled wall would also do well as a kitchen in my own home}

Let's start with some coffee this Monday morning... we have been in Singapore again during the weekend and one thing I really love of being here (and yes miss in Kuala Lumpur) is having a simple but very good coffee in a nice ambience ... in Singapore I love to go to the place downstairs of our apartement block, called Kith cafe, yes even the NY Times did a nice write-up about them. 


{Kith cafe in Singapore}

It's such a small little cafe, i believe 5 people are working here everyday from 7-7, 7 days a week sometimes... yes that is what you call hard work!... and everyday they serve you amazing food always with real friendly face. I often think why can't...............................................Read More>>>


Pspscafe  Pscafe Pspscafes

...you have more places like this in for instance Amsterdam where service often is 'rubbish'... i admire people who are passionate about what they do and are willing to work hard for what they believe in...

So you have to visit Kith Cafe when you are in Singapore!!



Another cafe I really love in Singapore is ps. Cafe... I like it especially for the interior decoration... the furniture, color palletes and little touches are totally up my alley. And the good thing is the food, drinks and service were also very good.  


We have only been once so far but will come back and enjoy sitting outside in the lush green surroundings... perfect match for me of Asia meets Europe. Some images below from ps. cafe that I took while we were there...



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some things I liked this week...


these great pillow covers from SlaapAap = you only need one pillow right :)...



these products from Spanish design studio Duermevela...

Knotandbow_etsy Bookhou


this etsy shop knot and bow...


seeing this 'winged migration show' at Bookhou...

Wish you a wonderful weekend! irene xoxo

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Images that inspire me to create...

I saw these images yesterday evening they and brought me in the right mood for the weekend... there is no way i can make it too but I 'm going to try it anyway :) ...true inspiration for me, as always from Karen Barbé. {just noticed Anthology was posting the same...we must be on the same page :) }



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