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mustard, pink and tulips... must be good!


Two of my favorite colors combined in one pillow with the symbol of my home land... how could I not start with this today :) Angela Ligouri send me an email yesterday evening telling me about her good friends new collection and shop. Valerie Ormiston founder of pikku wares just uploaded a whole range of gorgeous new home accessories and I love them... 


The beautiful ribbon you see in the image above is from Angela her own online shop, it is Italian cotton in loose weave and it's absolutely my favorite ribbon in the whole wide world! You can buy it right here. The flower quilt comes from the pikku shop and I just added this to my Wish list.  {Thanks ANgela for letting me know. xx }

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Let's ixxi today


It took me a while to get this post up, not sure why exactly becasue I really love it! ... but please say 'hi' to this wonderful new product from the Netherlands, called ixxi. Perhaps you saw some images already at other blogs, but it couldn't heart you if I show you some more right :) 


With ixxi you can make your own wall decoration, wallpaper, or room divider in any size you want and with you own personal images!

ixxi is a connecting system consisting of little plastic x’s, i’s, and cards, with which you can design your own (photo) enlargement or collage. You join the cards with the connecting pieces and then you can easily hang your ixxi from the wall or ceiling.

Ixxi_imagebank_Rijksmuseum_  Ixxi_photo_Landscape Ixxi_RoomdividerRose_white

You probably wonder how you get image or photos on the cards, well easy just visit the ixxi website and upload your photos, illustrations, or logos, and determine the desired dimensions....


Some really nice examples in these images don't you agree. I love the Old Masters in the super modern style. I definitley am going to try this with some of the pics from my boys. Which images do you want to use? 

The website is very explanatory and will help you create a nice wall in your home. If you have a specific question for ixxi than don't hesitate sending the super friendly founders, Gaby or Roel, of ixxi an email



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Category: Dutch design

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Sponsor Spotlight : Moop's new waxed canvas bags


The lovely Wendy from Moop told me about her recent collaboration with photographer Jamie Beck to showcase the wonderful Moop bags in a different setting... I have been a long-time fan of the handmade Moop bags but seeing these images makes me want o have one even more... cool, understated, simple and very stylish!

The new collection waxed canvas bags are built from durable and luxurious waxed canvas and lined in water resistant cordura. Waxed canvas is naturally water repellent and ages like leather... meaning will look even nicer after wearing :)

And Back to School is the phrase I keep hearing around me... so if looking for a new bag for your kids don't foget these cool Messenger ones from Moop!


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Category: Fashion

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kokoro : chocolate in a sweet wrap


Not often do I write about packaging or product design but there was no doubt in my mind that I had to share this super nice packaging for a new chocolate brand!

kokoro, wich means something like 'from the heart', is a new chocolate brand by chocolatier Kaori Pi, she also made the cute illustrations on the back of the bar, but my favorite designer from the Netherlands, Ben Lambers ... studio aandacht ... designed the logo, the total packaging and mold for the chocolate bars... yummie yummie can I have one please! {unfortunately the website from kokoro is still in the making ...}


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Category: Food

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K19 : geometric colorful art


I really could do with some extra color in my life right now ...I'm not depressed BUT things are not exactly going at this point in my life as would like them to be... no complaints really just some difficulties with my life as a working mom and trying to balance things...

so suddenly I remembered an email that popped up in my inbox already a long time ago... beautiful graphic colorful art from K19 studio from Germany and thought let's start this week with showing you their work...


The idea behind K19 is simple: bringing affordable art to a wider audience... you can see the whole collection right here... 



All images by K19 studio.

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some things I liked this week...


this new print from Dee Beale...


these flowers over at urban outfitters... 

Neeest.fr Pronk1 Affinitamoderne


these little friends at Neëst...


these golden rings from Sharon...


the colors in these beddings by Affinita' Moderne...

Wish you a very nice and long weekend! irene xoxo

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Category: Some things

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