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some things I liked this week...


these wooden diamonds...


these new pillows by Mengsel design...

Cielarchitects Clementine Simplyjessi


these rooms by ciel architects...


Calendar Season is almost starting...


and these dolls from simply jessi... who do they remind you off???

Have a great Sunday, see you back tomorrow with some Art in Your Home! irene xx


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Bloesem online garage sale...


It is time for my family and me to move house again and I thought selling my goodies and collectables online would make more sense than bringing them along in carton boxes...

All the products you find in my shop originate from previous entrepreneurial endeavors... I once had my own cards collection, selling at BARNEYS New York and Selfridges & Co in London, designed a baby shoe collection that was sold in many shops in the Netherlands, almost started a knitting shop in Toronto, but had to move on again... and all the other goodies are small collections I bought during my travels in Asia…  



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Category: Irene

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Sponsor Spotlight : Huset


Last week I was asked by an Asian life-style magazine for a photoshoot in my home because of the Scandinavian, Nordic type of furniture and accesoiries we have... of course I said yes and now I'm preparing our home for the up-coming shoot... visiting Huset is certainly part of my preparations... their shop is like a MUST when it comes to finding Scandinavian and especially Swedish inspiration.... some of my favorites items in their shop right now are: the Lisa Bengtsson Tillsammans posters; this tray by ; the Norwegian forest lamp shade by Cathrine Kullberg; the retro looking Scandi telephone; this Buck Stacking Game and these hidden animal teacups...  more>>>


 I just saw this picture on Huset's blog, new bedding from Brita of Sweden and I really like :)... you too?


All products can be found in the Huset shop.

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Joon & Jung


I'm in the mood for Joon&Jung today... i just love their work very much and believe not shared it with you before... Joon&Jung is a multi-discipline design studio based in Eindhoven, but the founders are originally from Korea. Combining their background and what they have learned and seen at de the design academy results in these delicate but solid looking designs. 

My favorites are the 'natural speakers'; the architect curtain; pillow blanket and the living light...

click here to visit their website.




All images by Joon&Jung 

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Category: Dutch design

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Let's Get Personal in the US with Bethany from M.O.M


The home of Bethany and Tere from 42nd Orange and M.O.M.

A::  American is... Entrepreneurial

M::  Make, we start making when... The feeling strikes us. It's just the two of us in the house, and we understand the need to create at anytime of the day.



E::  Entrance, when entering our home you will notice... Lots of color!

R::  Room in our home that needs restyling... The outdoor patio. It's not technically a room, but man does it need help. 

Bed-roomBed-room_dreess Bedroom Antoinette


I::  If we could live in a different place or home, it would be... Bethany - NYC loft. Tere - I want to build a modern pre-fab home here in Encinitas.

C::  Craft projects that we love best are... Simple and made with scraps of fabric.


A::  Art in our home comes from... Family, friends, and thrift stores.

N::  New in our home is... The child size Superior dress form; a generous gift from a friend.


H::  Hobby, we always make time for... Tere - reading. Bethany - tango lessons

O::  Outfit, favorite thing to wear... Bethany - jeans, white t-shirt, and some funky jewelry. Tere - something I've made.


M::  Magazines we love to read... Oh my gosh, there are so many! Milk, Bambini Vogue, Sesame, Donna Hay, Saveur, MSL, and on and on...

E::  Enjoy, We can't live without... Bethany - laughter. Tere - a good nights sleep.



 ............Thank you Tere + Bethany....

Bethany and Tere are a mother and daughter team from 42nd Orange and M.O.M. The '42nd and Orange' part comes from the street corner where Bethany's grandmother's house was. M.O.M started years ago with a request for aprons for little girls. Recently they opened a new shop for their beautiful 'Antoinette Collection', a handmade line of jewelry... would you like to read more than visit their blog right here.



 All images by Bethany.

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