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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Annemique from Fijn Wonen


The home of Annemique de Kroon from Fijn Wonen*Fijn Leven 

D:: Dutch... are the two people who live here. The two cats are from Panama and Spain.

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice... peace and quiet in the heart of the city.


S:: style... is utterly personal.

I:: interesting places in my city, Amsterdam, are... Huis Te VraagCulinaire WerkplaatsHuize FrankendaelNiemeijerRainarai.

Chairsdining Couch1 Dining Cat Flowers Chairs


G:: gardening is something I... would really like to try (I am on the waiting list for an allotment)


N:: new, in my home are... the shapes and colors on the walls each morning, created by the sunlight on the stained glass windows.


H:: hobby, I always make time for... kissing my beloved before I go to sleep and after I wake up; a big fruit salad for breakfast and books.


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... something comfortable, soft on the skin.


M:: magazines I love to read are... Selvedge

E:: enjoy, I can't live without... love, nature and soulful connections.


Thank you Annemique!

Annemique and I met a couple of years back when Annemique was Editor in Chief for a Dutch magazine called Hide&Chic. She invited me to become the editor for their design/living section and of course I happily accepted this invitation... for a little over a year I contributed to the magazine and than we both went our separate ways. Recently Annemique told me about the new path she had taken in her life... she no longer worked in the media business but became a professional feng shui consultant advising people and offices about feng shui and interior design. On her blog you can read more about her love for feng shui and she shows us glimpses of her wonderful home.

Annemique : ‘What appeals to me in feng shui is that it allows you to look at your home with new eyes: what environment have you created for yourself? If your home is a mirror, what does it say about you? By clearing clutter, applying certain colors and materials and replacing furniture, you can make a house into a home where the energy flows harmoniously.’ 


All images are by Annemique de Kroon.

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Ceramics you will LOVE by Karen McPhail


I have to start this week with some amazing ceramics by Karen McPhail who had sent me an email telling me about her work. I absolutely love the contemporary style printed decals. The tile below with the bird calls my name! You can find Karen her website right here and some of her pieces are online available at papastour

Later today I will come back with a new Let's Get Personal Tour and I'm working on a small report about my visit to last weekend SaturdayInDesign in SIngapore!!


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Category: Ceramics

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Pulau Ubin in Singapore


Another Birthday in the family this week... Happy Birthday Love of my Life! It was a wonderful day today and I hope you enjoyed it too? We went to a small island here in Singapore, calles Pulau Ubin. Yes for you who didn't know Singapore has a couple of islands and some of them are absolutely worth visiting.

Pulau Ubin is known for it's bicycle tracks, so DUtch as we are we had to go and see for ourselves. We start by driving to Changi Village, but taking a taxi is a very simple alternative. At Changi Village you will find that brings you to the island, only 5 minutes away but a nice little adventure, especially for young kids :) see the image of the ferry here below. 


Pulau Ubin is an island North East of Singapore where often said as the last “kampong” (village) in Singapore. When you arrive at the Island you are warmly welcomed by lot's of Chinese decoration and a world of bikes... bikes, bikes and more bikes... al for rent... that's what we did too of course :)


Pulauubin_kiosk_2   Pulauubin_kiosk  Pulauubin_pot


Everything at the island is simple and easy, you just follow the path... what I liked during the day, was being outdoors in the jungly forest and of course all the details in the small village. Lot's of chinese temples and offerings. For lunch we went to one of the fish/crab restaurants and after spending around 4 hours at Pulau Ubin we decided to go back home. Of course there is much more to explore on the island but the heath and two very young boys were ready to go back home.





There is an intriguing story about a 'German Girl Shrine' at Pulau Ubin that I first heard about via this wonderful blog by jeffrey and flora,  two Americans living in Singapore. Some people really worship this ghost from the past.. today we did see the sign of a small road leading up the holy place, but we are saving this little adventure for our next trip to Pulau Ubin. If you are already curious than click here and read Flora her wonderful story about the German Girl and her Shrine.



All images were taken by me, Irene, you can use them for your blog but please give credits via this link. 

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Three exhibitions I wish I could go to


a couple of art shows around the world that I wish I could go to and visit... Shelly Klein from KStudio is exhibiting at Quirk Gallery in Richmond, VA until the end of June.


Artstream presents "Spring is in the Air", an exhibition of originalworks by Wisconsin artist Emily Marie Cox until 31 May. 


Exhibition by Réka Király at Galleria Volga in Helsinki, Finland, until 28 May 2011.



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Haji Lane in Singapore


Hello, sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday... it was my son's Birthday and we were/are celebrating it in our 'continuously better looking' apartment... see images below...  After a long day of strolling around Universal Studios I was in desperate need of some real inspiration (yes it was fun, but not my cup of tea) ... so my husband and I left the boys with the babysitter and went to Haji Lane, a little street in the Arab corner of Singapore which I had heard many good things of .... great fashion from indie designers, cute little things handmade... but nobody told me about this place: A Thousand Tales ... beautiful Scandinavian inspired furniture, newly made from mostly teak, showcased in a funky and cool shop + a small cafe! {image above via coolhunting}


Another shop at Haji Lane I really liked was Green Poppies, especially for their super cute stationery like these 'Keep It In A Notebook' and a little pouch that I forgot to buy... good reason to go back...

8rodyk_elements  8rodyk

Like I said we are making progress on our new apartment, luckily with some help from baby Kiet .... 


... the vintage Harvey Guzzini lamp was a little treasure I found in the Netherlands last year together with a set of two loungers, the Bovenkamp Sofa Models 58, not knowing at that time they were vinatge designer pieces... just liked them for their scandinavian look and teak wood... not even knowing they were by a Dutch manufacturer... Bovenkamp. All together they didn't cost me more than 75 euro's! I love giving them a new life here in Singapore.


And two more details of our apartment that I dare to share with you... when it's all finished I will give you a tour... I promise!


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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Christien from slow wood


The home of Christien Starkenburg from Slow Wood

D:: Dutch is being open, exploring & free..

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice the lightblue sofa of Scholten & Baijings mixed with an old grain bags patchwork carpet. You also smell the aromas of rosemary & eucalyptus of the eco paints, the loam, cork and a lot of wood. It smells like home.


S:: style, means being you true self.

I:: interesting places in my city, Jan de Jong Interior extraordinary since 1899, HEMA of course as a Dutchy, florist Gerben Reitsma and Niijnski for the Humanoid basics. Fries Museum & Princessehof Museum.

Kitchen Dining  Hallway

Dollhouse  Table1  Table2


G:: gardening is something I ruin my nails with and makes my head empty.

N:: new, in my home is a lovely lightgrey kitchensteps about 100 years old ! It was given to me by my neighbours, cleaning up their house.


H:: hobby, I always make time for my children.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear at home is my Kuyichi jeans and a really old Armani silk scarf, it nearly falls apart.  For occasions Missoni. 



M:: magazines I love to read are Ode, Object, Frame,  Elle Decoration, E&I, Mix, Bloom, Wallpaper and Trendtablet.com

E:: enjoy, I can't live without chocolate & my 4 men Henk, Levi, Aron and Isaac


Thank you Christien!

You might recognize the style or even the beautiful tables? Last Thursday I wrote a post about Slow Wood... the new collection by Christien Starkenburg. Her house is truly special and different and it looks so Scandinavian to me. I love how she has  de orates the places, everything looks so balanced, clean but very warm and cozy. 

Slow Wood.



All images by Christien Starkenburg.



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