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some things I liked this week...


these Francis Lamps by DMOCH via wannekes....


this kitchen by bureau i29 as seen at EH&I blog...


this DIY ministamp book... a craft tutorial by Teri for BloesemKids...

Taska   Juliahumpfer


seeing my favorite Marimekko ware in denim blue over at the new Tas-ka shop...


this print for Japan by Julia Humpfer...

Happy Happy Weekend... come back next week I have some new surprises! irene xoxo


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Guest today: DIY Watercolor flower bows by Victoria Hudgins


Watercolor-10 Styled

Victoria Hudgins is an event stylist, freelance designer and online DIY editor and you can find examples of all of these talents right here on her blog called, a subtle revelry. And some of her designs will be featured in book print, coming August 2011. Hope we can show her book here on Bloesem too. Today Vicotria has made these very beautiful, fragile, warm and gentle looking paper flowers for us that you can use for so many events or just as decoration in your home. 

* Guest post : Watercolor flower bows by Victoria Hudgins 

Liven up your spring gifts with an artistic touch, watercolor bows and string will make even the simplest of presents seem well designed.

Materials: Simple white or plain colored store bought wrapping bows, scissors, watercolor paints and a brush....... >> read more


To make the flowers: 

*Taking your water colors, randomly begin swiping different colors over the tops of each bow. Use a quick wrist flick to get the intended effect and change up colors as you go. Add more or less water to vary the depth of your painting.

*Let the paint dry for 1 hour.

*Taking your first store bought bow snip off the top of each center loop, this will leave you with an open bow and colored tips on every side. 

*Combine 2 or three of these bows together by sticking them one inside the other and you will have a full and colorfully tipped flower. 

*Hang in succession on a wall for quick spring celebration decor, or pile on packages for artistic gift wrapping. 


All images in this post are by Carly Taylor and  Victoria Hudgins from the blog a subtle revelry .


Victoria recently has launched the first edition of her online magazine called, Styled. In her own words:  "On every page you will find beautiful photos and spring celebration inspiration. The magazine is truly a testament to how amazing our design community is, and I am pleased to bring you stories from California, New York and even Australia. Friends who have collaborated with me to share beauty and inspiration for you to enjoy." ... Click here and Enjoy!





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Let's Get Personal in France with Céline Vernier...


The home of Céline Vernier from pepillo

F:: French is... the French are all very different, like France’s landscapes, heritage, culture. People from all over the world live in Paris, rich or poor, in a hurry or nonchalant, eccentric or conventional…

R:: room, my favorite room in our home is... my living/working room, it is the place where I work, where we host our friends, where our children play. When the weather’s nice, this room is flooded with sun. 


E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice ... that the house is lived in, there often is a slight mess….that’s family life for you!

N:: new in my home is... the String shelves, a re-edition of 1950ies Swedish shelves


 {the multicoloured draws in image above and in the top image are by Bulle

Workpepillo Pepillo-atelier1 Lustre2 Lustre Tampons-ville5

C:: create, I start creating when... my head is pleasantly full of projects, inspired and nourished by different things: building blocks, 1950ies furniture, Paul Cox and Komagata, Spring, colors like red, yellow, blue… As soon as I can, I draw, I work, I evaluate the feasibility of my projects with manufacturers and suppliers then I finalize them. From then on, a new project can start germinating…

H:: home means to me... childhood memories, they’re always linked to a place.



H:: hobby, I always make time for... my work, always 

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... a good pair of jeans! But I also love pretty blouses by the French brand “Les Petits Hauts” and beautiful girly high-heel shoes!


M:: magazines I love to read are... Milk, Elle, Doolittle and Papier Mâché…

E:: enjoy, I can’t live without... my family, my friends, my work, sun, projects.  


{the cute ceramic vases are by Lili Scratchy}


I'm a long time fan of the artsy/crafty work by French artist Céline Vernier from pepillo and it is truly fun for me (and I hope you feel the same) to see her where she lives and works. You can find her stamps an other little lovely things right here. Another reason why I love this LGP is discovering the beautiful furniture by BULLE! Wow chest with colored drawers are fun and I would love to have the desk in the top image. 

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some things I liked this week...


this amazing quilt I saw in a book which arrived in my mailbox the other day and I hope I can make it one day too....


Styling ideas I used as inpsiration last week from super talented photographer Maria Grossmann...


The new Trays collection from Camp Cirrus... 

Tatjana  Quilting Kitchencurtains




more styling ideas from Tatjana Quax en Ben Lambers.... 


and this is the book I was talking about, 'Modern Log Cabin Quilting' by Susan Beal...


and my new vintage Curtains... they belonged to my sisters grand-mother in law... they made it all the way to Kuala Lumpur and are hanging in our kitchen...

Wish you a very nice weekend!! Will I see you back on Monday? irene xx

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Category: Some things

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