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some things I liked this week...

Friday, 22 April 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Esther's kitchen photographed by her friend Donna Wilson ... more from Esther's (aka Esthex)home here...


"Kita no moyo cho" Letterpress Cards available at UGUiSU...


all things from this new to me shopspecks and keepings ...


seeing mama Anisa going back to work... Makool Loves You is open again!

Anacamilla Isak Hellocherie  101_irene_dino_fabircwall


This collaboration: Ana Ventura and Camilla Engmann... "ler devagar" . read slowly"... and more here...


Voucherbook... illustrated by the wonderful Isak and published by Uitgeverij Snor, great gift!


"Creative Life" Print by Amanda Cherie...


a DIY project I have done for the April issue of 101Woonideeen...

Just want to wish you a very Happy Easter Weekend... I hope spring is treating you well, let's all take the Monday off and get back to work on Tuesday :) irene xxx

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