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Just some Furniture I like...


Lately my husband and I are searching or should i say exploring ... no budget at the moment :) for some furnituter we would love to see in our new apartment in Singapore (please key arrive this week!) and the bookshelf Haarlem by RAW studios based in Pretoria South Africa is definetly added to our wish-list. 


And either one of these dining table chairs would fit really nicely with the Haarlem Bookshelf don't you think? Both are designed by  Scott, Rich & Victoria, an inter-disciplinary design partnership of New Zealanders Scott Fitzsimons and Richard Hartle, who began working together in London in late 2007. 


Cristina Alonso and Isaac Pineda are Nadadora. A Design Studio from Spain  and again I love the dinig-chair, which one the three in the images do you like best? 


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Category: Furniture

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Travel: Stockholm guide


Stockholm002 Stockholm004 Stockholm005 Stockholm010

My friend Dutch photographerMarjon Hoogervorst went to visit Stockholm for a couple of days last month and she shot some really nice pics for us and even better she is sharing her favorite shops with us... so if you are planning a trip to  Stockholm soon, don't foget to bring this little guide... 

Have fun and many thanks Marjon




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Let's Get Personal in France with Alon and Betsy's country house...


A country home in Normandy, France from Alon and Betsy Kasha

F:: French is... the harmonious balance of life

R:: room, my favorite room in our home is... the bedroom because of  the play of light on the shades of white 


E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice ...the classic tommettes, originally from the old kitchen, which we restored and moved to the foyer

N:: new in my home is...the light fixture over the dining room table, made by Parisian designer Luc Gensollen using computer circuit boards



Livingroom2  Kitchen Inside Fireplace Livingroom 


C:: create, I start creating when... we first met twenty years ago in New York City. Our first challenge was living large and small space

H:: home means to me... a well designed cosy environment for family and friends



H:: hobby, I always make time for...traveling and new experiences. 

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is...
Betsy : a cashmere sweater, boots, and faded Levis.
Alon : casual


M:: magazines I love to read are... (online also possible)
Betsy : Elle Décoration (FR), AD (Italia), House & Garden (UK) & Vanity Fair (USA)
Alon : Dwell, Wallpaper, the Week 

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...Betsy and ...Alon






a+b kasha is the place to be online when looking for a pied-a-terre in France or even better Paris. Alon and Betsy are the founders of this design agency that specialises in turning real-estate in Paris into beautiful, elegant and warm living-spaces. I know for many of us this is somehting for another life-time but I just love browsing their website and two very inspiring blogs

The first is called Rive Gauche Rehab, where you will find regular updates on their renovation projects. And the second is called Designspiration SK ... perhaps my favorite :) 

Thank You Alon and Betsy for sharing your beautiful country home with us. And thank you Joy Tourriol for helping bringing this Tour together.  All images are by a+b kasha.

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HELP Japan

Not always easy to find the right words. Sometimes better to let an image talk...

Buying one of these prints = donating money to a good cause


Help Japan by James White via 'you have been here sometime'


Help Japan print by Rob Dobi. Multiple options, 100% donated.

HELP-JAPAN-SITU-508x339 Www.tonic.com Friendsoftype.com Tumblr_lhxr25HooM1qfcvz1o1_500Helpjapan


Designed by Max Erdenberger and printed by Steve Denekas and Walker Cahall. BUY HERE...


How can you HELP? (via Tonic


Friends of Type 



Not sure who made this image...but's it's popping up everywhere and I like the message... 

DonationsRed Cross.

please let me add this, thanks to Anna G. for letting me know:


Swedish photographer Hilda Grahnat is also selling some of her photos taken in Japan last December and donating the profit to the Red Cross: 


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some things I liked this week...


this tiny 20 page book by Thereza Rowe... Magic bottles



this Mom Story with April&May...


this giveaway on BKids... you can still win!


and this i-phone app from chewing the cud...


Wish you a good weekend, count your blessings... and to all the people affected by the horrible event from today i can only let you know that my thoughts are with you... irene xoxo

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Watercolour ceramics from PALAiS XIII


Palais13 Palais13_cermaics

Wow I absolutely LOVE these watercolour ceramics, but have no idea who made them, can you help me out? I know they are being sold in this shop in Hamburg.... PALAiS XIII

via day dream in colortwins garden



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Category: Ceramics

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