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Color Trends by Souraya from Binti Home PART 1


* Guest today: Souraya Hassan from Binti Home

Especially for Bloesem, I write this guest blog about using colors in your interior. I work as an interior designer & stylist and i’m the owner of Binti Home. Binti Home is a studio for interior design and styling projects. It’s my passion to create an interior, which shows the identity of the residents (bewoners) and gives a feeling like home. I hope you enjoy! Souraya Hassan.

Creating an interior is based on different things. In my opinion every interior is unique. You create a good atmosphere in your house by putting in the right combination of materials, colors an furniture. What’s also very important is to create a setting with new furniture in combination with vintage elements. A belonging with a story and memories gives your interior a personal touch and gives your house a feeling like home.

You can update your interior by following the trends for colors and furniture. Every year different trend forecasters give their view on the color trends for the next year. Especially for Bloesem I’ve made eight mood boards with the colour trends for 2011.

Orange: terracotta, tangerine, grapefruit, cognac, bronze

{images by Tom Leighton and Morten Holtum}

I love the way orange gives your interior a warm and creative look. You can choose orange in different ways for your interior. Think about classic chairs, wooden tables, lightning of copper and cushions of cognac leather. Orange in combination with natural materials like stone and wood gives your interior an eclectic touch. The mood board above is a mix between vintage, industrial and nature. The mood board below is more classic, cultural and bright. 


{Images by Bihter Turkfiliz and Lisa Keome}

 Three more Color Trend palettes tomorrow!!

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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Marjon from Vorstin


The home of Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst

D:: Dutch is ... a small country with a lot of creative people! 

E:: entrance, when entering our home you will notice our dog Mac and my son Milan who welcomes you enthousiastly at the door! 


S:: style, means your expression in what comes from your heart... 

I:: interesting places in my city, Hoofddorp, are... Hoofddorp is a village not far away from Amsterdam, Haarlem and the beach... it's between all important places for me to go... We live 10 minutes walking  from the forest where I walk a lot with my dog, play on the little beach and swim in the lake there with my son. For a lunch you can go to "het oude raadhuis". It's a place with a nice garden, a gallery and a little artshop with some nice design- and art pieces (to buy a present for yourself or a dear friend).


 Marjon_livingn Marjon_kitchen2 Marjon_kitchen  Table_vorstin Marjon013


G:: gardening is something I... can't. Sometimes I buy some herbs, to cook with.... That's my only relationsship with "gardening" ;)

N:: new, in my home is... our dining table! (see image below)  Joost, my husband and I made this together with a little help of our son Milan. Because it's a puzzle table Milan liked it a lot! The legs of the table are from Danish designer Leif Jorgensen (Loop Stand Table). (in the picture above you see the making of...) 


H:: hobby, I always make time for... photographing, spending time with friends & family, drinking tea and... creating: in the biggest sense of the word. Specially with Milan, I love his fantasy world in what he creates. This all, is also a great reflection on life and myself. Working with my hands, clear up my mind.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... my blue/white checkered dress from Froks (Denmark). I can combine it with a lot and can wear it in all weather conditions!


M:: magazines I love to read are... The ones I like the most changes from time to time. For now that are: Elle Decoration, FRAME, Items, CUT Magazine, VICE magazine (online), CODE, Object. And the Blogs, the speedy information delivery that goes with it, suits me fine. So hereby also some blogs I follow (after Bloesem ;): jenna diane, two do two, spoon-tamago, design-milk, designboom, dezeen, selfpublishbehappy

My favorite stylist (I'll say: concept designers, because they are more than a stylist) is AnoukB in work and in person! She has a special energy. We've a lot great ideas where we're working on...  


I also love to work with Tatjana and Ben, Studio Aandacht! They both have great ideas and concepts. Check their site and you'll see what I mean ;)

I think Stephanie Rammeloo is also very talented! (I didn't work with her before): 

And Irene Cecile, she is not a stylist, but she has a great view to the world!!! Very funny and inspiring... 


How wonderful to finally see Marjon's home finally! For a long time I had been hoping on a series from this very talented Dutch interior design photographer! I have been sharing her work for the last couple of year with you and I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. Pure and real photography with a subtle sense of warmth and emotion.  Here you can find Marjon aka Vorstin her website. 


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This week on Bloesem

This week is going to be a special week for me. A photographer from the Netherlands who I have never met in person before is on her way to Kuala Lumpur and she is going to stay with me for a whole week. Together we are going to shoot 5 houses here in KL. 

Her name is Marjon Hoogervorst. She and I met each other trough Bloesem. Today I will be picking her up from the airport and it feels like a blind-date :)

Of course when we have all te images ready we will share them with you... can't tell you anything more yet... surprise surprise!

Bloesem will be showing posts this whole week. I start with showing you Marjon's own home, tomorrow a very nice guest post, on Wednesday a great giveaway. On Thursday Furze Chan will be our guest for an Art in Your Home story, so hope to see you this week, but I won't be answering my emails.... Vivien will be here to answer emails about advertising or other urgent questions.


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HELP Japan, more artists initiatives

I started last week with this post... hope you don't mind me starting again this week with some attention for Japan...


Artsit Diem Chau's Raffle for Japan right here...


This piece of art made by Susan Schwake for the Working Proof... all profits will be donated to Japan.



Pikaland will be giving 100% of their net profit from the sale of Tokyo-based artist Mogu Takahashi’s Chotto Omoshiroi poster to the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Society.

This raffle for Japan organised by Lynn Russel...

Today just a short list of some of these intitatives. Poppytalk created a sort of similair list but also different please have a look too...



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some things I liked this week...


this bedroom via a+b kasha...


the first issue of B.A.H. magazine... online and free


Neeest  Annielarson  Mokkatanten


this new "porcelain button" from mokkatanten...


this tray from Fog linen via Neest...


the stunning knitting work by Annie Larson... All for Every One



Let's hope everyone around the Globe can have at least one peaceful day tomorrow! irene xoxo

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Guest today: Anna from the Yellow Umbrella about Geometric Necklaces

{Image left: Color angles necklace from Janelle (Jewiseha) | Right: Laser cut walnut triangle necklace from Miju and You}

**Guest post by Anna Denise

I was never much into math in high school or university, but they made me take it of course and I think I didn’t do too bad in the end. Although I don’t seem to remember a single thing from those classes, I am sure applied math must have been my favorite. Applied to jewelry, that is. Check out these geometric beauties I found for you.

Left: Brass triangle necklace by Nomoikoru | Right: Paired hexagons necklace by Locallibrary

I love these native American inspired necklaces because they’re so colorful and ‘different’. I am pretty sure they will cheer up any boring old outfit and start many a conversation. 

I am SO glad brass seems to be back on the menu for now. I love the industrial look of it and when it’s shaped delicately like these two necklaces above, it instantly turns into the perfect accessory to wear with jeans and a frilly shirt.

Left: Brass and vintage sequins necklace by DinosaurToes | Right: Triangular lace necklace by Spinthread

So, I hate to be the one to draw conclusions hastily, or make generalizations of any kind, but I think these sweet, girly geometric necklaces show girls can totally be good at math and still be cute. I am sure I could have been good at math. If I wanted to. (I think my old-school feminist mom might hang me for this remark, she studied math but was never able to teach me. She does like pretty necklaces, though).

That’s it! Have you come across any great geometrical necklaces lately, now that they seem to be in style? 


Thank you Anna Denise from the Yellow Umbrella for writing this post for us.



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