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Bloesem Interview in the 101 Woonideeen


101  101_1

A new look for Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeen and I'm lucky enough to be part of this issue in a new jacket and style. Just before Christmas I was invited by the lovely Anne-Marie for an interview... couldn't have been a more hectic perdio to be honest and having a photo-shoot in my house with Christmas decorations already up didn't make my life easier either, but due to the help of my good friend An van Daele we managed to get some nice pics of my home. I especially loved having the actual interview with Floor Roelvink... the questions she asked really made me think about how my blog has grown in something worth mentioning in a super great magazine like the 101 Woonideeen

You can get a better impression right here on their blog and for all you Dutch readers please do buy the copy... you won't regret it... so many more nice interviews and  very beautiful homes! 


You perhaps wonder why i show you this image too ... well i was so happy yesterday when they finally came over and placed a concrete floor on our outside terras ... just a funny before&after ... it's still not finished, some polishing will be done and then I can place everything back... will share some more images soon. 



....the hardest part is always to choose favorite... there are so many blogs out there that I really love, like and read but there is only space for a few to mention, so I thought it would be best if i mention the ones that have been super supportive of Bloesem, old friends... so to speak :)

..Big Thank you to An van Daele!

..101 Woonideeen

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Giveaway : Moka express silkscreen print from Mengsel design


What can you win: a fantatsic print from Mengsel: the Moka Express silkscreen print in the either the color red, green or blue.

What do you have to do: Just leave a comment below stating which color you like best for this Moka Express print.

This giveaway IS CLOSED runs until Tuesday 5 April and the winner will be announced the following day. 

The winner is : Kathy Tracksler




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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Maartje van den Noort


The home of Dutch designer Maartje van den Noort

D:: Dutch is ...my mothertongue.

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice...a white stain on the floor

S:: style, means...Enjoying what you see


I:: interesting places in my city, ..., are... many

G:: gardening is something I...would like to develop untill my arms are darkgreen

N:: new, in my home is...an I-Mac ;)


Maartje10  Maartje9 Maartje6Maartje4 Maartje8

H:: hobby, I always make time for...friends, eating, coffee and reading.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is...a long darkblue undershirt (helps against cold and against unpleasant insights)


M:: magazines I love to read are... Mr. Motley, Colours, 101 woonidee-en, Elle-living, Vogels (mag. about birds in Holland)

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...my husband, family, friends, the sea.



Thank You Maartje! You might recognise the image below with the gorgeous lamps, I wrote about them a little while back. Maartje van den Noort lives and works in Amsterdam and she says in her work she prefers the subtle, the elusive and the fragile. She loves the simplicity of drawings, just a pen and a nice white sheet is a great start of something... 

Here you can find her website and blog. The lamps and greeting cards from the picture below are available at re-stored





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a rollercoaster week....with a spectacular result!


{all images above are taken by Marjon Hoogervorst aka Vorstin}

I hope you missed me ? I certainly missed you :) but wow have I had a spectecular week last week. Marjon Hoogervorst (Dutch photographer) arrived on Monday exactly one week ago and picking her up from the airport was exciting, because we had actually never met before... sort of a blind-date I guess... and I was chasing the wrong blond in the arrival hall at first..., but found her eventually...:)

It was great having Marjon over and get to know each other but no time to relax...we planned to shoot 7 houses in 6 days...crazy, yes absolutely crazy, but we DID it! And we even had time to visit some remarkable places here in Kuala Lumpur and shot some images too...just some impressions above.

Quite a steep learning curve for me... doing the interior styling for all of these houses... never did this before... having blogged about interior design for almost 5 years this was a welcome and exciting change (and challenge...). Luckily for me Marjon is very experienced and I am so impressed by this photographer's attitude towards work... complete commitment! No complaints at all by her, although it was 30 degrees C, only positive energy, true focus on everything she did and she has an amazing eye for that what needs to be captured. 

Yesterday evening I brought Marjon back to the airport, it was  a bit emotional, because I made a true friend last week, one that I am going to miss having around, she tought me soooo much and I now have even more respect for the hard work by photographers... and stylists...:)

You probably wonder where are the images!!! Well we have made close to 1000 images, we have to filter them first, see where they fit best ... we are thinking of a small book or publication in a magazine. Once we know more I will share some images here on Bloesem.

Tomorrow Bloesem is going to be back to it's normal self, I will start with an amazing Let's Get Personal Tour... see you tomorrow xx irene xx

 ps. if you are an editor from a magazine and interested in one of the homes we photographed here in Malaysia, please do shoot us an email!

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Art in the Home of Furze Chan


Art in the home of Furze Chan

A: Art means to me…Art is a sudden impulse to create something; to fulfill a my desire to create something.

R: Reading books / blogs / magazines ...I almost finish reading a book written by Italo Calvino.The name of the book: If On A Winter's Night A travelerIt takes me a very long time to finish a novel in busy days, but I am always thankful that we are able to read stories written by people in the past. This is to me a valuable and exciting adventure.

T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are…I do not really see a trend in art or graphic design, things are going diverse nowadays in terms of the changing meaning on "beauty". However, there is a thing that I discovered. People are starting to revisit tradditional craftmanships, digging out the valuable treasures from the past. I think this is a good phenonmenon.



S007 S001 S003 S004 S006

A: Artists I admire are...Morandi, van gogh, Edgar Degas, J.S. Bach, Federic Chopin, Michael Jackson...

N: Never will I ...forget to feed my pet...

D: Dreams for my own work are about...calmness and silence




P: Projects I'm currently working on are...I am working on a book-binding projects, trying to explore book forms as well as the meaning of visuals and texts.

R: Relaxing I do at / when / if...drinking coffee and chatting with my good friends; dancing; sitting down and doing nothing

I: Interesting art-places online are...some blogs i visit everyday:http://workspaces.tumblr.com/http://thegoldensmith.blogspot.com/http://ridesabike.tumblr.com/http://elasticnovice.com/http://art-glossary.com/ 


N: New in my home is...A coffee dripper. I am able to enjoy very smooth vietnam coffee at home now!

T: Tomorrow I like to go to...stay home to work on some book binding and drawings.

S: Studio, my studio is...a small room full of messy stuff...


Thank You Furze for sharing your walls and collections with us today. Would you like to see more of the work by Furze Chan than click here for her website and here for her shop. I have fallen in Love with the Animal Poetry by Furze... if you click here you probably understand why :)


..Furze Chan

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Color Trends by Souraya from Binti Home PART 2


{Images by Mikkel Rahr Mortensen, Hella Jongerius and Histor}

Today another guest post by Souraya Hassan from Binti Home

Green: eco – moss – olive - grass

Green is the color of eco, healthy, biologic and the trend color of this year. Green gives a fresh and friendly look on your interior. In combination with different woods you’ll get the nature into your house. Using green makes a room optic looks bigger. I like to pick different nuances of green to create an interior full of happiness, healthiness and harmony. The moodboard above is a mix between vintage, handcrafting and art. The moodboard below is rustic, ecologic and modern.


{Images by Sjoerd Eickmans and Maison Francaise}

Color3 Mood1 Color2 Mood3


{Images by Home art magazine, Q-bo project, Rene Gonkel

Naturel: basic – champagne – sand – pebble– crème - grey

Choose for naturals in your interior for a harmonious and peaceful interior. Good pallets are naturals like champagne, off-whites, sand and grey. I think it’s very nice in this pallet to put a lot of different materials in the same color. Choose wool, felt, fabrics and wood. This makes your interior warm, harmonious en atmospheric. The moodboard above is modern, bright with a touch of art. The moodboard below is modern in combination with blue/grey elements. 


{Images by Ernie Enkelaar, Rene Gonkel}

Yellow: Ocher –Mustard – Sun – Gold - Champagne


{Images by Hotze Eisma and  Anita Kaushal , Bloom-magazine}

One of the trend colors is yellow, ocher. Choose yellow for different accessories in your interior, for example cushions, pouf, plaid, vases. But also it’s very nice to give a cabinet or cupboard a yellow color. It’s very sophisticated to combine this with black, a little green and greys. The moodboard above is modern, ecologic with ton-sur-ton colors. The moodboard below is funny with vintage and graphic elements. 


{Image by Fotomaire}

Thank you Very Much by Souraya Hassan from Binti Home for writing this post for us. 


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