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Let's Get Personal in Canada with Julie from Hazel & Hunter.....


Bedroom Living-room_3 Cocoroom Studio LivingroomHazelhunter

The Home of Julie from Hazel & Hunter

C:: Canadian is... long cozy winters and warm summers that go by too quickly.

A:: appetizer, my favorite is... probably dips or spreads, something like hummus and tapenade.


N:: neighborhood, what i like in mine is... my neighborhood is Little Italy in Montréal, which has great cafés and bakeries and a huge market to get fresh food everyday.

A:: addiction, mines are... espresso and travelling.


D:: DIY projects i have done are... most of my daughter Coco's room - little pennants, pillows and toys I've made for her.

I:: if I could live in a different place or home, it would be... right now Montréal is the perfect home for me, but who knows where I might go next.


A:: art in my home comes from...photography by my husband, art by our friends, many little prints from artists here and there.

N:: new in my home is...a vintage credenza we found at a flea market here in Montréal.


H:: hobby, I always make time for... spending time outside and making things.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... something black.


M:: magazines I love to read are... design magazines.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...my husband and our daughter Coco, family and friends, fresh air, good food, discovering new places and things.



Julie's studio, Hazel & Hunter is based in Montréal...only minutes away from  the textile and garment district but the fabrics you see being used in the images are designed by Julie herself and she prints them on organic textiles. Not only designs Julie the prints herself she also re-upholsters old furniture and give them a new vibrant look. All the photos were taken by Julie's husband André and would you like to buy one of her pillows, pouches or else than click here for her shop bigcartel, papernstitch or etsy...


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some things I liked this week...



This print by WeekdayCarnival...


handpainted journals by Minniemia... 


new craft projects on BloesemKids...

Enjoy the weekend... next week a lot of nice things I promise you!

xoxo irene


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Giveaway : 'Print Workshop' by Yellow Owl & Workshop


How lucky am I to be able to give TWO BOOKS away today!! When a copy of Print Workshop was send to me by the lovely Kim from Randomhouse I immediately asked her whether I could host a give way, because the book is simply GREAT! I loved reading more about printing in general, but more importantly seeing the nice examples Christine shares with us. I particularly like the 'cityscape pillows' and the 'royal wax ideas' . The book truly inspired and encouraged me to start some projects myself at home. The author of the book Christine Schmidt is also the founder and owner of Yellow Owl Workshop.  You probably have see their great stamp sets somewhere around the web before or even here on Bloesem :)

So what do you have to do to win this great crafting book: just leave a comment below and tell us why you would like to win it. 

Giveaway is open until Wednesday next week and the two winners will be announced the following day. 

If you can't wait until next week or would buy a copy as a present for someone then click here to buy it online or simply go to amazon



Yellowowl_5 Yellowowl_2 Yellowowl_4 Yellowowl_6 Yellowowl_7






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New Column ::: Art in Your Home ::: Claire Nereim


This is the studio of Claire Nereim... an artist who first came to my attention when seeing this beautiful calendar. Claire lives and works in Los Angeles, but was born in Chicago. I'm very happy she was willing to answer my questions and shares a bit of her daily surroundings with us... about her art she says she explores the relationship between form and meaning as it pertains to the construction of memory and space... enjoy her interview below:

1-home 10-studio 2-home 6-home 7-home 11-work


Art in the home of Claire Nereim

A: Art means to me… examining and re-imagining visual conventions, experimentation and play.

R: Reading books / blogs / magazines... currently I'm reading The Poetics of Space by Bachelard, and Artforum, but I am looking at so many art books every day (Cartographies of Time, Josef Albers: To Open Eyes, Alexander Girard Designs for Herman Miller...)


T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are… I always am drawn to craft and subtlety, so that is something I notice around me but it might be my own preferences at play more than a true trend.

A: Artists I admire are... Charles Ray, Ed Ruscha, Vija Celmins, Shana Lutker


N: Never will I... stop learning new things.

D: Dreams for my own work are about... having vast expanses of uninterrupted time in my studio. I dream about dividing my week into days exclusively for drawing, printing, weaving, free time, and


P: Projects I'm currently working on are... a large screenprint star map, some tabletop sculptures, and I am learning how to marble paper, which is really fun.

R: Relaxing I do at ... hiking, reading, swimming, and taking care of my plants.



I: Interesting art-places online are... Intelligent ClashingEast of BorneoBird and Banner, AnAmbitious Project Collapsing, and these are only the tip of the iceberg, really!

N: New in my home is... a painting of the inside of a rock, by my friend Simone Montemurno. It's an exciting addition, and our very first painting.


T: Tomorrow I like to go to... relax at home after classes and studio.

S: Studio, my studio is... such a wonderful place to work. I have nice light, two small plants, and tall walls. I like to keep lots of books, objects and postcards to look at, and I love to rearrange.



++  Claire Nereim  ++  Claire's blog  ++  Claire's shop  ++


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New Column ++ Art in Your Home ++

Happy to announce a new series for Bloesem ++ Art in Your Home ++ 

For a long time I have been planning to talk more about art / prints / illustrations / photography that you can hang or place in your home and I particularly wanted to know a little more about the artists behind the works... so I decided to invite my favorite artists and let them talk about their own work, their home and studio and about the kind of art they like.  Of course I tried to keep it simple and asked them to only finish some short sentences. 

Today I will start with Claire Nereim and I have already lined up some other great artists for the next coming weeks on Wednesdays ... will keep on inviting interesting creatives from around the globe...

Hope you will enjoy this new series! 

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Sponsor Spotlight : bee things


Shay Ometz and Jeff Barfoot are co-founders of bee things ... yes I know why not call it bird things, when seeing all these amazing bird prints and posters? I absolutely LOVE their work and haven't decided yet which print I'm going to order for our own home. Probably one with the grey-ish colors. Keep you posted...Together with their two sons, calder and milo (beautiful names),  Jeff and Shay live and work in Dallas, Texas. You can find their website here, the online shop here and their blog here...


Beethings_ipad  Beethings_readymade Beethings4


Two very interesting things from bee things that I would like to show you also are the fantastic Screen-print tutorial bee things created for ReadyMade magazine.... you can find the PDF right here! and this mix ofwallpapers for the i-Pad you can buy from their etsy shop.Beethings_ipad



All images are from BeeThings.

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