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Let's Get Personal in France with Delphine from L'atelier de madame M....


Kitchen5 Kitchen4 Kitchen7 Mywork2 Our_room3 Livingroom2

 The home of Delphine from L'atelier de madame M.

F:: French is...being part of the most grouchy nation ! I'm joking !French is... being part of a rich culture and history full of castles, kings, traditions and good gastronomy !

R:: room, my favorite room in our home is...the living room with the slate grey wall and the stove. I love it because it's a spacious and bright room where all the family can read, listen to music, surf Internet, etc.


E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice …that we moved in just few months ago ! We still need to paint, buy furniture, install lights...

N:: new in my home is...the “docksta” table from Ikea (inspired by the Saarinen' “Tulip table”). But only few things are really new because we love second hand & “vintage” furniture and home stuff. 



C:: create, I start creating when...I open my eyes in the morning. Everything can be a good inspiration for me (famous ceramists, Nature, foods, my owns desires...).

H:: home means to me...a nice and bright place to relax, be myself, spend time with my family and my friends.


H:: hobby, I always make time for...cooking, surfing Internet and reading magazines or detective stories.

O:: outfit, my favourite thing to wear is...even if it's not very original, a pair of Levi's jeans.


M:: magazines I love to read are...“Marie Claire maison” (my favourite ), “Living etc.” and a lovely new french magazine “Toc toc toc”.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...my husband and my two daughters, friends and good tea !


I'm super happy to see a bit more of how Delphine lives in France. I have been really liking her beautiful ceramic peices for a very long time and her homes breathes exactly the atomsphere I was hoping for, warm, clean with fragile and characterful touches. 

You can call her "Delphine M." or "Madame M." or find her at "la Rimule" . And you can click here to see some examples of her super cute 'petites pieces' or her 'bijoux'.

ps. dont't you just love the vintage-looking red tiles in the kitchen!!! 






All images by Delphine from L'atelier de madame M.

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some things I liked this week...


the new Shades of Wood lamp by Jorn van Eck and Overtreders W...


Patchwork ceramic glasses from Yevgenia...


these 1/100 trees by Terada Mokei, architectural Model series  ... via Upon A Fold... Happy Birthday! 

Zoedelacases Esthex_dolls


 these vitage miniature kitchens from Zoe de Las Cases...


and this Esthex giveaway on BloesemKids...

I had a beautiful week and I hope you did too... looking forward to the weekend, relax, play, dine and drink some wine... will be back on Monday with a beautiful Let's Get Personal Tour from France and more! xoxoirene 

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Giveaway : Two of you can win the new print issue of papier mache


And again I can giveaway TWO books this week or should i say magazines... well i believe it's more than a magazine because the first Print issue of papier mache has been so beautifully curated and printed on good quality paper that you can hardly call it a magazine...

What do you have to do to win a copy: just leave a comment stating which artist you would like to see in the next print issue?

Winners are: Gali and riotyarn

papier mache was founded in May 2009 as an online magazine but soon the founders understood the demand for a print publication was in order. You can order the Print issue right here or previous digital versions here...


Pm_print1_3  Pm_print1_4 Pm_print1_5




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Bloesem is part of the '100 Voices That Matter'

Perhaps this video explains it best...

Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss-Miss was one of the 10 experts invited by SAY Media to compile a list of 10 voices in the category 'design' that she considers have an influence these days...,  A list of voices that matter...and she says Bloesem is one of them ... yes that makes me smile :)


Why did SAY Media create this list: "The SAY 100 is a collection of authentic and knowledgeable online voices that create engaging content, drive conversation and shape opinion. At SAY Media we believe the power to shape opinion

is shifting from the faceless editorial voice of mainstream media to individuals, many of whom are taking advantage of simple technology to create their own properties and build their own media brands. And the best way to highlight that change is to show you who we're talking about." 

Thank you Michael Sippey!


It was so nice to read what Tina said about Bloesem: "Every time I stop by her blog, I get lost in the beautiful imagery and am inspired to rearrange and declutter my home." and even more fun to see that she gave me an official Twitter hash-tag #iwanttogothere ...

are you already on Twitter, i love it more and more, for me much better than facebook and so much faster than emails... hope to see you there.


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Art in Your Home :: Hanna Konola


My second guest today in the new series Art in Your Home, I truly hope you like seeing how artists from all over the world display their own art in their homes. Claire Nereim started last week and today I have the pleasure to introduce... or perhaps no introduction needed ... to Hanna Konola, a Finnish freelancer in the field of illustration, design and art... and who's I'm loving for a long time.  

Hanna3  Hanna5  Hanna2 Hanna6

Art in the home of Hanna Konola

A: Art means to me… better being, feeling.

R: Reading books / blogs / magazines ... Last two books I've read are Rui Tenreiros Metsän pidot (Høytiden) and Paul Auster's Leviathan. With blogs it's interesting to be connected around the world and to find new things.

T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are… there must be so many kinds of trends going on in different areas and with different people. I find a lot of the same shapes and forms and colours and motifs around that I work with myself. It's interesting to think where these trends come from.


A: Artists I admire are... people who just try to be themselves.

N: Never will I ...

never say never..

D: Dreams for my own work are about... so many kind of things I want to work with, textiles, books, illustrations, exhibitions.. I just hope I will be busy working and enjoying it.


P: Projects I'm currently working on are... my final thesis, a poster workshop, drawing/making pictures and making plans.

R: Relaxing I do at / when / if... walking, baking, in a good company, swimming, drawing (not always relaxing)


I: Interesting art-places online are... to name one: ok-do

N: New in my home is... i just painted an old dressing table, so it became a little bit new.

T: Tomorrow I like to go to... Berlin!

S: Studio, my studio is... my home at the moment


All images by Hanna Konola.


Prints from her shop.

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New Travel report from Copenhagen


Would you like to know a little more about Copenhagen and places that Marjon Hoogervorst really liked? She visited this awesome city a while ago ... and made some images of the places she liked best. 


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