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I'm glad I found Halona yesterday. 

Halona was founded in 2009 by Doris Westra and Babette Leertouwer and together they make unique t-shirts, jerseys, chains, bags, rugs and interior products. I love the color- and material combinations. A small webshop is right here but I hope they will add more products soon. And here a list of the styling jobes they have doen...just send them an email if you would like more information. 


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Category: Styling

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I love you because


Valentinebook Valentineheart_4 Valentineheart_5 Valentineheart_3

With Valentine on it's way I like everything that has to do with romance and love....like this little book: I love you because

What you have to do is buy the little book first and then fill it out and give to your love... it's like a lovers scrapbook displayed in a very funny and artsy way. Each page gives you the oppurtuntiy to write something about your lover or theperson you are in love with, for example, although the writing is in DUtch, I'm absolutely sure you will understand what each page is meant for due the lovely illustrations and images.  Deborah van der Schaaf is the designer/illustrator and she has some amazing work on her website. The creative idea for the book was by Frederike Schouten.  You can buy this book here or here

Publisher : Merel & Mus





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Tokketok: a gorgeous new website


Tokketok4 Tokketok3

I have been a long-time fan of the letterpress studio Tokketok by Joke van de Gaer, a lovely Belgium lady living in Portland, Oregon. The name Tokketok comes from her little boy Oliver. It was the first word he said and it’s the sound a chicken makes in dutch. Want to hear him say it? click here


Exactly one year after starting Tokketok Joke is opening the doors to her new website...a gorgeous one designed with the help of the very talented stylist, Chelsea Fuss and images were taken by  Lisa Warninger. I wish Joke a wonderful future with Tokketok and can't wait to see more super nice designs from her coming... Congrats Joke!



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BadKast by Anna van der Lei


My parents have been visintg us during the Holiday Season and brought some nice Dutch magazines for me...in almost all of them I found the work by Anna van der Lei ... a cum laude graduate from the design academy in Eindhoven ... she designed this Dutch version of the Finnish sauna: "You do not have to have a large garden or a great deal of space to accommodate it: the dressing room and the bathing space are integrated in a single large closet made of larch wood." you can read more here on her website...

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Category: Dutch design

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Stunning elephant ceramics


Elephantceramics3 Elephantceramics2


Many things are going on right now in my private life...all good but it feels like 'hard to keep up with my own life'...looking at the amazing ceramic work by Michele Michael from elephant ceramics makes me calm down, pause and rest, thanks Tara for introducing me to her work. All the images were taken by philip ficks, you can view his portfolio here.

You might wonder when I'm going to start showing you Let's Get Personal Tours again..well I hope I can very soon...I have invited some artisits already but am waiting for the images, sure it will be worth the wait...in the meantime if you are an artist, designer or architect and like to share images of your home with the Bloesem readers please shoot me an email!



Michele's website and here her blog




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Category: Ceramics

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Valentine Sponsor Offer on Bloesem


{Valentine cards by Mrs. Eliot Book available here}

Hi it's me Vivien today... I don’t know about you but I’m in need of  a little ‘pick-me-up’ after the holiday and festive season.  That’s why at Bloesem we’ve decided to do a Valentine’s Promotion for advertising.

Standard banner ads are going at US$75 per spot for one month during February! Get in touch with me for more details  and start (or continue) a love affair with Bloesem!  


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