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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Jessica Nielsen


The home of Dutch graphic designer and artist Jessica Nielsen

D:: Dutch is ... beautiful skies, water, polders, opportunities, bitterballen, sitting in a circle at birthday parties and I'd still like to think tolerance

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice... lots of doors, our hallway has 9 doors, a bit like Alice in wonderland


S:: style, means... something different to everyone but for me: when something / someone makes me smile or sigh upon the first glimpse

I:: interesting places in my city, Rotterdam, are... Bazar, a 'world' hotel and restaurant I worked at for many years and the street it's in, Witte de Withstraat, which has many nice galleries, small (design) shops and cafe'salso the old harbors many of which are being redeveloped and 'added' to the city


Jnielsen016 Jnielsen005 Jnielsen015 Jnielsen007 Jnielsen003 Jnielsen011

Jnielsen013  Jnielsen012 Jnielsen004 Jnielsen014



G:: gardening is something I... unfortunately never do

N:: new, in my home is... a screen print by Sue Doeksen called 'Jump', it's the first thing we see when we wake up, we are no morning persons so we need a little help 


H:: hobby, I always make time for... my work = my hobby

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... a dark grey concrete ring Eelco gave me.


M:: magazines I love to read are... mainly: 101 woonideeën, items, nrc next (newspaper), wallpaper and online: bloesem, designboom, design sponge, ohjoy, poppytalk

E:: enjoy, I can't live without... besides my family and friends I can't live without inspiration, a good laugh & a long sleep, espresso, homemade pizza, football/soccer (watching not playing) and of course my dear Mac book 



Jessica Nielsen is an independent designer living and working in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 
She likes to make designs that are bright, fun and not too complicated. Next to commissioned work as an illustrator – graphic designer, she has her own range of paper and textile products which are for sale in her shop.

I really love Jessica's work and hope she will grow her business to a bigger collection stationery and home accesoiries!!







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New love... Scholten en Baijings for HAY



I have found a new love for my bed... and I hope mu husband likes it too :) 

New bed covers and it was at this blog that I learnt about the incredible new collection by Scholten en Baijings for Danish label HAY.  

I'm not sure yet where to buy it, their is an online shop from HAY but shipping isn't worldwide, so if anyone knows where to buy it please let me know. I think I will ask Holly from Huset if she is going to add it to her shop

The new collection of home textiles consists of bed linens, tea towels and two series of carpets and they were presented at this year’s Maison & Object for the first time. 

Wow can we just agree that the styling of the images and how this whole presentation has come together is just superb! It doesn't feel like products are being pushed onto you, it just gives a great sense of how the actual products could live in your home ... love love love the Colors!!








The incredible new collection by Scholten en Baijings for Danish label HAY.  

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Category: Dutch design

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Decorate, 1,000 professional design ideas... by Holly Becker


Let me start this week with a big congratulation post to Holly from Decor8... i'm super happy, delighted and excited for her becasue it won't be long now before her first book, Decorate,  hits the shelves... I can't wait to find out which houses she has visited for this book and I can only say: Holly, the publishing of this book  is so well-deserved! You have been the kindest blogger to me, to Bloesem and to many more people I believe and I hope this book is just the first of many more to come... perhaps next time you can include some Asian homes :)...  


Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick, photography by Debi Treloar. Pre-order possible here and fan/facebook page here.


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Sponsor Spotlight: Dolan Geiman at NYIGF


Just something to bring to your attention... wonderful artist Dolan Geiman will be exhibitting at the Handmade + Eco Friendly Wall Decor at winter 2011 NYIGF... so if you were already doubting to go or not to go then he could be one of the best reasons to go... I absolutely would love to see his work in real one day and this good be a great opportunity!


Dolan Geiman's wonderful work!

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I Love these tiles from Made a Mano



While visiting Norwegian blog, design-shimmer my eye immediately fell on these pictures showcasing the amazing ceramic tiles from the company Made a Mano, which was founded in 2001 by Rosario Parrinello, NanaKi Bonfils and Josephine Aquama Hoffmeyer. Their ambition was: "to create a collection of tiles, counter-tops and sinks, combining ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques. Revealing a sure sense of beauty and style."...well they succeeded don't you think?


I absolutely love seeing them on the floor and on the walls and totally makes me re-consider using 'tiles' as decoration for flooring and kitchen walls.... it beautifully brings back the old-style kitchens and gives character to any house....love love for Made a Mano


Dealerlist here and online cataloque here... enjoy!

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Category: Ceramics | Kitchen stuff

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Sponsor spotlight: Dutchhandmade blog


Image: handmade jewelry by Martice

Dutchhandmade is a great source when looking for Dutch and Belgian Etsy sellers specifically but it also brings you good information about coming and past events, how to be an entrepreneur in the handmade world, meet other people who are creatively engaged and more. The editors of Dutchhandmade all have their own etsy shops, for example the items in this post, and are passionate about spreading the word for handmade products...click here to see the blog and use the drop-down menu's to easily navigate around the blog .... if you have a question or would like to joing, just end Dutchhandmade an email


Image above: handmade accesoiries by MadeByMo 

Image below: handmade jewelry by TwoTreesBelgium 



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