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some things I liked last week...


This exhibit at ArtStream Gallery : newness : above the amazing work from lisa solomon other participants are Jen Garrido and  Heather Smith Jones...


this amazing blanket from Ana Ventura...


an image from this beautiful blog...


this calendar from MariaElina...







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Sponsor Spotlight : Anne Louise


Ann Louise is a new sponsor of Bloesem and although this label is mainly about handmade jewelry I couldn't resist showing you some other work from German artist Antje...namely her 'kesser kasten' not sure what the proper English translation is, but Antje makes super fun art pieces for your wall out of old drawers, but like I said  in her etsy shop you will mainly find her jewelry made out of different buttons, beads and gems, fabrics and fibers, and other small treasures that she collected during her travels around the world.... visiting Antje's blog will tell you a bit more about her life... 



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Category: Jewelry

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Christmas Decoration in the homes of Bloesem Readers part 3


Zilverblauw Zilverblauw3 MelanieB Emma_anna Irisd2

Advent candles and grandmom's embroidered table cloth  from Lisen (?) at Thy Golden Time...


a dining-room in Amsterdam from Iris (Netherlands) at Irideen




the three images above are from Anki Wijnen (Netherlands) at Zilverblauw...


from Melanie Blodgett at You are my Fave...


Left image is from Emma (Sweden) at Emmas and right pic is from Anna (USA) at Anna Tovar...

More images tomorrow!!

Next week is the final week I will be showing Christmas trees and decorations from you, the Bloesem Readers...if you would like to send your tree too then do it now...or after the weekend :) ...could be fun! 


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Sponsor Spotlight: Coatt's Morse Code necklaces


COATT  is Rebecca Coagan Scharlatt and she came up with this brilliant idea to design necklaces based on the idea of the morse code!  Using gold beads as dots and slashes, you can choose among a few pre-made sayings, such as lovemom, and SOS, or you can choose a personalized necklace with your choice of word or name or  your own secret message around your neck...I really LOVE this idea!!


At the moment Rececca also offers this great giveaway at her shop...WIN a personalized Morse Coded Necklace ...one winner will be selected every week through the end of the year! For more details click here...


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Category: Jewelry

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DIY Ornaments


Bookhou Orn-5 

I'm have started making some homemade ornaments for our (we still have to buy) Christmas tree ... some of them I will not be hanging in our own tree but will be sent to the grandmothers who live far away from us ... the idea to make them came from this fun Ornament tutorial on BloesemKids that Helen has contributed. 

While browsing online my eye fell on these handmade Ornament number 1 & 3 that Abbey made for her 20 in 20 challenge...


...and I Love this idea from Arounna to organize an ornament group show, opening this Saturday december 11th from 2-5pm at the Bookhou shop in Toronto, please say hi to Arounna from me if you see her!





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Gift Guide : only Handmade today


This was perhaps my favorite category of my gift guides Handmade Only... 36 pieces that will make beautiful presents!

click here to visit the Bloesem Gift Guide 2010.

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Category: GiftGuide2010

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