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Christmas chaos in my house...


Why am I showing you this image...well it sort of shows in what state I have been in the week before Christmas....totally unprepared :) ...last week my two boys were sick, I had a photo-shoot in our home for a lovely Dutch magazine, who invited me to feature in of their next year's isues, quite an honor of course... super happy...then I came down with some sort of virus... high fever and up and about all night (slowly recovering now, high on panadol...)... on top of that I got suddenly incredibly homesick (we've been on the move for years and years...)... longing for a cold and white Christmas in the Netherlands, but most importantly very much missing my mom... so I decided that my Christmas gift to my mom and stepdad would be to invite them over to KL last minute (very last minute actually...) to spend the holidays with us in Malaysia... they arrived yesterday morning (leaving behind the mini-ice age in Europe...)... and nothing is more wonderful of course than spending Christmas with your family and being nursed by your own mom when you're sick.... so I guess this is a longwinded way of saying I am feeling a little bit guilty  for leaving you and my dear B:Kids readers  'un-posted' for almost an entire week... but I guess that is what a personal blog is all about...you never know what the next day will bring ... wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

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Category: Holiday Decoration

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Christmas Decoration in the homes of Bloesem Readers Final Part


a beautiful Christmas table from Esther aka Esthex...


Cocon Kerstfrozenfountainmail  Threeandview

super cute Christmas tags for bracelets by a little hamster...


free down-loadable gift tags over at Style-Cookie...


Marjon Hoogervorst made this picture of a Taped painting by Yvonne Kroeze at the Frozen Fountain


Christmas at Cocon...


Christmas in a Melbourne apartment ...Joanna from three and a view... 


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Sponsor Spotlight : Art Hound


Art Hound is a blog about good art but it also a great concept of how Kate helps you find the perfect art for your home...Kate Singleton is an art lover and has turnd her passion into a businnes by becoming an art consultant with a strong focus on using the internet. She believes that the internet has revolutionized the art market over the last decade, giving artists and art enthusiasts an unprecedented opportunity to co-mingle and do business and in this sometimes overwhelming offering of nice pieces Kate would like to offer her your help and make some pre-selections for you based on your briefing...great, I love this concept! Find more information here on Kate's blog: Art Hound!


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Christmas Decoration in the homes of Bloesem Readers part 7


Tomoko Carolinedewinter Wikkie Molly

I don't know about you but I'm so ready for a Holiday Vacation...although we are staying home I just want to sit down and REST...perhaps having had two sick boys for the last week didn't help to feel very enegized, but I'm super looking forward to the coming weekend, my parents will arrive on Wednesday and my Mom and I will cook a nice Christmas diner ...well she will to be honest :) today some more picks from Bloesem visitors...I will be posting during the coming week, already prepared some nice things for you!


Home Styling for Christmas at VosgesParis in Amsterdam...


How cute and sweet are these decorations by Tomoko Hori, who told me that this gingerbread house is her dream house :) ...


Bright red decoration from Caroline de Winter (Belgium) at Carrie Can...


and another white Christmas tree from Wikkie in Breda, the Netherlands...



and Rikke said: 'Love from snowing Denmark'... visit her beautiful blog here...

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Sponsor Spotlight : The South is Blooming


How wonderful to see a person like Marian Counihan being so devoted to support all the awesome creations coming out of Africa. Marian is a South African living in the Netherlands and she recently opened her online shop selling products from Africa like textiles from FabricNation, by the way a great interview with FabricNation can be find here on Marian's blog.


 The new shop is called The South is Blooming and my favorites are: Keiskamma embroidered cushion cover with angel and the cows; Missibaba printed leather fan earringsShwe Shwe poppi - Buyisile; Missibaba baby bow handbag - metallic....I'm sure many items from South Africa will be added to The South is Blooming in the coming months...perhaps following the blog will keep you updated. 

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The Bloesem Gift Guide 2010


..if you perhaps are still looking for last-minute Christmas Gifts,

please dont forget to use the Bloesem Gift Guide 2010 with 

Gifts for the OfficeGifts for the KitchenVintage GiftsGifts to WearBedroom gifts, Prints/poster/artPaperGood GiftsGifts for the Living Room and Handmade Gifts...


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