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Gift Guide : the Living Room


I believe the offcial season for the Gift Guides has started :) and although we already posted 7 other categories I'm very happy to continue with a couple more this week. It's always fun to find products online you really like ...today some ideas to cheer up a Living-Room...

click here to visit the Bloesem Gift Guide 2010.

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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Esther Veereschild


The home of Esther Veereschild from Mokka

D:: Dutch is fresh, clean and airy 

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice a coatrack we found at a thrift shop.


Mokka Mokka1 Mokka2 Mokka22 Mokka222 

S:: style, means...'Live what you love'

I:: interesting places in my city Utrecht is 'Fort aan de klop' it's an old defending castle (never used) where people can eat and drink and even camping. It's in the middle of the city and very quiet.


G:: gardening is something I really like in de spring and summer, I have little vegetable patch and some fruit trees

N:: new, in my home is a big bureau for my husband, we were looking for is for over 2 years and finally we found the perfect one.


H:: hobby, I always make time for cooking for friends I love big diners.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear are dresses I always wear dresses, now I'm in love with a new Berlin brand called 'Bless'


M:: magazines I love to read are Elle Decoration UK-edition, that never fails my expectations! But I also read Marie Claire Maison, Maison Francaise, Elle wonen, Vtwonen and loads of cooking magazines. 

E:: enjoy, I can't live without my work, designing bags, my family and my friends



Mokka is the name of Esther Veereschild's label for her designer handbags. Since 2002 she has made more than 200 bags , all of them very unique and they often come in a limited editions. Eshter's home has been features is several magazines, blogs and even tv...becasue it's such a characteristic and friendly home...thanks Esther Veereschild from Mokka

All images were taken by Carolien Coehorst and styling by Anne-Marie Rem.


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Sponsor Spotlight : inaluxe


I believe it was Joelle who first introduced me to the wonderful work of Australian based company inaluxe...in 2006 Kristina Sostarko started inaluxe out of passion for art and in May 2010 long-time friend, Jason Odd, joined inaluxe. Both are former art students and their philosophy for work and life is: 'make it beautiful, use the best materials possible, and be responsible and sustainable in production practice' ... nice i think! Go here for shopping and here for seeing their inspirations...


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Etsy Craft Market in Kuala Lumpur



Can I start with a nice event that I went to during last weekend... the Etsy Malaysia craft market. Just at the last minute I found out there was going to be an Etsy market and luckily for me no other plans were made... so together with two friends we went...and it was nice, small, but very nice! I truly hope this is the beginning of a re-occurring event here in Kuala Lumpur, becasue there are many talented people here in Asia and we should be encourage them to sell their handmade goods. 


Together with KLUE magazine the Etsy Malaysia team  organized the day and for me it was really nice to meet people like Michelle from and of course Amy from Pikaland...my goodness we have been emailing each other for the longest time and now we finally met in person...she is just as nice as you can imagine from seeing her blog!



And these were some of the etsy sellers I really liked (above in the image)  minifanfantotodudo ; folktalestudio ; loveandcraft  the image in the upper left corner is from etsy malaysia local blog


and the owls in image on the right are from Fong's Studio...



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Sponsor Spotlight : k-studio

The perfect present...for boy or girl, mom or dad...for the art-lover, the accessories lover, the I-want-something-unique lover, the handmade-lover and the eco-friendly lover...yes there is something for everyone at K-Studio because the colors and fabrics and illustrations used for their items are so basic and elemental that it will fit in any house...numerous times i have written about K-Studio becasue I just love what they create and seeing the collection expand only makes me happy! In the image you can see: art ; figures ; i-pad sleeve ; pouch and ornaments...ps. don't forget to have a look at the customized section!!


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Shop Stop :: Bl-ij


Bij Bij222 Yvettejaconbs Bij2 Bij22

A little while ago I started this new column on Bloesem and I do think it's nice to get an idea of how products are being displayed in actual shops...not everything should be about online and the internet right? I came accross Bl-ij via OrangeFarmHouse and loved the pictures that I saw especially beacuse I just found this designer online and loved her paper-cups and then seeing them in the windowdisplay over at BL-ij. ...image below are the paper-cups by Yvette Jacobs.


Bl-ij recently opend it's doors in the city centre of Arnhem...Bibi de Lang is the shop owner and she only sells Paper Products including the ones from her own label. You can read more about Bl-ij right here and if you would like to visit her blog than click here...




Yvette Jacobs



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