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Porcelain wall vases by otchipotchi


Otchipotchi.4 Otchipotchi.2 Otchipotchi.3 Otchipotchi.1


Looking at Paula Valentim's beautiful porcelain ceramics made me realize today that it is time to relax and pause a bit after these hectic weeks... I love the wall vases and added them to my wish list! Unfortunately the cute birds are not for sale yet. 

Paula Valentim is the creator behind otchipotchi. Can u believe that this lady only completed her ceramics course in autumn 2009! She believes in simplicity, slow pace of life and creating objects with care and dedication. All her items are handmade in a tiny studio, which she has set up in a room next to her kitchen...amazing! check out her website here and online shop here.



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Category: Ceramics

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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Jonna Klumpenaar...


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My first real post in the new Bloesem....feeling good...and I hope you do too after reading this short interview with Dutch architect Jonna Klumpenaar and seeing images of her beautiful home.

D:: Dutch is... almost a brand.

E:: entrance... when entering my home you will notice…space. When people know that I live in 55m2 together with my boyfriend, they expect a fully packed apartment. Before we went to live here we threw a lot of unnecessary things away. It's advisable, it clears your sky.


S:: style means... a natural status, you can’t copy it.

I:: inspiration comes from...colors, shapes, people around me. You only have to take your time to see it.


G:: green is the color for...the enormous bamboo explosion in my neighbours garden. I love it!

N:: new in my home is… the hand-made yellow wardrobe in our bedroom. Every morning it seems that the sun shines, even when it's (typical Dutch) raining.


H:: hobby, I always make time for…a cold glass of milk.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is.. my light bleu dress, but it already pills, I wear it too much. Maybe it is time to idealize another.


M:: make, I start creating when…taking a shower. Stupid, but it’s true.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without…my radio. I got it from my parents when I graduated and it is always with me since.


All images are from the beautiful home of Jonna Klumpenaar. An architect from the Netherlands, who started her own design studio in 2008. I like everything about her place, but the colors are a huge inspiration for me...you like it too?

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New Bloesem

Welcome to my new Bloesem....wow such a wonderful milestone for me,  as a person and for my journal that has grown into this online space that I’ve loved working in every day for the last four years... as I said before this weekend, it was not easy saying goodbye to my pink girl but it is wonderful to say hello to my new Miss 'b', a fragrance I already love wearing...hope you will like her too...


Together with the super talented Ben Lambers from Dutch Studio Aandacht I have been working on new Bloesem and BloesemKids…It only took Ben a short while to understand the new direction of Bloesem that I was dreaming... I very much enjoyed working with Ben… although I was probably one of his more difficult customers... :) .., many thanks Ben for understanding Bloesem and being committed to this project!

When all was finished I asked Ben the following 3 questions:

*What were your initial thoughts when starting to create a new logo for Bloesem?
Pink. Positive. Fresh. Fun. Friendly. Feminin.

*Why the parfume bottle and Elephant for BloesemKids?
The parfume bottle sprays a little bit of happines all over  the world.
I first started out with type made from pins and pink thread.
But it got to complicated, in the end only the 'blossem' spray stayed.

The Elephant stands for Kualalumpur.
When moms in Holland read a book for their children and they finish their last sentence
they ask the elephant to 'blow the story out...'
This elephant doesn't blow the story 'out', but starts it...

*What would you like to see be added to the BloesemBlog in the future?
Moving images.


Now, where do we go from here…my vision is for Bloesem to be a place for you to come to and find beauty and imagination. 

Look. Pause. Dream. Bloesem. 

{ps. a big Thanks to the Typepad team, Colleen and Laura, they have done an amazing job in building the new blog templates for both Bloesem and BKids. I have been a typepad user since I started blogging and I was thinking of moving to wordpress, but am so HAPPY i stayed with typepad, thank you guys!}


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Category: Dutch design

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Goodbye Pink Girl...


A new Bloesem and B:Kids are on the horizon... just two days away... super exciting and I have been working hard to meet my self-imposed deadline... (bit of a moving target actually...)...so here it is... my last old-style Bloesem post...feels a bit sentimental...missing my pink girl already...but what better way than ending this period with a post where my Bloesem girl shines...yesterday I received copies of Home&Decor Singapore magazine with a short column about Bloesem and me... I've always liked seeing my 'pink girl'... and she can actually never be fully replaced perhaps.... so I'm not going to throw her away like an old pair of shoes...she might pop-up once in a while in new Bloesem...:)

Thank you Ruth Chan for inviting me to your fantastic Asian magazine, I believe Home&Decor truly is the best interior design magazine in this part of the world and as a Kuala Lumpur resident I'm honored to be mentioned... just some images below to show you what I mean...



And last but not least... many thanks to all of you who have embraced the 'old' Bloesem for so long and a special thanks to Grace, Holly, Jan and Victoria for endorsing Bloesem in the early days... I can only hope you will like the new Bloesem too and I'm looking forward to seeing you all back on Monday... new Bloesem.. SAME ADDRESS!! irene xoxo

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Polaroids by Ella K. Sverdlov from Isreal...

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Category: Photography

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Things in my own home...


sitting at my mom's garden table in the Netherlands enjoying some tea and cookies...


Our moblie from XandL hanging in our bedroom...


my new ceramic pots from Inkypots I bought over at an art and craft fair here in KL...

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Category: Ceramics | Our home

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