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Guest Post by Maike Keuben....Liat Yaniv


Origamislove  Liat_newspaper-pile Colored-paper-doll-0251 Book

Guest Post by Maike Keuben from Orangefarmhouse

A little while ago I received a beautiful catalogue in the mail from paper worker Liat Yaniv (33). It made me so happy to see all those colorful creations. I was truly surprised that all of it was just made out of paper and glue. Can you believe that? It made me immediately crave to see and know more about this freelance artist and illustrator


From her home studio in her neighborhood Ramat-Gan, Israel, Liat gave me the answers I was looking for. It all started back in 1991 during the gulf war, Liat was 13 years old and very much afraid.

She found that the only thing that made her happy and calm was a pack of 30 colorful markers and an pile of A4 paper.


She found that drawing came naturally to her and took her mind to another world. She fell in love with that feeling and whenever she creates anything today she hopes to get to this other world again. Liat uses only color that was cut from the daily newspaper and a bit of glue. Unbelievable? We throw away art every day!


What I really like about Liat’s work is that it is colorful with a fresh and rough look. Her little secret made me smile again: Liat is so passionate about her work that her first paper doll Poombeta, a self-portrait, traveled with her all the way to Japan! You can see Liat Yaniv’s work online on her website or blog. And when you live in Israel you’re more than welcome to visit her home studio.


Thank You Maike Keuben from Orangefarmhouse, a fantatstic Dutch design blog you don't want to miss!

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Let's Get Personal in Denmark with Laura from Stella Magazine


The Home of graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen and founder of Stella magazine.

D:: Danish is...Denmark is a very small country in Scandinavia. We speak a weird language called Danish where we make some strange sounds. In the summer we love to bike around and spend time near the sea or in a green park. In the winter we like to wrap up and stay indoor, we light candles and get cosy on the sofa with a cup of tea.

A:: Art I like to buy at...the nice little shop Can in Copenhagen. I love their colorful collages and paintings made by Stine Maria Aalykke. I have a wall in my flat covered with photos, drawings made by friends and old postcards found at flea markets when traveling. It brings up memories and the wall keeps growing.


A_Art1 Table Hobby Newbike Snacks Outfit

N:: New in my home is...my new bike. It has a lovely grey color and it´s so comfortable to ride. I bike everywhere I can in Copenhagen so it´s nice to ride a good bike.

I:: Imagine, I could live in a different place or home, where or what kind of home would it be...
I love New York. I lived here for a period and it´s such a great city with inspiring energy and people.

S:: Snack, my favorite Danish snack is...Ice cream in the summer and tea in the winter.


H:: Home means to me...A place to relax, have friends over, make food, read, sleep and reload my energy. It´s also a place to collect memories from traveling. I love to visit new places and meet different cultures. Me and my boyfriend is going to Japan next week and we are looking so much forward to it.


H:: hobby, I always make time for...
Playing tennis. And listening to old records. I find nice sleeves at flea markets, some I buy just for their great cover. My favourite record is Miles Davis "Kind of Blue". You can listen to it again and again, you never get tired of this record.


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... my clothes from the Danish designer Stine Goya. She is so good at working with prints. I always wear jewellery from the Danish designer Vibe Harsløf . Her stuff is fun but still elegant and made with a touch of humour. I like that.


M:: magazines I love to read are...I am a big magazine fan! My favourites are The Gentlewoman, Mark, Lula, Love and Stella of course.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...Colors, flowers and love. 


Thank You Laura for sharing your home with us!


..Stella magazine..
..Laura Terp Hansen..
..Stella Mag blog.. 

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Some things I liked this week...


This French blog...la Rimule


The Say Something Baggie from Pure and Noble...


Etsy's Guide to Photography...images from Susannah Tucker....


This book Troppo Tardi...do you recognice the illustrator?

It's been an intense but fulfilling week here on my blogs...overwhelming warm responses to the new look and logo's! Thank You...I could not have wished for more :) It feels like this is a new beginning and I'm bursting energy and have many new ideas for the coming months to share with you here on BKids. But time now to relax a bit! Happy weekend, hope to see you back on Monday with more categories for the  Gift Guide 2010...irene xoxo

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Spaces by Frankie


Spaces is a mook : not a magazine not a book...but is seems very interesting...you can pre-order a copy right here. Congrats to Frankie!

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Just discovered Dutch furniture label Gelukkig =Lucky, meaning feeling very happy, blessed and satisfied...I like the website and the styling images very much, sorry the site only comes in Dutch, but you might like it for inspiration. 



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Boesem Gift Guide 2010 starts today...


Can u believe it...it's already 20 October today, it seems like getting older means that time flies faster...but I don't mind, I enjoy my life very much and I'm truly looking forward to a new Holiday Season. Yesterday I went to a pop-up shop party here in KL and heard people talking about Christmas Gifts and I thought, my timing is perfect....by starting the Gift Guide 2010 from Bloesem for you today...


More than 10 categories will be passing by during the next couple of weeks, starting with the Office today. Al the Gifts will be listed in this seperate page; one-stop-shopping, to make it easy for you...hope you like my ideas!

Read more >

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