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Some things I liked this week...


This Advent Calendar from Uusi...


Wood signs from Ingrid via Maike...

this print from linocutboy...


This metro map pillow from atelier pompadour

And then I thought two weeks ago I was tired...this week again was a week with not enough hours to sleep... but working in my new bloesem field and the huge amount of new visitors keep me going with a big smile on my face, thank you all new and old readers and I hope you enjoyed this week...can I tell you next week a lot of supernice things to share with you!! get some rest...i hope i do :) irene xoxo


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Vintage Forest by Nicolette Brunklaus


I like these images from Nicolette Brunklaus' pop-up showroom very much and I like her new collection 'Vintage forest' even more...that green pillow is on my wish-list!

Here you can see a glimpse of Nicolette her beautiful home.



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Category: Dutch design

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Vintage gift ideas for the Bloesem Gift Guide


A new category today for the Bloesem Gift Guide 2010...perhaps my favorite category :)

Vintage Gifts...enjoy...click here to go to the Gift Guide Page.

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Category: GiftGuide2010 | Vintage

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Shop Stop: Pols Potten


Polspotten2 Polspotten5 Polspotten6 Polspotten4 Polspotten7

...yes a new Title for a series of posts I would like to start here on BloesemLiving...Shop Stop: bringing you an impression from a shop around the world that I like and have visited. I will add these Shop Stops to the Travel section of Bloesem right here so if you are in the neighboorhodd you can go and visit. I'm starting with Pols Potten in Amsterdam today that I visited during the summer. I made all the pictures myelf and was amazed by the friendliness of the ladies working that day. Thank You!


Pols Potten started in 1986 with importing Mediterranean earthenware to the Netherlands...soon their tiny store became too small for their growing collection of all things beautiful...in 1997 they moved to their

wondeful current location on the KNSM island in Amsterdam. And it is a must-stop for me whenever I'm in the Netherlands. Artists and designers like Wieki Somers, Carola Zee, Bas van Beek en Erik Polstock their designs at Pol's Potten.






{All images were taken by me, Irene from Bloesem}

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Category: Shop Stop

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Calendars, calendars and more calendars for 2011


 Egg-press- Floradouville Inkwit Lisa-rupp Pistacchio Avril-loreti- Sweet-fine-day These-are-things Seesaw _one-canoe-two-

Hello sweet Bloesem readers! I was so excited when Irene asked me to share with you my 2011 calendar favorites. Not an easy task, as there are so many gorgeous calendars out there, but here are my ten favorites of this year (in no specific order) and next week on Wednesday ten more favorites.
I'll be back in a couple of weeks to share some Holiday cards with all of you!

Enjoy the calendars!
Joke from Tokketok 


.. ink + wit  ..


.. seesaw .. 


.. lisa rupp .. 


.. these are things..


.. pistachiopress .. 


.. sweet fine day ..  


.. one canoe two ..     


.. avril loreti ..  


.. egg press ..  


.. flora douville .. 

 Ten More Calendars next week on Wednesday...Thanks Joke from Tokketok !


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Category: Papergoods

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Bloesem’s Joy & Good Tidings Gift Guide 2010: The Kitchen


Happy to share the second categroy for the Bloesem Gift Guide 2010...today ideas for the Kitchen ...hope you find my tips useful :)

Many more categories to come during the coming weeks...stay tuned...

Read more



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