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Tiny Prints


Can I share some cards with you today that are for sale at one of Bloesem's sponsors...Tiny Prints It's often hard to make a choice out of so many invitations, cards that are available, but TinyPrints I believe makes searching very easy for you and they have a huge collection of customized cards were you can add your family images, choose your colors and fonts. Really easy.


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One&TheSame Tote Bags


Just when I decided to use my camera much more this super nice cotton canvas tote bag from Alessandra Olanow arrived in my mailbox....very nice encouragement indeed.... Alessandra was born in Montreal, but after moving around a lot she settled down in Brooklyn. She is a great drawing talent in my opinion and the simple but deliberate lines from her illustrations really appeal to me.You can find her custom work here on her website, if you wish to buy some of her witty greeting cards or the same canvas tote bag as I have then click here... One & The Same!

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Category: Fashion

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Let's Get Personal in Helsinki with Kauniste


DesignHome Kauniste unRaveled :: answers by Milla



F:: Finnish is...lakes, forests, bright summers, dark winters, weekdays in the city and weekends in the countryside.

I:: interior design to me is...a nomadic collection of items bought on trips, furniture from grandparents, bric-a- brac with sentimental value.

N:: new in my home is...hardly anything; practically all the things are second-hand, recycled, vintage. My latest find is old Kelim carpet for the hall way.


N:: next on my to-do list is...putting up some shelves in the bathroom. We had our bathroom done about a year ago, but there is still no shelving, only a few hooks on the wall. I like the bare, minimalistic look, but it's not very practical.



I:: indulgence, my secret indulgence is...buying vintage ceramics. The piles of bowls keep building up and somehow there's always an excuse to buy more.



S:: style means...not just appearance but also character.

H:: home is...truly where your heart is.


H:: hobby, I always make time for...going for a run with Chewbacca, our dog.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is...a big woolen scarf for the winter!

M:: magazines I love to read are... Swedish Elle Interior, Finnish Deko, Japanese Come Home

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...sharing good food with good friends!



...........................Thank You Milla...........................

You probably have seen the beautiful Kauniste kitchen linens around on the internet or you are perhaps a lucky owner of these gorgeous illustrated towels. Kauniste was founded in 2008 and is based in Helsinki. Milla is one of the founders and she told me how Kauniste recently teamed up with the Norwegian illustrator Bjorn Rune Lie for their new range. The new pattern is called Laululinnut, which means Songbirds. The different birds with their little hats and shoes on simply make you smile...Love, love love them! And of course the beautiful images above from Milla her home.




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The Waiting Nail by Nienke Sybrandy


Hello, I hope you enjoyed your weekend? I had a very lovely one...we didn't do much but just enjoyed our home. My husband put our new pocket String shelves on the wall that I ordered online a while ago and I although i did make some 'before' pictures I haven't had time yet to make some 'after' picture, hopefully will do this week and share the result with you.

I'm also preparing a gorgeous Let's Get Personal tour for you, perhaps I can show it later today otherwise it will be up tomorrow morning and I"m absolutely sure you will like the images. But let me start this week with new designs by Nienke Sybrandy...yes I have written about her many times before, but she keep amazing me with her ideas, thought and projects...it's better to click here (press english) and read her own words than me trying to explain her thoughts...on top is the Waiting Nail...

and below is the beautiful Cardboard plant...

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Category: Dutch design

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Some things I liked this week... Selamat Hari Raya


this pillow from Ben Javens...


this lovely save the date card from tokketok...


Styling by April and May can't wait to see the website go live...


this letterpressed stationery set from Angela Liguori...


this giveaway on BKids, where you can win a 'little golden shoe'...

'Selamat Hari Raya' ... I'm signing off for this week, so many things are going on behind the scenes of Bloesem and BloesemKids...all very good and all very exciting, but tomorrow is a National Holiday here in Malaysia and I'm going to spend it with my family and friends. Hope you are going to have a nice weekend too! Irene xoxo

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Cupcake pouf and spoons by Lara de Greef


These new spoons by Lara de Greef are definitely welcome in our kitchen drawer...can you imagine them laying on your diner table as unique serving spoons... no need to add much more, the spoons will be eye-catching enough...


another beautiful new design from Lara is the 'cupcake pouf'...hee you can see and read how she made them...not sure if they are for sale yet? Would you like to see Lara's home then click here...


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Category: Dutch design

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