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Congratulations 101 Woonideeën


101 Woonideeën is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary...Congratulations! Actually, the history of 101 Woonideeën goes much further back...in September 1957 the first issue of DIY, a monthly magazine, was born. What I truly love about 101 Woonideeën is not only the fact that they have the best DIY tutorials they also were and are the first who truly reach(ed) out to the Bloggers community. For instance during this weeks Living Fair in Amsterdam 101 Woonideeën invited some of the most creative bloggers from the Netherlands to join them in their home (stand) to show their craftiness and let visitors be able to talk to the bloggers.


...and when I say great DIY tutorials I mean this tutorial for a stacking bench and other simple furniture. Marjan Verboeket from studio papas is the designer and creator of the tutorial, which you can find right here. and this is the link for the English translation.


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studio MHL for Elle Inside Design


Monique from studio-mhl was invited by Frank from ijm studio to help him make objects/decoration/art for Inside Design 2010...and of course she said yes. On her blog you can follow nicely how she started with gathering inspiration, making drawings with on paper and wood and cutting them out by hand until the last process of placing them randomly on the wall and see here the result...I LOVE it and wish one of our walls in our house would look so nice. Monique says they small pieces of art can either be used as brooches or keep them as wall decoration. 


a bit more about Monique ... she has her own jewellery label called mhl. Together with Bonne (BonBon Boutique) she shares a showroom and work space in Amsterdam.

And this is how her work looked like at ijm studio during Inside Design 2010, the images below were taken by April and May ...



Thank You Jantine for telling me about Monique's great contribution to ijm location!

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Elle Inside Design Amsterdam...at ijm studio


*all images by April and May

Like yesterday Jantine Vaartjes visited Inside Design for us. One (main) part of the event took place in the Lloyd Hotel but there ware also 4 Design strongholds throughout the city. One was ijm studio.

ijm studio is responsible for many productions in ELLE Wonen magazine so obviously many people enjoyed visitng his studio and when seeing the images I totally understand why! He has got some styling talent! Of course he had help from some respected artists like Monique from studio-mhl....more about her in the next post.



At the ijm studio there was much to explore, unqiue decors in ijm studio style,  many beautiful matte colors and unusual color combinations. A kind of fairy tale world where everything can be seen. ijm sees himself primarily as a storyteller in material, color and mood.








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Category: Dutch design

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Elle Inside Design Amsterdam...a full report part 2

Jantine Vaartjes from April and May studio also visited Inside Design in Amsterdam yesterday. And I couldn't be more happier then being able to have a peek inside the rooms at the Lloyd Hotel designed by two of my favorite Dutch design labels.. Kiki van Eijck and Ontwerpduo. 




Kiki van Eijck showing her designs in the ‘ soft room ‘ ...aren't these objects not just stunning? Click here for her website: KikiWorld.




Ontwerpduo,  a room like a fairytale with some of their  designs and beautiful window dressing. In the second image you see all their furniture dislayed in miniature just like a doll house, for example their cupboard and cross stitch bench, once created for the project 'when i was little'.


Not a room but available in the  ELLE shop during Inside Design was the beautiful Blue Ceramic tableware by Jeanine Eek

Thank You very much Jantine from April and May for making and sharing your images with us! Later more from Jantine her impressions...and her visit to IJM Studio.

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Category: Dutch design

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Elle Inside Design Amsterdam...a full report part 1


Last weekend one of the best Dutch Design events happened in Amsterdam organized by my favorite Dutch design magazine for interior decoration, the Elle Wonen. The event took place in a rather funky Hotel (some even call it a wacky design Hotel) called the Lloyd Hotel which among other things used to be an juvenile detention center and is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Eastern Docklands Area. you can easily compare this part of Amsterdam with the docklands in London I believe.

{room by Ontwerpduo... image by NU}

During the weekend of Inside Design is the Lloyd Hotel is being transformed in a designers mekka, were dozens of rooms on five different floors are taken over by various designers and home brands. They completely transform the rooms to create their own world...new this year were four 4 different design strongholds throughout the city also displaying the creative work by different designers ...


Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit myself...Kuala Lumpur is a bit to far away...but the lovely ladies from Nu interieur|ontwerp, Nathalie and Tessa, offered to bring there camera and share their favorite shots with us.






The first room  Nathalie and Tessa visited for us was the Studio Pulp room by Jo Meesters. 'PULP is a collection of vessels made entirely out of paper pulp using discarded vessels as a mould. The collection started as a research searching for alternative materials made out of paper waste.  By combining other materials with pulp such as epoxy and polyurethane , a new material is born with it’s own characteristics leading to a series of vessels made out of paper that can hold water.' Here a list of shops were you can buy the gorgeous vessels.


Of course you don't have to leave the Hotel empty-handed ... The editors of ELLE Wonen selected the most attractive design products for the unique ELLE Living Store in room 28...a pop-up shop.



During Inside Design the restaurant at the Lloyd Hotel is transformed into to ELLE Deco Café, where you can eat and drinks...all served in beautiful containers and displayed in style.




Another room Nathalie and Tessa loved was this one by ontwerplabel.vij5 ... A Piece of Carpet on the floor, the fantastic Llus lamps, I love them especially in the mint green color, the complicated stool called Wrapped, a joined project with Floris Hovers, the new Chair #29 in blue and a new version of the Flex Vase in glas. ...more info about Vij5 right here.


Vlinder&Vogel took care of the flower decoration in the hallway of the Hotel. This new to me label is from a new to open shop in 2011 by Stephanie de Vilder and Saskia de Valk.

The gorgeous close-up taken by NU from the vases below are from Siba Sahabi ... at Inside Design Elle wonen also presents the work by 15 ceramic designers...



...and Sandra Lucas, Eva Gevaert, Mara Skujeniece, Sjoerd Jonkers, Doreen Westphal, Formafantasma, Lenneke Wispelwey, Siba Sahabi, Mieke Cuppen


and the last images I received from NU are from Michael and Rony , their collection From Language To Design...read more about it right here...

Tonight I will be sharing with you Part 2 of the Elle Inside Design report with many more new impressions... just want to say thank you very much Nathalie and Tessa for your beautiful images!

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Category: Dutch design

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cool widget from craft cult for etsy sellers and m*o*m

just saw this very cool widget  from craftcult on the sidebanner of m*o*m 42ndand Orange and I had to share with you before the weekend begins...because I know many of you etsy seller will like it!

Click for all the info right here and here and get your self this funky thing too. They should create this as an app for the iphone too! Happy weekend...normal blogging next week...xx irene


more handmade goodies from m*o*m...

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