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Book review : fanciful felties from mummysam


How lucky am I to receive this wonderful book in the mail today!!! I have been such a longtime fan of the incredible work by UK born and self-taught artist Samantha Cotterill or better known to many of us as mummysam. This coming September her first book will be released and I am one of the lucky few who already got a sneek-peak into this great book that takes you on step-by-step tour into creating and sewing the same felt characters and small things as mummysam herself creates.


It truly looks easy and the book says even beginners will be able to make one of mummysam fanciful felties. The book comes with patterns and love love love this book already ... you can pre-order right here! Of course I would like to congratulate Samantha with this wonderful accomplishment and thanks for sharing your work so openly with all of us.And thank you C&T Publishing for sending the copy!


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my vintage finds from the Netherlands

Home Sweet Home....yes we are back home and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to sleep in my own bed after being away for almost 5 weeks ... not that I didn't enjoy being in the Netherlands and spend time with my family and friends it's just that I really feel home here in Kuala Lumpur, I love the weather, the happy faces, the food and very important the great energy buzz that is more alive in Asia then in Europe I believe...


My favorite part of my vacation in the Netherlands was/were my visits to many thrift-stores...I managed to make some images of some of the ceramic purchases I did....already a couple of years ago I wrote this vintage ceramic read for Bloesem and mentioned the beautiful work by Ulla Procopé for Arabia, one of her designs is 'kosmos' and I just love it very much...hope to find more in the future. 


Not sure about the manufacturer of this coffee pot, but i liked the folksy feel...


My sister gave me this lovely gravy boat and nice milk jug, the gravy boat is from J&G Meakin and the green milk jug is from Ellgreave both potteries from England. I believe my sister bought them in a small shop in Dorkin.


And she gave me more...also this gorgeous sugar pot ( i believe it is but correct me if I'm wrong) from Hornsea from the Heirloom collection... thank you so much lovely, miss you already!


no, these are not made of ceramic, they are small vintage houses that were used as decoration for a model train lay-out, I bought them because they remind me a bit of the canal houses in Amsterdam and I want to use them as decoration in the kids room. 

...and this is just one of the many West Germany vases I bought, I believe I bought 8 in total :) they are currently being shipped together with lamps, chairs, a table a desk and 20 boxes! Not for our home here in KL but for a new project my husband and I are starting in Singapore...surprise surprise, hope to tell you more about it real soon! ps. I have to give a BIG Thank You to Ine, a lovely friend of my mom who accompanied me to all these crazy shops...

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Category: Ceramics

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Going back to Kuala Lumpur today...hopefully an easy and safe flight...back online on Wednesday, hope to see you, irene xoxo
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some things I liked this week...


this poster by Anthony Burill...


the new triangle flowers from Bookhou...


these up-side-down plants by Boskke...


this pillow and doorstop from Catherine Tough...


these table legs by VG&P and just like Ish I wish they were shelf brackets...

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Category: Some things

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Denyse Schmidt fabrics


 *Guest post by Joelle Wehkamp

I bought a beautiful fabric on Volksfaden and made a nice cushion of it. The fabric is made by Denyse Schmidt. Denise is a well known and experienced fabric designer. She started making things when she was little, and Denyse never stopped. After studying graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design and a few different careers she decided to start her own fabric brand. Her style is a mix of retro feeling, flowers and special colour combinations. Take a look on her website, here you can find more info about her studio, workshops, quilts and selling points.


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Nu summerhouses


Two summerhouses decorated and styled by Nu interieur ontwerp, really nice to see what you can do with small spaces...one house here and one house here...


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