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"Ohoy"...Formex Formidable 2010 nominees


I totally understand how proud Elisabeth is that her son's wallpaper ”Ohoy” is nominated for the Formex Formidable 2010....it's the wallpaper in the upper image on the right, next to it you can see a lamp by Johan Carpner and underneath the gorgeous candles called ”Wonderland” by Stephen Johnson for Artecnica.


There are 19 objects you can vote for...click here to see all the nominees. I also like the Textil ”Haga” by Bitte Stenström and the Lamps ”Träkul” by OddBirds (image below) very much, but I have to vote for Otto! WInners will be announced January 20, 2011.

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Max Dalton's 'Cut Out Sets'


Max Dalton just send me a nice email about his fantastic 'Cut Out Sets' ... build your own mid-century modern house in 15 minutes. Then have a cocktail party to celebrate. Here’s a cut-out set to make your dream come true...available here... and I enjoyed reading this interview.

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Category: Holiday Gifts

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Das Original...a gorgeous home


I often talk about inspiration here on Bloesem but this is a home that truly inspires me when decorating or styling my own home... I know you probably have seen these images around somewhere on the web, when seeing them again in one of my private folders on my computer I thought why not share them with you today.


Swedish ceramic artist Christin Johansson lives here with her her husband Henrik Roloff and their two young children. The styling for the photography shoot was done by Katrine Martensen-Larsen and the photography by Kira Brandt. I like what Christin says about her home ...“Our interior style has grown out of retro, old stuff, stuff with history and memories”...I kind of feel the same about our own home and try to bringthe same feel in our spaces.



{via minimal is boring}

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Press for Bloesem


During my trip to the Netherlands I found out about two very nice press releases for Bloesem...yeahhh...first was a small mentioning in one of the best Dutch newspapers, nrc.next ... telling it's readers that reading Bloesem will bring you to nice houses and shops all ver the world :)

You might wonder why I am showing you the image above...well Jessica Nielsen was so kind to send me a copy of this issue and added some of her fantastic postcards, thanks! you can buy them here...


...and the second release was this great mentioning in the beautiful Dutch lifestyle magazine, ariadne at home. The lovely Maartje Mastboom...a great stylist herself did a nice write-up about finding inspiration online. Together with BlackEiffel, Design*sponge, FabulousFifi and more Bloesem got some nice apreasel...thank you Maartje!


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some things I liked this week...


tableware made by studio miiip...


these photo prints from Debbie Carlos...


these lucky bird cards at storytime...


this new necklace from Tuulikki titine...


these free down loadable wrapping papers from the Wren...

Being back in KL means that I'm finally getting back in a normal working routine...during the weekend I will try and answer all the emails that I received during my absence, so if you are still waiting for a reply, please be a bit more patient...I'm looking forward to a new week next on Bloesem and BloesemKids...hope to see you back too! Irene xoxo

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Category: Some things

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question from a reader...


Andrea emailed me with the following question...."Hello Bloesem, I have a piece of pottery which looks Scandinavian -  it is an Ice Bucket with the words ‘happu’   printed underneath. I can not find any pottery by this name.  Does it mean anything to you?  It looks Finnish"....I'm sorry I couldn't find the answer either, perhaps you know?

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Category: Ceramics

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