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some things I liked this week...


this fabric available at olivelse...


this lazy artist watch from Mikao Mimoko...


this post about Textile designer Jacqueline Groag...


and this short movie over at BlosemKids...

Happy weekend, hope to see you back on Monday with a new Let's GetPersonal Tour! irene xoxo ps. miss you rik!

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Definitely a new favorite shop and blog of mine...Neëst ... from France....with a passion for decoration and especially for the 'Natural style of life', Neëst only recently opened it's online doors... but totally understands what a gorgeous shop should look like. I love this page in the shop which brings you immediately to the designer and their products.



Just some gorgeous things you can buy at Neëst, potholders from Masami Akatsuka, wooden spoons, vintage cup from Arabia and the charcoal cup from Karin Eriksson. One more item that I really love is a Mini glass vase from Anne Flohr. Enjoy and more joy here...

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Treat and Company at Printsource


Welcome to a new sponsor of Bloesem....it is 'Treat and Company', a product design and product development agency based in Minneapolis. A young company that has already  been involved in many exciting and successful projects. Like this canvas poster that was sent out to potential clients, bearing their tagline ‘Eliminate Ugly’ this piece was created to tell people more about Treat in a fun and creative way.


Or this 'Recipe and Memory Keeper'... a book designed using inviting colors, cute graphics and smart elements to create a handy book for any kitchen.


Most recently Treat and Company developed a new range of gift wraps that is going to be showcased at PrintSource, August 2-4, 2010 in NYC. Of course the whole collection will also be available online right here...if you have any questions about Treat just send the lovely Lisa and email.  


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Let's Get Personal with Studio Aandacht in Amsterdam


DesignHome Studio Aandacht unRaveled :: answers by Tatjana Quax


D:: Dutch is ... Stubborn, unruly and not afraid to take a stand 


E:: entrance, when entering our home you will notice ... our puppy Lowla who guards our house that is filled with love.


S:: style, means ... follow the choices you made and feel well and confident about them.


I:: interesting places in my city are ... when we have guests we always take them to our favorite restaurant at the Hotel Golden Pheasant... favorite design shop is The Frozen Fountain, Mini Warehouse Market @ guerrilla gallery in the Oudezijdsvoorburgwal check site for exhibitions. Thai snack bar called Bird in at the Nieuwmarkt and sweet desert at Tofani's for an ice cream.


G:: gardening is something ... We are more of the large tubs with plants on the patio and terrace that make you dream about a larger garden. Growing our own vegetables and fruits is a big dream of mine..that's why we currently have our house for Sale...if anybody is interested in an unique house in Amsterdam, please email me :)


N:: new in my home is ... The night light by Roderick Vos for Functionals.


H:: hobby, I always make time for ... Sports (inside joke)...honestly: Eating and drinking with friends.


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is ... my new dress from Monique van Heist available at SPRMRKT, the fitting is ingenious. 


M:: magazines that I love to read magazines are ... ACNE paper, the Green Amsterdam, ELLE Wonen, Linda Living, Hollands Diep, Monocle, Frame magazine, Wallpaper, Italian Vogue and Elle Deco, EYE.


E:: enjoy, I can not live without ... My husband and little men, they keep me sharp, whether I like it or not ... 'keep being amazed' is my biggest drive in live.


...................Thank You Tatjana..............

My absolute favorite Dutch Design Book is How They Work and Tatjana is one of the authors and stylists of this must-have book! So you probably understand how happy I was when Tatjana told me she would love to take part in the Let's Get Personal series. Together with her husband Ben, Tatjana truly understands 'the fine art of building brands' ... and that's what she loves to do with Studio Aandacht, which means STutio Attention by the way.


Tatjana a also is a guest teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven. I hope you enjoy their color- and inspirational house just as uch as I did? Would you like to see some images of their boys' rooms, then click here...


All the gorgeous images were taken by Inga Powilleit and the beautiful blue tableware in the image above is from Jeanine Eek.

Studio Aandacht.

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I keep apologizing...this time not for not sharing a post, but for postponing a new Let's Get Personal Tour until tomorrow and it's going to be a Fantastic one :) ... i'm having too much fun celebrating my vacation here in Oldenzaal, a small village in the Netherlands. But these tablecloths by Onszelf caught my eye today in a new issue of the VT-Wonen magazine and thought you might like them too...


They are made from plastic, normally not my piece of cake, but during the summer and with children I do like these unqiue ones. Onszelf (= ourselves in Dutch) is the design duo Astrid Nieuwenbrug and Claudia Drube who also produced and designed a nice line of wallpapers...have a look here.

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some things I liked this week...


these happy girl cards available at pigeonhole...


the paper porcelain collection from scholten baijings...


the images of this Dutch house...


Jane's summer images of her gorgeous home

It's been a crazy week for me with a stressful beginning and a wonderful ending :) ...it all started with a strange copy-cat story, preparations and packing for our trip to the Netherlands, a 12 hour flight and the arrival in my home country... the trip went fantastic, my boys were the best, they slept long hours and made it easy for me...arriving here in the Netherlands with degrees above 25 Celsius was of course splendid, I hadn't been here for more than 2 years and the contrast with Malaysia is just enormous, but I love both.

I'm terribly sorry if you missed me this week and expected my regular posts, please believe that my intentions were there but it was just impossible to find time to sit behind the computer. Next week a beautiful week here on Bloesem with a new Let's Get Personal tour, images from my flea-market finds, some Dutch design and great new finds... xoxo irene

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