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giveaway personalized cards!


You have until tomorrow to enter your comment on BloesemKids  (sorry for the confusion but not on this post) and perhaps win a set of these gorgeous personalized enveloppe cards designed by Joke from Tokketok press.

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Let's Get Personal in Ireland with Ekaterina Voronova


DesignHome Voronova Architect unRaveled :: answers by Ekaterina Voronova


I:: Irish is...trying to achieve the most comfortable surroundings, considering the weather outside more than half the time is rain, wind and more rain we try to make our houses a warm and cosy getaway.


R:: room...my favorite room is the kitchen, it’s warm, cosy; the hub of the house. It’s always filled with people, light, smells and atmosphere. It makes the food we eat there that bit tastier


I:: interesting places in my city, Dublin, are... Ely Place is a small Georgian quarter, 40 Foot - where i swim every day, Iveagh Gardens very quiet park in the centre of the city - great escape from busy streets


S:: style means for me...the perfect balance between our personal knick knacks and the functionality of the place that we live in.


G:: gardening for me...is therapy, the very few sunny moments that we get over here I like to spend in my garden making looking out of the windows of my house more enjoyable. 


I:: interesting places in my city Dublin...it's very rare to find an untouched and pure example of the old Georgian architecture. Ely Place is a small Georgian quarter that still has all the things that make old Dublin great.


H:: hobby...I always make time for my early morning swim in the ice cold Irish Sea.


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is...My raincoat)))


M:: Magazines I love to read are... My top 3, in no particular order are: Wallpaper, ELLE Decoration and Vanity Fair. 


E:: enjoy, I can’t live without my morning routine: the previously mentioned swim and the double espresso that follows it.

...................Thank You Ekaterina..................

Today we have an Russian architect as our guest who lives and works in Dublin, Ireland...Ekaterina Voronova graduated from the Moscow State Architectural University in 1993 and worked as an architect in Moscow until 1998. Above you can see the images of her own gorgeous home and some are from design projects she has done for other homes...would you like to see them all then click here.{ps. can you believe the images were all taken by Ekatarina's 17 year old son, who is not a professional photographer ...yet!}


Most of the pillows and this folk embroidery work are done by a very good friend of Ekaterina who also has an etsy shop right here.

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some things I liked this week...


these vintage-feel envelopes, found via ocechou...


the gorgeous illustrations and blog by Annaemilia...


the brooches, called Retrouvailles by Bettina M....are they brooches?


the homemade cakes at my son's Birthday party...(image of Lode and Kiet, my boys)

no more parties this weekend for us, but we are going to the beach and I'm soooo looking forward to it, will tell you all about it on Monday, wish you a wonderful weekend too of course :)

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Happy Gardening


*Guest post by Joelle Wehkamp

These little seed bags make me smile! It looks so much fun you really want to start with gardening right away. I found them on The Balcony Gardener site. Here you can find all kinds of products… from plants, window boxes to pots. There is everything you need to create your own green garden full of vegetables. And I can assure you, your own vegetables taste so wonderful.


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Guest post by Sjoe Sjoe


I'm happy to announce a new guest-writer for Bloesem...her name is Joëlle and ever since she was a little child her family loved to call her Sjoe Sjoe. She is a designer in Amsterdam, specialized in designing products, fashion, prints and concepts. And lucky to work for HEMA (you know everyone's most loved shop in the Netherlands)...she started a very nice blog and the coming weeks she will share some of her great finds with us on Wednesdays...Welcome Sjoe Sjoe!

Today Joëlle  starts with a introducing us to the talented  Laura McCafferty...


One of my favourite artists is Laura McCafferty. I would love to have one of her art pieces on my wall! By seeing her fun fabric art I really get inspired! Every now and then Laura pops up in all kinds of musea all over the world. I saw a great exhibition of her in Bath Fashion Museum last year. 


After her graduation in 2003 Laura became pretty successful. She makes beautiful mixes of line drawings, fabric appliques, screen-prints and hand-stitches. With her work she shows, on a very humorous way, the ordinary life of ordinary people.


*Guest post by Joelle Wehkamp from Sjoe Sjoe

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An Apple a day....


Just got an email from Garin, letting me know about her new summer collection at Ginko Papers and I LOVE these apple greeting cards and letter sets, the colors are so beautiful and yes of course they are from Japan. Just like the new collection of masking tape.


Last weekend we celebrated my son's Birthday party and I used our rice paper balloons for decoration and I had many visitors asking me where I bought them, well you can buy them right here at Ginko's, they come in a set of three and are so affordable!

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