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some things I liked this week...


this cabinet from Mieke Tacken's photostream...


these famous prints available at Arthur's Circus...


handmade stationery and magnets from Studio Fludd...

these pillows from Yume shop...


and this bedroom from Mieke Tacken's photostream...

lovely weekend for all of you! irene xoxo

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Category: Some things

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Love is in the air today....


Love is in the air today......I'm sending you love, love and more love today Rik for your Birthday!

Thank you Naomi for letting me use your lovely birds, apples and love tags to congratulate my man online :-) ... 'Naomi Murrell hearts drawing and design. A lover of word, pictures and screen-printed textiles, she lives in Adelaide where she combines creative work with cups of tea and folk music appreciation' and with the help of her husband Dave and sister Jess, Naomi Murrell's website is an absolute nice visit to make online...

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Category: Jewelry

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Obsessive Consumption


This post probably is more interesting for the European and Asian Pacific readers than it is for you US readers...because many of the big blogs already wrote a bit about Obsessive Consumption by Kate Bingaman-Burt, in which you will find a selection of three years of Kate's delightful ink drawings of everyday items and purchases.


Eversince I received the book it's been laying on our kitchen table and while drinking a coffee I scroll through the book and am constantly happily surprised by the new illustration that catches my eye...  a great book, that makes you THINK!

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color inspiration


some color inspiration for you, beautiful styling work by Irina Graewe from Germany...unfortunately don't know who made the photographs... i love the rough looking walls, don't you?


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Let's Get Personal in Toronto


DesignHome Bookhou unRaveled :: answers by Arounna Khounnoraj


C:: Canadian is... a place we are proud to make our home a place of changing seasons - multi-culture and inspirational natural surroundings


A:: art in my home is from...mostly by us or friends.


N:: (my) neighborhood is...dundas west in Toronto.


A:: addiction...mine is...linen


D:: do-it-yourself projects I have done are...our entire home - including our shop is diy - but my favourite would be the bloesem kids projects I did with you last year.

I:: interesting places in my city are...trinity bellwoods park and kensington market just to name a few.


A:: appetizer, my favorite is...calamari

N:: new in my home is...our Chandler and Price Pilot circa 1940 - one of the hardest workers in our studio.


H:: hobby, I always make time for...knitting and embroidery

M:: magazines I love to read are... selvedge, dwell, elle decor UK and wax poetics


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is...jeans..so comfortable and versatile

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...my family, dark chocolate with salt and plenty of sleep.

..............Thank You Arounna..........


When I started Bloesem in 2006 I was living in Toronto and it was here were I met the lovely Arounna during the one-of-a-kind show. I fell in love with her designs immediately and when we started talking we instantly became friends. She even invited my family and me over to their gorgeous loft, which John, Arounna's husband almost completely renovated by himself. But soon this loft became to small and Arounna and John decided to move to a home, studio and shop all in one in one of the funkiest neighborhoods from Toronto, unfortunately I haven't been there yet, but seeing these images makes me want to go back to Toronto real soon...


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some things I liked this week...


My beautiful present from Surya, thank you lovely :-)


having diner yesterday evening with Marjolein, Yann, Rik and Marvin and the talented Lisette from La Scheers and co, she makes our world beautiful...


these new  letterpress prints from Jackie Bos and Pistachio Press


These 'We are a Happy Family' cards by Pintameldia...

WIsh you a beautifuuuuul weekend...we will be celebrating Birthdays...xoxo

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Category: Some things

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