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Let's Get Personal in France with Flora Douville


DesignHome Flora Douville unRaveled :: answers by Flora Douville


French:: is...
a complex and intriguing language.

Room:: my favorite room in our home is...
my studio/living room. The wooden floor is beautiful, and there is plenty of space.


Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice...
a mustache on the wall. That's where we hang our keys. I love it!


New:: in my home is...
a collection of blue glasses I have just started. I like how the light goes through the details.


Create:: what I love to create most is...
atmospheres. I like to create quiet spaces, that have a lot to say if you look closer...


Home:: means to me...
the place where you recharge your batteries. It should be cosy, peaceful, inspiring and roomy.


Hobby:: I always make time for...
baking cakes and crêpes, they are perfect with a tea in the afternoon!

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is...
a long flowing dress in the summer.


Magazines:: I love to browse...
blogs: All the mountains, Ulrika Kullenberg, Sandra Juto, My Funny Eye, Fine Little Day, and Anna Emilia favourite.


Enjoy:: I can't live without...
music. Singing and dancing to my favourite music is what allows me to make room for positive thoughts and feelings.

........Thank You Flora Douville............

French illustrator and artist Flora Douville is a long time favorite of mine, probably beacuse everytime I see one of her illustrations they really touch me, i love the fragileness and the warm colors. Her Happy Fish are are just so adorable and I hope we will see much more of her work... Flora was born in 1982 and grew up in a village in the West of France. After living in London for two years, she now lives and works in Nantes, France.

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some things I liked this week...


this living-room...


images from this gorgeous blog...


these new prints from Elina Minn at little paper planes...


this kitchen...


this giveaway...

I wish you again a beautiful weekend...will be back on Monday with a new Let's Get Personal Tour from France!

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Paper-Wood chairs by Drill Design from Japan


Just found Drill Design....love love love it...don't understand a word because it's all in Japanese, but i believe the images speak for themselves... The PaperWood Products are so gorgeous and on their website you can find some images of the production process which is very interesting...


The Beetle dining-chairs, that I would buy imedeatly if i could...a new version of Scandinavian looking design for me...so elegant and pure. Thank you Spoon and Tamago for introducing Drill Design to me.

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Ribbons and Crafts from Munich


Some bright and colurful attention for a sponsor of Bloesem today. The lovely Diana from Ribbons and Crafts has added so many new things to her shop that you might like to see. Diana is a Dutch girl living in Germany's Bavaria. She has a weakness for felt, fabric and all things crafty, that why she probably authors two blogs, caught crafting and oh my bag. I really like the Girls Garland that Diana made herself and sells in her shop. You can use the garland to hang small notes, images or something made by your child. 

A while back Diana wrote a lovely report for Bloesem about her hometown Munich...

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The best Amsterdam Guide ever...Amsterdam: made by hand


A new book on my bookshelf...'Amsterdam made by Hand' ...yes I'm one of the lucky girls who got it in the mail a while ago. Dear Pia Jane Bijkerk asked me whether I would like to review her latest book from her city guide series …made by hand. And being born in Amsterdam myself it's an absolute honor to do just that. 


Let me start by saying that the photography in the book done by Pia herself is simply stunning and perhaps even more important the information is superb! Pia introduces me to many new distinctive and unique places that a design- and everything-creative-lover as myself just loves to know about.

How wonderful to read about new shops like boekiewoekie, Happy Red Fish and Swarm. Just reading Pia's warm and sincere words about them inspires me and brings me to their websites. I guess although you are not planning in going to Amsterdam any time soon, this book is just a rich inspiration source by itself.

(just a small note the guide doesn't come with a map, but gives the addresses, phone-numbers and opening hours)


This small treasure will definitely travel with me to my beloved Amsterdam when I visit my hometown again in the summer…Pia has written so nicely about the city that it gave me goosebumps…you can order the guide here... thank you Pia!

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Let's Get Personal with the ladies from WisDesign


DesignHome WisDesign unRaveled :: answers by Anna Irinarchos and Lisa Widén


S:: Swedish is...

W:: walls in my home are covered with...painting and pictures of our family.

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice ... that they are very personal homes. There is a mix of old and new items and furniture as well as vintage wallpapers.


D:: do-it-yourself projects we have done are...Put up wallpapers, once also a shelf covered with wallpapers.

I:: if we could live in a different place or home, it would be... in a house! That´s kind of a dream for us. A quite small villa, perhaps made of wood and with beautiful wooden floors and a nice garden. That would be nice!


S:: snack, my favorite Swedish snack is...Swedish candy! We are quite good on that. But also, if you can call it snack, Swedish strawberries in the summer.

H:: home means to me...to feel safe and where you can rest and find piece. It´s very important to us to feel that you like it at home.


H:: hobby, I always make time for...Anna: exercise (walks, gym etc) Lisa: to be with my son Malte :-)

M:: magazines that I love to read are... Elle Interior and magazines like that but also magazines with the latest news to be updated on what´s happening in the world.


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is...a dress! Or thights with a big shirt or cardigan.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...Anna: apples! Lisa: coffee!

..........Thank You Anna and Lisa..............


WiSDesign is one of those design studio's that I always love to write about, I love anna and Lisa fresh and clean looking furniture, lamps and accessories that come with a funny touch, like the 'nurse flowerpots' below and 'flip flop hook list' above...


But designing objects is not their only passion, these two ladies also have a great eye for interior styling and already have some amazing projects...some of my favorites are the interiro styling for the Astrid lindgren Children's Hospital and for the Mark Red Office in Stockholm.


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