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Saved by Droog


Saved by Droog …. or you could say ‘Before and After’ a trend that has been brought to a higher level in terms of design by Droog. Saved by Droog was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2010 last week.
The Dutch design company acquired 5135 items, ranging from 1 water cooler,  1 dining table, 80 folding chairs to 2500 handkerchiefs and invited 14 well-known designers to consider these items as raw material for creative re-interpretation.

And my favorites are::
1~ the Mouth-watering spoon…a wooden spoon with a mouth-watering coating by eating designer Marije Vogelzang.


2~ Read before you eat... a personal message from Marian Bantjes to your table.

3~ Glass arrangement…a still life centre-piece by Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen.


4~ Daily handkerchief… handkerchiefs are embroidered with selected articles from 30 days by Studio Makkink & Bey.
5~ 100 Blue containers... none of the designers picked these items…so they were flock-coated in blue … nice DIY idea perhaps for you to try at home too.

And last but not least I thought the Wannabe mirror by Minale – Maeda is just a brilliant idea! {All photographs by Stefanie Grät}


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Black is Back


I would never expect to find inspirational images like these at a website like this, but I'm glad I did!

Both the black floor and black kitchen are something I keep in mind... thanks Lotta for sharing.


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Toshiyuki Fukuda


If you are in Helsinki please visit Nappa Gallery and be able to see this piece of art by Japanese illustrator Toshiyuki Fukuda in real ... I found while visiting this Finnish website and bookmarked some more things i liked :) ...

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Loving green with String Gardens ang hanging flowerpots


Lately I'm getting more and more obsessed by hanging flower pots due to 2  reasons; one is all the beautiful images and ideas that are popping up online of how to hang plants in a gorgeous way and the other reason is because I have a baby boy, who started walking and touching everything that he can get his hands on...ideal solution to have plants without being afraid of finding sand and mud on the floor.

...so as soon as Karin has these handmade flowerpots for sale at Manos I will buy one...…coming soon, I hope!


fffffounf these too and LOVE them, beautiful from Pigeontoe Ceramics!



String Gardens....and the images over at this website from these super beautiful hanging plants are keep coming back in my mind...oh how I wish how to make them, because shipping them to Malaysia will not be so easy I think? But if you would like to buy some or get information on how to order the new stock, just send an email to this address. It arrived!!


In the meantime I should consider making one like these myself and follow the instructions here...


Although these are not hanging flowerpots, i totally loved how the flowers have been decorated here by Front...you know the design label that also designed this lamp and this one ...

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dear readers...i'm off to bed again, not feeling well and need to catch up on some sleep, but coming back tomorrow! irene xx
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things i liked this week...

This gorgeous Birthday calendar from Ex Antiques ....using images of Darning Samplers.

The Ortona Bag from Makool Loves You...

The new Laundryline fabrics from Repeat...

The new Bordados = Embroidery series from Ana Ventura...

These wallstickers from Tastysuite...

This vintage sugar and creamer set from Marianne Claire....

Wish you a very beautiful weekend! Irene xoxo

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