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Grijs grey gris grå grau


Her blog always makes me calm and that is what I need this weekend...no rush, but simply enjoying my life here in Kuala Lumpur with my family and my parents-in-law visiting us ... a couple of years ago I met Loraine, the author of Grijs in Amsterdam and the way these images makes me feel that is also what Loraine is about ... very warm and pure ... I truly wish her images would all be combined in a book one day ...


Wish you a peaceful weekend! irene xx

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one Color Globe by Nendo


Okay these image go with a short story… I was preparing a post after seeing these to me gorgeous looking globes … searching for some more information and images I went to Dezeen and saw a huge discussion about this still to me awesome globe by Japanese design studio Nendo....


...I truly liked the idea of giving all countries the same color…making borders disappear … but oh boy not everybody agrees with me as you can read here…well positive-minded as I am I still believe the Corona globe is the best globe I have ever seen in my life and I wish I could buy it somewhere and teach my children that we are 1 World!


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Lucy visited the Salone del Mobile in Milan for us...


Dear Lucy from the Design Files went to the Salone del Mobile in Milan last month and when I heard about it I was jealous of course :) but also very curious, why she went, what she liked best and what it was like to go as a professional design blogger to one of the biggest furniture design events of the year….she was so kind enough to answer all my questions and share with us some of her own images

Why going to the Fair?

I have always wanted to attend the fair... especially after last year when my friend, Australia stylist Megan Morton attended the fair and sweetly wrote a little Milan round-up for my blog! After seeing all her incredible photos I knew I had to visit myself!   This year I was lucky enough to finally make it there...

Did you go alone or with some other design lovers?
I went alone, but I did know quite a few other Australian designers, design-lovers, media etc who were also going... so I was never really alone!  Even though nearly 300,000 people attend the fair, I managed to accidentally bump into pretty much every Australian I know!   I think we must be magnetic :)


What were your first impressions?
First impressions - um, it was HUGE!  The main fair, in the Milan fairgrounds at Rho was SO so huge and overwhelming, I got a bit flustered until I accepted the fact that I would never see everything, and just prioritised specific favourite designers and certain areas.  

I was also just amazed at how much effort and expense everyone goes to with their stands and installations... I cannot even imagine how much money is spent on installations by people like the Campana Brothers, Tokujin Yoshioka etc.... it is mind boggling.

Trends, trends .... what are the trends?

Oh that is hard...!  I am not convinced about the idea of 'trends' - I feel that a well-designed piece of furniture should be timeless and beautiful forever!  Having said that, I did notice a few common themes... there was lots of coloured / tinted glass used for lighting, tableware and furniture.  I especially loved the Swedish designer Daniel Rybakken's stunning wall-leaning Colour light, and Out of Stock's Hues table. Super beautiful.


I also noticed the use of Carrara marble by many designers for smaller accessories, lighting, and an incredible marble sculpted coffee table by London-based Ifeanyi Oganwu of Expand Design


There was also lots of work inspired by nature / plant life - lots and lots of tables, shelving and garden furniture designed to accommodate plants, and many installations which made use of vertical gardens and lush leafy foliage.



 Which designer or designs are your favorites?

Emerging Swedish designer Daniel Rybakken's stunning wall-leaning Colour light was my favourite single piece(see image on top).  I also really loved Grace Winteringham's Phase Bureau.  Diesel's 'Successful Living' range had a brilliantly designed stand inspired by a 'Moon Landing' - though not many new designs on show.



In which way was this Fair useful for you as a professional design blogger?

Oh well I guess the main thing was feeling part of the action - in Australia I often feel very far away from the big design happenings in the world - it was amazing to be part of the first-hand experience, rather than just reading about it all online!  As for being useful to me as a 'professional blogger'...oh Irene you are too kind!  I think  perhaps the trip was more useful to me as a stylist than as a blogger... although it did afford me the opportunity to change my masthead temporarily which was quite exciting! (Thanks to Kat Macleod!).


Funniest moment during your trip?
Oh there were many 'lost in translation' moments... I speak no Italian at all, so there was much hysterical pointing, miming etc.  I had great great fun with my Italian housemate Paola - she was the BEST host and took me out riding through Milan's busy streets on her shiny little vespa - that was incredible!   We snuck into a big Audi party in the Tortona area one night, which was very much 'invite only' - we pretended to be official photographers using my camera, and I ended up with hundreds of pics of people I don't even know!  

The Volcano in Iceland also made for some nervous laughter (or hysteria!) towards the end of the trip!


Which other Fair is on your list to visit?
I would love to attend Maison et Objet in Paris one day!  

Any tips for first time Fair-visitors?
Attend the main far at Rho first - it is the least exciting, good to get it out the way early! Also, do not even CONSIDER seeing everything.  It is impossible.  Relax and take in what you can... it is too easy to be overwhelmed by all that is going on during the fair!

OH and if you have a blog - write some posts in advance! It is way hard to blog everyday whilst you are away! :) THANKS SO MUCH IRENE! Lucy xxx

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Club Geluk = Happy Club


Some bright inspiration for you today from the Netherlands...Club Geluk or Club Lucky or the Happy Club... founder and maker of all these nice goodies is Marieke Voorsluijs and her new bold and colorful collection looks so cheerful...and I have to mention that I believe her pillow covers are so very reasonable priced!


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Category: Kitchen stuff

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Hello New Week...


DesignHome House of Origin unRaveled :: answers by Marriët Willems


Dutch:: is...our homeland. Something we are, but can’t put our finger on.

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice ... the colorful wallpaper, original wallpaper from the 70’s. I bought it several years ago from two lovely 85+ ladies.


Style:: means... identity.

Inspiration:: comes from... the smallest things and is something that suddenly pops up in your head.


Gourmet:: is... Dutch food. From pannecakes to 'stampot'(= mashed potato with vegetables). We really like typical Dutch food and we know that so many traditional dishes have been forgotten about by Dutch people. It was fun for us to re-discover some of these tradional and delicious dishes while working on our cookbook about Dutch Food: “Raapsteeltje (h)eerlijk eten in Nederlands” we ENJOY our new discovered meals!


New:: in my home is... our felt carpet in the shape of an owl. With this carpet you can make your own color-range like a puzzle.

Hobby:: I always make time for... reading. I just love to read, just give me a book and I read it. And since I have a garden I more and more start to enjoy gardening and growing my own vegetables (on a small scale)


Make:: I start creating when... I have a deadline. The weeks, days before a deadline we are sketching and making prototypes and experiments, that’s also creating.. But when the deadline is coming we are starting to make things with a purpose.

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is... a dress. It makes me cheerful and I just love to wear a dress.

Enjoy:: I can't live without... 'gezelligheid' = 'a homy-feeling'.


..................Thank You Marriët...........

House of Origin are Marriët Willems and Simone Kroon ... a design studio with several disciplines, but a focus on Food design. During their study at the Design Academy in Eindhoven their fascination for traditional crafts began. They created, designed and styled special dinners, food installations and several cookbooks.



Image above shows their latest Food installation at the Salone del Mobili 2010 in Milan... Brainfood


I was smitten by these Color cakes and loved this idea of a Color Diner! If you are interested to work with House of Origing or need help for a special design, just shoot them an email.

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Some things i liked this week...


Johan Lindsten chairs found via Huset-blog...


This blog : A Collection a Day...

This Spring lunch organised by Stephanie Rammeloo...

Enjoy the Weekend :) irene xoxo

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