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going green


A long time dream of mine...a nice looking herbs and small vegetables table for our home. When I saw this one from Gaëtan Coulaud and Ludovic Avenel I was utterly impressed with how they had translated my idea of a perfect herbs table into a actual real table :)


...but if you are looking for a more transportable herbs garden,perhaps this great one from BACSAC is perfect for you!


...while searching for green inspiration I enjoyed seeing these flying plants...great styling work by Studio Ijm for Inside Design Amsterdam 2009... 


and more  gorgeous styling work by the lovely Maria Vetesse...

and I love this flower arrangement photographed by Marjon Hoogervorst....just have to say thanks to Wallpaper magazine for their wonderful slideshow of the Maison et Objet fair, which brought me to this green post today.

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Long pillow by Tas-ka


I really like this long pillow made by Tas-Ka for this home...it was a customized order from what I understand. I have been eying their fabrics for such a long time, you probably understand why when seeing the images :) 


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Banner Design Contest for BKids

Last week I called for designers and illustrators to help me create a new banner for B:Kids ... the responses where great and it was impossible for me to choose just one person, so I decided to turn this BannerDesign into a Contest on BKids. A fun contest, with prices of course...
All participants and their designs will be mentioned in a post on BKids with a link to their website/blog or shop.

In addition, there are prices for the 3 best designs:
1 :: a 4 months free banner ad on BKids + permanent link on the About page
2 :: a 2 months free banner ad on BKids
3 :: 1 month free banner ad on BKids 

If you would like to enter this contest just shoot me an email and I will send you the details.

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Mitchell & Dent


The first time I came across the beautiful graphic design work by Leah Dent was when Leah told me about her work she had done for Lad & Lass ... then a little while back she informed me about her latest project together with Angela Mitchell ...  Mitchell & Dent ... a letterpress artwork and stationery studio. Well I guess these images speak for themselves...lovely lovely lovely... it's amazing how talented these ladies are, they have such a wide variety of different designs, looks like they can just handle anything you can wish you for.... graphically speaking I mean of course :) 


The good thing is Mitchell & Dent have opened a very nicely designed online shop where you can easily browse and buy the cards, artworks, journals or tags you like best. I truly love the Botanical series...have fun!


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Saakje and Falling in Love ceramics


Saakje Visser is a product designer from the Netherlands specializing in ceramics. She graduated cum laude in 2008 from the Arnhem Academy of Arts and last year she designed this beautiful tableware to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Galerie Help u Zelven. And it's called :: Falling in Love tableware. 


I was so intrigued with these images and the beautfiful tabelware that I send Saakje an email and asked her to answer the Let's Get Personal questions for us ::

Dutch:: is? my favorite language to express and make jokes

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice  my ernormous collection of pastry moulds and kitchentools 

Style:: means well-thought-out shapes without unnecessary decorations. 

Inspiration:: comes from small things: small collections, beautifull cakes, delicious snacks and lots of tableware and cutlery.


Gourmet:: is necessary to pay attention to the quality of food and the presentation, I love to direct every little detail by serving food.  

New:: in my home is my new second hand, at least 6 times painted, mini cabinet 

Hobby:: I always make time for cooking, making dishes for friends and family

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is my new magpie necklace of Hartog & Henneman 

I start creating when I was a little 3 years old girl, creating my dad on a bike with small strips of white paper. 

Enjoy:: I can't live without creating things (and ofcourse: family, friends and boyfriend in random order!)

Thank you Saakje!


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things i liked this week...


Heath Ceramics latest Summer '10 seasonal collection...


Ceramic magnets available at Little Jane Nest...


Handmade brooches by Dankoe...


Jezze's fabrics and Chocolate ornaments...


These prints by Kay van Bellen available at Little Paper Planes...

this is it for this week :) I hope you had fun seeing all Bloesem's finds last week, wish you a lovely spring weekend, I'm in for a romantic night with Rik...he is taking me to Kenneth Edmonds aka Babyface tonight :)

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