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MHL :: eb :: Mara :: Zilu

Stodiphlm Studiomhl

Four posts in One today that are all being connected with each other ... I start with studio mhl ... after graduating from the design Academy in Eindhoven and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Monique van Bruggen started her own jewellery label in 2004 called mhl. Together with fellow jewellery designer Bonne van der Ree she shares a studio/showroom in Amsterdam called Studio Bonbon.

But perhaps you have heard her name somewhere else recently ... could be possible that you have seen Monique at work at Studio IJM, the well-known and probably the best styling studio from the Netherlands ...


and while reading Monique's beautiful blog I discovered another talent and from Monique ... namely designing her boy friends website 'eb ontwerp' ...and this is how I found the cool furniture designs by him, Erik Bakker.

I immediately recognized the beautiful ceramic vase on the table, yes it is from Mara Skujeniece from her Spool series. It's not the first time I'm writing about this amazing artisit, I really love her work (the new website looks great!) and I am so happy that I now know of a place where I can buy here collection online .... Zilu


And this is the fourth part of my post today for you ... Zilu a new Dutch online webshop founded by  Ghazaleh Dabiran and her husband. Zilu is a place where you can buy beautiful handmade products made with care and from very high quality. Some of the designers at Zilu will be very familiar for you but some of you, like studio mhl will probably be a nice addition to your wishlist!


posters by Studio Violet and Sandra Monat available at Zilu.

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Category: Dutch design

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Juliette Warmenhoven


These beautiful images are from a Graduation exhibition by Dutch design talent Juliette Warmenhoven. Juliette recently graduated from the ArtEZ Academy Product Design in Arnhem and currently exhibit her 'Everyday Growing' project at a great shop in Arnhem called 'Coming Soon', but hurry this exhibition ends on Saturday.


Potato music box by Juliette Warmenhoven


Julliette told me that her inspiration often comes from very small everyday things that are been taken for granted and not receiving the attention it deserves, like the plants in your home .... please send Juliette an email if you would like to get more information about her work. {Thanks Lenneke!}
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Category: Dutch design

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The lovely Adèle from France sent me an email yesterday telling me about a great textile designers show in France called 22designers ... one of Adèle 's favorites are Marie Wagner and La Maison de Liouba ... I couldn't agree more with her, thanks for sending me the tip Adèle!


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Ponyrider Ponyrider2

Yes I know, old news...but I just saw it today (and here) and I like it...the homewares collection from Australian company ponyrider...


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New prints arrived in our home last week and while there were laying on our dining table my son started asking me all sorts of questions about the beautiful illustrations and that is what I LOVE so much about Ana Ventura's work...they start a conversation, bring you to a fairy-tale world and are so full of love, about connecting with each other and starting new life.

If you would be able to visit our home than you would definitely notice my adoration for Ana her work, some of the (in)visible pieces are above our dining table, another lady hangs in our bedroom and 'tell me a story' hangs in our hallway....Thank you Ana!!


...and yes the paper ladies above are on my wish-list :)

All work is available in Ana Ventura's webshop right here and the new prints 'Amor' and 'Waiting for You' are also available via the lovely online shop Twig right here...

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things i liked this week...


These felted brooches by Cake with Giants...


 A done in 60 seconds customized lamp by Jurianne Matter...

Vintage desk tidy organizer trays from 26Olivestreet...

Wish you a Happy Weekend! Hope to see you back on Monday :) xx irene

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Category: Some things

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