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things I liked this week...

The arrival of my UPPERCASE subscribtion ... wow I'm so impressed with the quality...this magazine has immediately become my absolute number 1 magazine that I enjoy reading, because of it's diversity, quality and combination of different contributors from all over the world. Here you can read a bit more about the the editor, founder of this magazine, Janine Vangool.


This and this on this blog...


Molly's room...


no these are not toys for my sons ... but our Beagle Poppy would love it.


... and last but not least, the new CLUB Series from Reformschool ... I especially LOVE the Pen Pal Club...start corresponding with other people all over the world... all you would have to do is email the following information:  Name & address, hobbies & interests, a little personal info like.. married, single, kids, career etc. :: rollcall@reformschoolrules.com.

Wish you a very nice weekend ... next week a new Let's Get Personal Tour.. love to see you back ...irene

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Bed Willemien


You maybe wondering why I'm not posting this bed for a child on B:Kids ... well I thought you don't want to miss a bed like this...I think it's one of the most beautiful beds I have seen in a very long time! Two Dutch ladies, Nathalie Fransen de Vette and Tessa Weerdenburg, founded their Interior Design agency,  Nu interieur|ontwerp  a while ago and as part of their services they designed two gorgeous furniture objects :: Bed Willemien and Stool Tess...

...and if you would like to win one of the stools head over to B:Kids because they are giving one away!


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Category: Dutch design

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a bookshelf like this here in Kuala Lumpur? Thank you :)
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Tray Collection

is it still Valentines Day ? ...just kidding, but I was soooo jealous when I saw this! Tray Collection from Johanna at Fingerspitzengefuhl.
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Siba Sahabi


Have you seen this women's work? Siba Sahabi, daughter of a German mother and an Iranian father currently living in Amsterdam is a Paper genius! ... and of course was her work featured in Papercraft.


Thank you Paul Barbera and Karin Nussbaumer for having photographed her work so beautiful!

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:: Gong Xi Fa Chai :: Year of the Tiger ....grrgrgrggrgrg

 I would like to wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year 

A Dutch artist today showing her colorful home to us ... the home of Mariska Meijers, who lived In Singapore for a couple of year and I'm sure you will notice some asian influences in her artwork.

DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by Mariska Meijers


Dutch is :: The usual suspects such as flowers and Delfts blue pottery which I frequently portray in my paintings and designs. The orange wall in my hallway even though it is “Hermès” orange. The drive to conquer the world (being it on my own terms).


Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice?
That I don’t believe in minimalism.  I love to create a warm interior with a high feel good factor. A little wild through a bold mix of furniture, art and objects. My home is an expression of my personality.


Style:: means... ever evolving, fearless, no rules, blazing your own trail.


Inspiration:: comes from?
What I see everyday around me, whether I am on my bicycle in Amsterdam,  traveling the world, or simply at home. I absorb and collect. My home serves as an over sized mood board.


Gourmet:: is necessary because ... it recharges your battery. A beautiful glass of red, delicious food and good conversation with loved ones.

New:: in my home is an eye-catching psychedelic mirror and inspirational books I got for Christmas.


Hobby:: I always make time for my work. I just love creating my paintings, textiles and stationery.


Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear ... Shoes, they are simply irresistible. I love my strappy pink Lanvins. And necklaces, they really spice up an outfit.


Make:: I start creating whenever I feel the urge. My house is my working space which means I can work whenever I feel like it. It is a luxury not having to rush to some studio when you are in flow.

Enjoy:: I can't live without family, friends and fans. They love me the way I am and are greatly supportive in my quest to building my brand.

................Thank You Mariska Meijers...................


A Dutch artist who lived in Asia for a couple of years too...please meet Mariska Meijers, a truly colorful person, who in contrast with me doesn't believe in minimalism...but we both agree that a house should give you a happy and warm feeling...with this in mind Mariska creates her art, pillows and stationery...I enjoy looking at her beautiful home and hope you do too :) Mariska's blog is right here and her webshop is now open too!
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