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Maison & Objet Trends by Stephanie Rammeloo


Stephanie Rammeloo visited the Salon Maison et Objet 2010 and shares with us her finds today...

Stacking and layering ::  It is a bit like the fairytale The Princess and the Pea, stack some mattresses on top of each other, for a soft, soft new way of sitting or resting. Possibly inspired by the pile of mattresses Dutch designer Richard Hutten showed in Milan in 2008.


You can see it translated in a way that is close to his design with a lot of colorful mattresses, or, for a more sophisticated look by Desio: mattresses in soft greys, combined with grey pastels. 


Colors :: Another big thing in interior design as well as fashion, is Color. Pastels, nudes and greys are combined with more bright, bold, almost fluorescent colors.


This nice stack of plates by Reichenbach shows a good overview of one another, more muted color theme: nice, dark, powdery pastels with a touch of yellow and lighter tones. Lovely porcelain cutlery, also.


Patchwork & ethnic chic :: these two trends I saw combined in this beautiful rug or wall decoration. Ceannis gives the patchwork-trend a try as well with their pillows.

Dear Stephanie thank you very much for showing us your beautiful home this week and sharing with us your impressions and finds from Mison et Objet 2010. Here you can find Stephanie her blog that I hope she will frequently update in the near future :)

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Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Ginko Papers


This Giveaway is CLOSED winner is :: ARLYN

How fun is it when you can give something away ... Garin Hussenjian from the lovely shop Ginko Papers would like to offer one of you a free shopping spree worth USD 50.- ... I guess you understand that this gift certificate will allow you to choose a lot of greeting cards, funny erasers... or Japanese Masking Tape...


I did some searching for Japanese Masking Tape and I never knew so many of you nowadays use it in so many creative ways... if you would like to win this 50.- gift certificate just leave a comment below below and let us know what your favorite item from Ginko Papers is...Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday March 3 and notified by email. {image left}
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Where they create...by Paul Barbera


We always talk about inspiration on our blogs ... but we all know that some images give you a nice feel, some help you bring ideas how to decorate and then there are the ones who truly inspire you to create something yourself ... and that is what this fantastic blog by photographer Paul Barbera with all his amazing images does for me...


... especially when I saw the series about PrintInk textile printers in West Melbourne...


...I so wish to have a table like this one day where I can start learning the process of screen printing too ... I believe that Paul has done a superb job in capturing the true essence of the studios, ateliers and offcies where these creative people do what they love doing.... I'm only wondering why this beautiful blog by Paul Barbera has not turned into a book yet...{ps. Lucy just featured a nice interview with Paul Barbera right here}

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Salon Maison & Objet by Stephanie Rammeloo


A guest post today by Stephanie Rammeloo

End of January I (=Stephanie) visited Salon Maison & Objet in Paris. It is a big trade market with a lot of home design, where you can find the latest trends on interior fashion. A tiny part of the fair is Objets de Mode, with small boots for little design companies, like La Cerise sur le Gâteau, Zoe de las Cases, Miss Print and Numero 74 . The designs are all really personal and authentic. But, if you want a general trend, there's a lot of humour in it and a lot of colour.(right image by coco amardeil)

La Cerise sur le Gâteau makes home linen, like dish cloths and bed linen, but I like the pillow cases best. With which you can add a light, funny and colorful touch to your house.



Zoe de las Cases makes inventive, cute objects for your house. Like posters, bags and boxes with beautiful old family pictures printed on them, or a game with different scents. Her latest design is this stamp kit, which you can use to cheer up you paperwork. (Like contracts or bills, for instance.)


I loved the wall paper and fabric by Miss Print. The fabrics are all hand printed. The wall paper Dandelion, shown in this picture, is also available in yellow and grey.


Numero 74 from Italy restores (and sells) beautiful vintage children's furniture and also makes lovely soft hand knitted blankets and toys ...


While I tried to skip a few halls I got lost in the hall with all the big fabric producers. Luckily, because otherwise I would never have met the wonderful fabric designer Marie Riche of Lalie Design. Unfortunately her booth was too full to take a good picture of it, so she sent me and overview of some of her fabrics.


I also stumbled upon these wonderful, handprinted pillows by Geneviève Lévy édition.

Thank you Stephanie ... tomorrow another post by Stephanie about the trends she spotted at Maison et Objet.
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I started Tweeting ... you can follow me here...

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Stephanie Rammeloo's amazing home in Amsterdam


You probably remember this post ... I think everybody in blogland agreed that this is a gorgeous living room...I was lucky that after posting the person who lives here send me a very nice email and her name is Stephanie Rammeloo.


Stephanie lives in this amazing house in Amsterdam and as you can clearly see from her home she is a very creative and stylish lady ... Stephanie began her career by making cookbooks and advertising concepts for a publisher, but soon she became a freelance stylist, and as she calls herself she is a concept-designer, working for Dutch magazines like VT Wonen...


But that's certainly not all this very nice lady does... Stephanie recently co-authored, styled and illustrated two fantastic cook books....The first one is Happiness is a Cupcake together with  Sanne Dirkzwager and beautiful photography by Paul Barbera, on of Stephanie's favorite photographers.


Stephanie works from this office...yes I'm jealous and Yes I love and understand 'the white' ... her latest cook book is about my favorite food country in the world, although I love the asian food, I have to eat Italian once a week, so Stephanie's wonderful book is high on my wish-list... La Cucina d'Abruzzo... Stephanie partnered up again with Sanne Dirkzwager and created the whole concept for this cook book, the beautiful images are by Mark Niedermann.


One of Stephanie's best examples of knowing how to bring style, functionality and taste to a house is her fantastic own home ... her friend Paul Barbera made some beautiful pictures of it. 


And with knowing how to combine functionality with style I mean these two great build-in closets, the white doors are amazing, I would love to hear who made them for her :)


For her work, Stephanie needs to keep the inspiration flowing, she likes to keep up with what is happening in the world and according to her there is no better way of doing this than traveling, so she tries to do that as often as possible...well Stephanie you are more than welcome to visit Malaysia and help me create a beautiful home like yours. Thank you!

If you would like to ask Stephanie something about her work please send her an email.

Tomorrow I will be showing you a post about Stephanie's visit to Maison et Objet in Paris last January, where she made some great images for us and spotted the latest trends.

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